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Catechesis, Sisters of St. Joseph & Organ Donors

My Hesitancy Confirmed

Dear TIA,

Re: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Thank you so much for this article. It's been about 6 years now since I learned about the Catechesis program. This was when we were starting to transition from Novus Ordo to Tradition.

It was recommended through the Novus Ordo parish we were at, from a previous pastor we kept in contact with, as well as many families with the FSSP parish we were starting to attend. It seemed like a great program and I was excited about it.

Having recently started our homeschooling venture at the time (after doing my homework and researching it), I decided to look into this program. I was unable to find much on the negative aspects - usually you can find pros and cons on any given subject.

The most I found came from the reviews of actual parents, even then, there were only two. One quoted the founder and the other mentioned that the program could be used by Protestants. Both were red flags. I was grateful to find this much and decided not to look any further into it.

Thank you again. This article has confirmed the hesitancy I had long ago.



What Program Do You Recommend?


Re: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Wrought with Errors

Do you folks have a recommendation? I like the Baltimore Catechism's coverage, but if there is something better.

     Fr. T.H.

TIA responds:

Rev. Fr. T.H.,

We have not made a thorough investigation of all the programs available.

What we know is the tried and true, and we set out a basic outline in response to that question which was posed by one of our readers here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Today's Bashing of TIA

Dear TIA,

Re: Hate Mail

Wow! It seems like TIA has some serious critics out there, going by today's entries. Like so many of the Modernists who designed and implemented the changes during the 'Big Council', those V-II advocates fell into the great error which helped them accept it; that error is: 'Truth is subjective'.

Without the left switching the fact from, 'truth is objective' to the error of 'truth is subjective'... liberalism would evaporate.



Roe vs. Wade's Decision


You are good and thou are great O God and exceedingly worthy to be praised! We praise and glorify your excellence, O Lord, for the reversal of Roe vs. Wade on Friday, June 24, that will now put more restrictions on abortion in all its respects.

It was beyond amazing that the news came out not only on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus but also on the birthday of St. John the Baptist, too. St. John was filled with the Holy Ghost at the Visitation, and cleansed according of original sin in the womb, to the overwhelming vast number of theologians. It was incompatible that sin and the Holy Ghost would be at the same time in St. John's soul. We are born when God infuses a soul at the instant of conception. St. John was reborn in his mother's womb.

     Infant Jesus, pray for the preborn,
     Holy Innocents, pray for the preborn,
     St. John the Baptist, pray for the preborn.



Warning to Potential 'Organ' Donors


Dr. Paul Byrne warns potential organ donors that they can be sacrificed on operating tables in order to harvest their parts for organ recipients (who are willing to pay big bucks for those parts).

He says:

“Potential donors should understand before signing the donor application or donor card that once they have agreed to be a donor, their interests and welfare becomes secondary to that of the organ recipient.

They will no longer be considered true 'patients' but rather a source of spare human parts and vital organs to be used for 'transplantation, therapy, research and education.'

The donor should know that death will be imposed on the operating table for another's benefit and for the financial good of the organ transplantation industry.”

If you want to read more, here is the source from where I took it.



The Sisters of St. Joseph's New Heart


Re: Sisters of St. Joseph in Philadelphia, PA

I just read the article regarding the "Sisters of Saint Joseph," posted in 2014. The teachers of the school that I attended locally as a child were from this order. The Nun's were Holy women who exemplified love for God, and were dedicated to teach their students each of the subjects necessary for a thorough education, including religion.

They were loved and respected by all who came into contact with them. I searched their website today, and was horrified to find their "Statement from their Leadership Team". It's frightening to see how this once Holy order has been completely destroyed through the creation of the new religion practiced in Rome.

Unfortunately both the school that I attended (Holy Savior School) and the adjoining Church (Holy Savior Church) have since been closed, along with numerous others in my County. I've attached their appalling "statement", and hope that those who recognize this tragedy will plead with Our Lord to attract new religious vocation to both the Priesthood, and Sisterhood inside the true Catholic faith.


Sisters of St. Joseph Statment on Racism

For a larger copy click here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 28, 2022

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