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Doctors, Protesters & Truck Drivers

Doctors or Not Doctors

Dear TIA,

Re: 56 German Doctors against Mandatory Vax

The title of today's posting gives the (first) impression that we are talking about 56 medical doctors, when in reality few of them are. Of the first four names I researched I found two doctors of theology, one doctor of anthropology, and one indeterminate. The use of the abbreviation "Prof" (professor) before "Dr" is a dead giveaway that we are looking at academics, not clinicians.

Are they "doctors"? Technically, yes, in the same sense that Jill Biden is a doctor, but given the different ways Americans and Germans use the word "doctor" I think an editor's note is in order.



TIA responds:

Dear R.D.,

Thank you for sending us your doubts. However, to be as precisely informed as you desire about their titles, we believe the best thing for you to do is to enter into direct contact with the doctors and ask them. We offered in that posting the needed links for the reader to contact them.

For us at TIA the information provided about their degrees suffices.


     TIA correspondence desk


We Will Not Comply Rally


Let the resistance begin. This is a good example of not just being sheep on the way to slaughter. The “We Will Not Comply Rally,” below, marked the kickoff of the People’s Coalition of New York, a coalition of more than 40 groups that oppose medical mandates and are working to restore the civil liberties of all New Yorkers.

They are protesting mandates and the communist dictatorial rules and vaccine passports being promoted in New York State.


New York rally against vax mandates

More than 4,000 people on Wednesday January 5, 2022, participated in a peaceful demonstration against vaccine mandates at the capitol building in Albany, New York


Hemorrhagic Fever


As massive anti-vaxx and violent demonstrations are increasing all over Europe, as people become more aware and informed of the deadly plan of depopulation, the resistance increases. All of Europe is approaching civil war and revolution - now the increased effort from authorities and the NWO to stifle truthful and scientific information from reaching the people via the Internet and social media.

The truth is labeled 'misinformation or conspiracy theories' - in order to deflect interest from information exposing the plans of the NWO and NChurch'Order.

When you hear the terms 'misinformation & conspiracy theory,' know immediately that this is an effort to restrict or deflect people from learning the truth. It is a tactic to protect those who have nefarious goals and reasons for attacking the integrity of real and truthful information and facts.

China possibly releasing a new virus such as 'hemorrhagic fever,' this or another 'designer virus' that is destined for the "vaxxed" - where their depleted immune systems will succumb to the new 'variant' or virus, by design.

Read here



Truck Drivers' Protest


It is good to see American truckers - known for their spirit of independence and fight - stand up against the unlawful mandate. If Canada won’t let them in, well, then let Canada suffer the consequences. But here in the US we should be able to go from state to state without vaccine proof.

Keep it up truckers. Don’t give the tyrants an inch. You know they will take the mile if you do.


Truck Drivers Protest against Trucker Vaccine Rule at Canada-US Border

Tammy Hung

Truck protest on Highway 75, Emerson, Manitoba

January 18, 2022 - A convoy of truck drivers took to the streets on Highway 75, Emerson, Manitoba near the U.S.-Canada border on Jan. 17 following the introduction of new COVID-19 vaccination requirements on truckers put in place by the Canadian and U.S. governments.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that a “large number of vehicles” were involved in the “demonstration” near the Emerson Port of Entry, affecting both northbound and southbound lanes. The RCMP was monitoring traffic flows onsite.

In a video shared on Twitter, protestors in the fleet can be seen flashing signs such as “Last year’s heros, this year’s zeros” and “My body, my choice” in the early morning of Jan. 17.

Drivers were circling the MB-75 “between Emerson Duty Free and the Commercial Inspection station blocking all lanes heading south to the United States and Northbound traffic coming from the USA,” driver Jamie Throp told local radio station CJOB in an interview.

Read more here; another news report here.


Why Athletes Are Dying in Great Numbers?

Dear TIA,

Please, help to disseminate this article that explains why many, many athletes are dying as a consequence of the vax and the media is not reporting it.


New Research Shows Why the COVID-19 “Vaccines”
Are Killing Professional Athletes

Steve MacDonald

6 JANUARY 2022 - The number of athletes suffering heart damage or dying after getting The Jab continues to climb. A “Pandemic” almost entirely ignored by the Legacy American media. They don’t want to slow their own rollout, but the trend has not gone unnoticed or investigated by researchers.

The research itself is relatively dry, but a physician who linked to one of my posts about German Soccer Players dropping dead has a great breakdown of the issue. It is a first look at what is probably causing athletes who have received the mRNA vaccines to suffer heart injury and death.
An athlete’s muscles need a lot of oxygen when they’re playing, and the heart has to pump more blood to meet the oxygen demand, and it has to beat faster. The rapid heart rate also increases the heart muscles’ oxygen need, and the heart’s blood vessels have to dilate to allow more blood to flow through.

If the heart’s oxygen demand is not met, the cardiac muscles cannot pump blood to the whole body, including the brain, and the brain stops functioning, and the player collapses.

If the player does not get immediate medical attention, the heart muscle dies, and so can the player. Heart attacks result from the lack of oxygen to the heart.
Dr. Santiano MD then explains how “endothelial cells and pericytes in the cardiac blood vessels have to play as a team” to ensure the heart gets enough oxygen when it needs it.

Read more here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 18, 2022

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