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Open Letter to the Prefect of the
Congregation of Divine Worship

On the Implementation of the Guidelines Concerning Latin Mass

Note from the Editor: We received this open letter from a reader, Mr. Alfredo Hueso, which we believe it is quite expressive of many Catholics – either traditionalist or conservative – who are crystallized against the progressivist positions Pope Francis and the present day Vatican are taking.

Although we do not agree with everything written – the support of Vatican II and the hermeneutic of continuity for example – we are on the same page on most of the letter's content. We particularly praise the noble attitude of Mr. Hueso who does not hesitate to face the possibility of martyrdom to defend the Catholic Faith and Tradition. - A.S.G.


This letter is dedicated to Cardinal John Fisher who was executed by order of King Henry VIII for defending the Church and the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

January 3, 2022

Archbishop Arthur Roche, Prefect

Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments

Palazzo delle Congregazioni

00193 Roma, Piazza Pio XII, 10

Re: Implementation of the Guidelines concerning the Latin Mass

Dear Your Excellency Archbishop Roche:

I want you to know that I am praying for you, and Holy Mother Church because Satan is attacking the Church with a ferocity that we have not seen in centuries. I am invoking Canon 212 which allows me to bring my concerns to the ministers of our Church when it concerns Faith and Morals. I am writing to Your Excellency because I read the interview that you made on December 22, 2021 with the National Catholic Register concerning the new guidelines for the sacred Mass of our Apostolic Fathers (Latin Mass) (1)

I found your responses to the questions disturbing and a betrayal of the Traditions that were handed down to us by Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ and our Apostolic Fathers, and I will explain my reasons for believing this.

The Betrayers of Jesus

Your Excellency and many of the Cardinals and Bishops are in charge of preserving the Deposit of Faith, but when you begin altering the doctrines and teachings of the Church then you become the betrayers of Jesus and His Church.

Jesus and His Church had betrayers since the beginning, and this is nothing new. Judas betrayed Jesus and turned him over to the Sanhedrin for 30 pieces of silver. (2) Peter denied Jesus three times. (3) The other nine Apostles fled once Jesus was condemned to death and was crucified. It was only John, the Mother of God, Mary, and a few other followers of Jesus who were at the foot of the Cross. (4)

Fast forward to the 16th Century when Cardinal Fisher, who was a Prince of the Church, was one of the few of the Bishops to defend the Catholic Faith against the heretic King Henry VIII. The rest of the Bishops caved to the apostate King Henry VIII. (5) Cardinal Fisher was executed by the heretic King in 1535.

Today we have many of our Church leaders who capitulated to the tyranny of the State during the covid epidemic, and allowed the world wide closer of churches, and it was the first time in the History of the Church that this happened. Fear overtook Faith, and churches were closed at a time when the sheep needed good shepherds to prevent them from being devored by Satan and his minions. We have forgiven many of you, but we have not forgotten.

Who Are These Faithless Bishops & Cardinals

Just who are these faithless Bishops and Cardinals of the Church. According to Tradition and the Scriptures, our Bishops are supposed to be men of good morals and good examples of Christian behavior.

Instead, some of these so-called shepherds are debased churchmen like Cardinals Bernardin and McCarrick, and many clerics like them. These were cleric's that were living the homosexual lifestyle, and they brought many souls of children and even seminarians to the road of perdition. The exploits of these men are covered in a book called The Rite of Sodomy. (6)

The rot is so deep in the church that these homosexual communist modernist clerics have infiltrated Catholic Seminaries, Catholic Universities and other major Catholic institutions. Even one of my own Bishops in San Diego was charged with sexually molesting seminary students at the Immaculate Heart Seminary in Winona along with other priests including Archbishop Joseph Bernardin. (7) Our current Bishop of San Diego, Robert McEloy, according to the testimony of Archbishop Vigano, was selected by the homosexual mafia in the Church. (8)

The Agenda of These Modernists Bishops & Cardinals

What is the agenda of these modernists Cardinals and Bishops? First, they embrace Vatican II at the exclusion of all other Ecumenical Councils. According to many of you Vatican II is the only Ecumenical Council that is relevant in our time. The evil agenda of Satan has been at work confusing and perverting many of our churchmen, and slowly destroying the Church of Jesus, but Satan had to slowly make changes in the Church so that the laity would not suspect a revolution.

Satan first had to make small changes, like changing fasting rules. Next, he went after corrupting the laity by receiving the Body of Our Lord in the hand. No need to treat Our King with respect. We can receive Him like He was a cookie, and then we can ask anyone to distribute the cookie. And if anyone dropped a few of these bread crumbs in the floor, we can trample upon it, because it is only a piece of bread, and not the True Presence of Jesus Christ.

Satan wants to attack the Commandments of God by confusing us, and treating Immigration and Ecology at the same level with the evils of abortion. (9) My own Bishop Robert McElroy wants us to believe in this new theology.

Also, that the family of God is no longer from one man and one woman. It is now being transformed to one that contradicts the teaching of the Church. Many Bishops no longer preach that homosexuality is a sin that cries out for God's justice. These Bishops even believe that the language in the Catechism of the Catholic Church is too harsh when it describes homosexuality as acts of great depravity, and it is an intrinsically disordered behavior. (10) Bishop Robert Mcelroy has said that he wants to remove this language that is in the Catechism of the Catholic Church to God only knows what other politically correct psychobabble.

If you thought all these things I have just listed were bad enough, our own Bishop is in favor of allowing divorced and remarried Catholics, that do not qualify for an annulment, to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, (11) and thereby institutionalizing the sacrilege of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and make a mockery of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Matrimony and Communion. The sins of Bishop McElroy can be found at the website (12) Also, let us not forget the false idol of the Pachamama that was permitted to be worshiped in the Vatican. (13)

New Mass Has So Many Liturgical Abuses that It Boggles the Mind

If as a Catholic you believe that all of these abuses I have mentioned has taken the Church to very bad place, certainly the worst crime of many of our Church leaders, is the restrictions of the Sacred Traditional Latin Mass, and replacing it with a New Mass that has evolved with so many liturgical abuses that it boggles the mind.

In fact, you are not taking any action concerning the many liturgical abuses that are occurring, and I will attempt to list some of them, but before I can list them, I need to mention our Holy Fathers Pope Francis letter of July 18, 2021, whereby he says that Pius V terminated the ancient masses with a new reformed mass.

This statement is not true. In fact, the opposite is true. Pius V preserved the more ancient Latin Mass of our Apostolic Fathers, and removed the modern versions. (14) I am not certain why our Holy Father would intentionally deceive us into believing that Pius V was removing the older versions of the Mass. It may be that the drafters of his letter are mistaken in their history. If they are intentionally lying, then may God forgive them.

The Tango, Puppet, Carnival & Flamenco Masses

Pius V was reforming the newer liturgical abuses in the 16th century, and today our Church leaders are doing the opposite. Now let me just list some of these liturgical abuses. How about reforming the Tango Mass? How about reforming the Puppet Mass?

You many not believe this is true, but I once went to church in Mexico, and instead, much to my dismay, I watched a puppet show. In Anaheim California, my wife and I attend the Religious Education Congress, and we decided to attend Mass at this Congress, and instead we found ourselves in a Carnival Mass where dancers were prancing all around. The carnival environment certainly degraded the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We came to praise and worship and receive Our Lord, and we did not come to be entertained. The most recent liturgical abuse is the Flamenco Mass where a priest in the house of God has turned the Mass into a flamenco dance studio. (15)

I do not see any our Bishops or even the Office of Divine Worship cleaning up ant of these liturgical abuses of the New Mass. Instead, you have decided to restrict the Sacred Mass of our Apostolic Fathers because you believe that traditional Catholics are becoming too rigid, and you want us to stop treating Our King with respect and devotion. How dare us have respect for our King! How dare us receive him knelling, and in our mouth, instead of receiving him in our hand and then allow his remains to fall into the ground and be trampled upon by the masses.

No Pope, Cardinal or Bishop Has the Authority to Change Divine Law

No Pope, Cardinal or Bishop has the authority to change Divine Law or alter the Sacred Mass in a way that degrades the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Only Jesus Christ has dominion in these matters. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ and not Jesus Christ. The Pope, working with his advisors the Cardinals and Bishops are the guardians of the Deposit of Faith.

You cannot simply act like a Parliament and change the Sacred Mass of our Apostolic Fathers because you believe that certain Catholics are too rigid or because you think we refuse to accept the New Mass. In fact, we consider Vatican II a valid Council, but we won't accept any of the liturgical abuses of the Sacred Mass of our Apostolic Fathers. Our King deserves to be treated with reverence, respect, and to worship Him, not as we please, or demand, but as our Church Fathers have done for many centuries, and you have no right to damage this in any way.

You Have Rejected the Hermeneutic of Continuity

We also believe in the hermeneutic of continuity, even though in your interview with NCR you seem to have rejected it. Instead, you and many of our modernists revolutionaries have rejected the Traditions of Jesus and our Apostolic Fathers. You may have the power to pass laws, but you will not be able to enforce laws that contradict our Traditions. You need to repent and come back to the truth and the life, who is Jesus Christ.

The innumerable errors and heresies have escalated in the Church and I have listed some of these, but our red line is the Sacred Mass of our Apostolic fathers. As a Catholic I am called to be a faithful soldier to Jesus Christ and His Church, and not to a bunch of churchmen who are revolting against the Magisterium of the Church. I will defend the Traditions that were given to us by Jesus Christ and our Apostolic Fathers. (16)

You Are Using the Same Tactics as the Communist Party in China Concerning the Church

It is ironic that you and your fellow revolutionaries in the Church are taking the same approach concerning the Faith and the Sacred Mass of our Apostolic Fathers with the Communist Party in China (CCP). The CCP is attempting to destroy the Church in China by restricting minors from attending Mass, and thanks to the Vatican CCP agreement they can choose who can be a Bishop. The Chinese Bishops have to take an oath, not to the Church, but to the Communist Party. We can thank the Vatican for signing this horrible agreement. Even Cardinal Zen has said that this agreement was a mistake.

The Vatican has copied the approach of the CCP by imposing similar restrictions. First, the Mass is being restricted. Bishops and clergy have to obtain permission from the Vatican to consecrate priests in the Latin Rite Mass. This is an attempt by some of our Church leaders to destroy the Sacred Mass of our Apostolic Fathers. This is a plan from hell, and it won't succeed.


You have passed your unlawful laws, and now "the liturgical possibilities are in place" to attempt to destroy the Latin Mass of Jesus Christ and our Apostolic Fathers. I won't obey a law that contradicts the Magisterium of the Church. I am not afraid of what any man can do to me. Instead, I fear our Lord. (17) I am going to follow the many Saints by defending the Church from churchmen that have strayed from the teachings of Jesus and His Church.

I love all of you and do not desire your condemnation. I want to see all of you in heaven with the King of Kings. You need to repent, and change the course of the Church before you inflict more damage to the Body of Christ. I will continue to pray for you so that the light of Christ may penetrate the darkness that has descended upon many of our Church leaders.

I will end this letter with some of the last words that Saint Cardinal John Fisher said before his execution in 1535 at hands of the apostate King Henry VIII, "eternal life is this: to know you, the only true God, and him whom you have sent, Jesus Christ. I have given you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do." (18)

Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey! Viva Cristo Rey!

Y que Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe!


     Alfredo Hueso, Catholic Soldier


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Posted Janurary 11, 2022

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