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Conciliarist Rage, Sede & Pro-Vax Scorn

You Have a Satanic Spirit

After reading a number of your posts, and seeing the photographs of Pope John Paul II, along with your explanations, there is a clear sense of something demonic going on.

I mean, not by the pope, but by your website. Particularly slanderous are your photographs and statements of the pope meeting with indigenous people, where you failed to present everything John Paul wrote about inculturation, which simply echoed Pope Pius XII.

A sense of the Satanic spirit seems to be channeled through your website. Yes, Satanic. Satan is the great accuser, manipulator and deceiver, and he always masquerades himself as an Angel of light. We see in the gospels how Satan even quoted the Sacred Scriptures to tempt Christ.

The main problem with your website is that it twists and misrepresenting the writings of the popes and the Council with the same skill that anti-Catholics twist and misinterpret the Sacred Scriptures against the Church itself.

It was the devil who deceived the Pharisees, with all their religious meticulously and observance of the law, all of which led them to condemn the Son of God Himself to death. The Pharisees spent all their time talking about God, condemning people, and meticulously pouring over the law thinking that they were so close to God, when in fact, God Incarnate Himself, called them the children of the devil.

So don’t be deceived by the devil. The Church moves throughout the ages and liturgical traditions change. After all, the TLM is much much different than the original first Mass of the Last Supper, which by the way was not in Latin. The point is that the Church has authority to change the liturgy.

My advice is to trust Christ as He teaches through His Church. Don’t put your faith in the Internet, or in some book you read written by some individual, but rather, put your faith in Christ who always teaches through His Church.

As beautiful as the liturgical traditions of the Church are, traditionalism has simply become another “ism” in the world of “isms”, reducing the gospel to attending a traditional liturgy and missing the point of the gospel itself. Yes, we want reverent liturgies, and the Novus Ordo mass when done as it was intended by the Council is very reverent. What we don’t want are self appointed freelance Catholics giving themselves authority over popes and councils. We see how traditionalism has quickly become sectarian and become disfigured such as the weird Palmarian Church who now is on their 4th or 5th pope. After “they” declared all popes after Pope PIus XII as “anti-popes.”

In reality, Traditional-ism reflects the same spirit behind the original Protestant-ism; a spirit that led people, all of whom were Catholics, to think themselves more Catholic than the pope. In the end, they misled people away from Christ and against the Church itself, yes, all dressed up in the traditionalism of the Pharisees. Today, traditionalism has made attending the liturgy like that of attending an opera, all beautiful with the beautiful inspiring music pious feelings of keeping all the regulations, yet after leaving the opera there is the same unchanged uncharitable heart, and nasty as can be against those in the Church who do not follow their traditionalism.

While the Bible is the Sacred Word of God, the spirit of the demonic will twist and misrepresent the Bible itself. Likewise, the writings of the popes and the teachings of Church councils, in the age of instant mass media, will be twisted and misrepresented by those who think themselves wise but are instead duped ventriloquists of the spirit of division. The devil is always looking for ambassadors to do his work, and he equally temps both the people “on the Left” as he temps the people on “the Right”—only he uses a different approach. Usually it is the heretics and the worldly on the left, and the Pharisees and schismatics on the right. Equally the work of the devil.

My advice is to stop twisting the words and actions of the popes and stop taking the teachings of the Council out of context. The Second Vatican Council not only echoes Pius XII, it echoes the gospel of Jesus Christ.




Re: Francis wears chasubles with pagan Inca deity

Those men are not real Catholics and they are not true shepherds of the Holy Catholic Church.

When will you have the Divine courage, to tell the truth, and defend Christ???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You Spread Covid Disinformation

Re: TIA position on Covid & Vax

The groups that spread Trump’s Big Lie leading to the January 6 Domestic Terrorist Attack are spreading covid disinformation leading to vaccine protests. Groups like Qanon, Oathkeepers, Proud Boys, 3 Percenters.

Nope, not a communist takeover. The Supreme Court let stand a Maine vaccine mandate requiring healthcare workers to get the covid vaccine with no religious exemptions granted. The Supreme Court has recently let stand vaccine mandates in other states.

The same thing happens in every city. Followers of Qanon, Proud Boys, Oathkeepers, show up to protest to get media attention. 99% of city workers are not involved and keep working. A very small number quit because they do not want to work. They are not missed.

A prominent tenant of conspiracy theories is that communists are taking over. Anytime you hear someone say the communists are taking over, it is a sure bet they are consuming mass quantities of online conspiracy theories.

The Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative majority and are not communists.

I come from a large Catholic family. We are all vaccinated. The Pope says it is okay. Seriously.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 23, 2022