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Holzhauser, Bugnini & Dogs against Protesters

Bartholomew Holzhauser


Thank you very much for the most excellent article by Margaret C. Galitzin on the prophetic writings of Bartholomew Holzhauser. I look forward with impatience for her next installment on the sixth age of the Church.

Gratefully appreciate Margaret's work in this article.




Bugnini's Changes in the Mass


On the topic of the rubrics during High Mass and the changes made in 1955 to the 1945 and previous Catholic Missals here is some background:

Fr. Lasance Missal p. 69-70

For a larger photo click here

Above is a copy of pages 69, 70 in the 1993 Edition of Rev. F. X. Lasance's New Roman Missal of 1945 [With the changes incorporated into the 1945 Missal by Pius XII, i.e. Those made by Fr. Bugnini, later Archbishop Bugnini, a Freemason, who was in charge of all liturgical innovations and changes in the Mass and Liturgy (page 7) introduces changes made to the rubrics of High Mass, as numbers 10-11-13 and 14 – presented in the above Document.

As noted on page 69, the people may choose to opt for the rubrics of the Choir, which of course requires that they stand in order to sing properly, another attempt to goad the congregation to stand and a sort of circumspect way to bring them to the idea of a dialogue Mass, while the Blessed Sacrament is exposed on the Altar and to deflect, in this way, the devotional rubric and practice of kneeling in the presence of God.

In particular I draw your attention to #13 - Stand during the Our Father to the Agnus Dei, a change in rubrics added to the 1945 rubrics by Fr. Bugini in 1955. It is unquestionable that the rubric to "stand for the Our Father to the Agnus Dei", was inserted and implemented by the Freemason Fr. – later Archbishop – Bugnini, in his efforts to curb devotion and adoration to the Blessed Sacrament.

When growing up, our Church, St. Mary's Cathedral, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and all diocesan churches, stayed kneeling after the Consecration until the Blessed Sacrament was returned to the Tabernacle.

Note that these two articles (1951-1955: The Vatican Started the Liturgical Reform by Dr Carol Byrne & The Missal Crisis of 1962 by Fr. Patrick Perez) also highlight numerous other changes that appeared in the '62 Missal, which is a Missal stripped of a large percentage of rubrics, feasts, devotions and parts of the liturgy, in Bugnini's and the Modernists effort to destroy belief and adoration of Christ and denude the liturgy.

It may be noted that Bishop Tissier de Malerais had written shortly after ABL's death that Archbishop Lefebvre was about to discard the 62 Missal for the 1945 Missal, which he, as +T de M., noted, said that the 45 Missal is "more catholic", however his death preceded him making the change.

So, then, the rubric to stand, which is connected to the '62 Missal - the one the SSPX uses, from the Our Father to the Agnus Dei, was an 'innovation - and change' inserted by Fr. Bugnini.



Control of People's Life in the Name of Satan

Dear TIA,

Do you have any printed information on what a traditional Catholic position should be on COVID and the fake vaccines?

Do you know of any traditional or traditionalist Catholic groups that are against, or fighting, all of this fake COVID garbage?

The Government and corporations, Big Pharma are all the enemies of Our Lord and Our Lady. People turned their backs on God. Now we are ruled by evil and greedy men, who are out to destroy peoples’ lives and especially, their souls.

It is all about authoritarian control over peoples’ lives in the name of Satan. All that people (most of them) care about is money and the things (distractions) of this world. While mass murderers such as Bill Gates, “Dr” Fauci and Walsky laugh all the way to the bank and play as gods.

I hope you have information about the made-up Covid and its vaccines or groups who are against it and know the truth.

     Thank you,

     Sincerely in Christ,

     Br. F.N.

TIA responds:

Dear Br. F.N.,

Yes, we have a full page showing our positions on the so-called pandemia as well as the vaccine and those of many authors and groups – Catholics or not – who take a position similar to ours. Among those articles is one giving the Catholic moral position on taking the vaccine, which you can view here.

If you peruse this page you certainly can find what you are looking for.


     TIA correspondence desk


Massive Protest in Amsterdam

Dear TIA,

On January 16, an enormous protest took place in Amsterdam against vax mandates.

Please, click on the photo below to watch the short clip on it.

Sadly, better said, indignantly, the police came trying to stop segments of the pacific protesters and used stark violence against some persons. I am also sending two clips showing the use of police dogs that wounded those persons, besides the policemen beating them strongly with batons.

It makes my blood boil to see such an abuse of authority!

We are clearly heading to a transformation of the West into a Stalinist global regime!


Amsterdam protests"

Click on the photo to watch the clip


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 20, 2022

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