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Pell, JPII & Communist Brazil

Pell's Secret Memo


Here is a link to the full text of Cardinal George Pell's "secret memo" blasting the Vatican. It was circulated this past Lent and signed "Demos." Italian journalist Sandro Magister, who posted the memo last March, has now revealed its authorship.

By posting the full text, which articles on the memo do not do, I do not intend to criticize Pope Francis, but rather to point out Pell's view of the crisis in the Church.

     Frank Rega


Boy Bishops

Dear TIA,

May I thank Miss Rachel Lozowski on her excellent and most edifying article about the Boy Bishops. It made beautiful reading for this time of year. I love your website for these instructions about times gone past and our beautiful Catholic heritage. Thank you to all concerned.

     Yours sincerely,



‘Saint’ JPII Playing the Wolf


Go to 2:33 on this video of JPII before a group of young fans. He starts howling like a wolf.

It really makes you wonder about this supposed ‘saint’ – if he was possessed – it goes on for some minutes.

Surely he could find something better to say to these youth, who are laughing and applauding. They don’t seem to expect or want anything more from their Pope than these wolf howls and sounds.

Some of the cardinals look quite confused, like they wish it would end. But the nonsense just keeps going and going. It is not what a saint would do, I am sure of that.



Brazil, a New Venezuela?

Dear TIA,

A short update on Brazil’s sudden change of picture. After the inauguration of the communist/criminal Lula as president on January 1, the picture is changing quickly.

The patriots went to Brasilia to protest the fraudulent election. They were in front of the Congress building there, when the guard corps of the Congress invited then to enter: it was a trap. Inside, the Left had more than 100 persons disguised as patriots who started to break windows and tables and set fires everywhere. The patriots tried to prevent them, but were hardly successful.

Then Lula and Supreme Court dictator Alexandre de Moraes accused the patriots of being terrorists.

The next morning, they sent the State Police to arrest the more than 1,200 persons who were pacifically camping in front of the military headquarters – as they had been doing for two months. The Army did not protect them, but instead, delivered them to the State Police.

Next, these patriots were transferred to a gymnasium of the State Police and locked up there without food, water or bathrooms. In two days four elderly persons died.

Conservative lawyers went there to try to defend them. The only thing they managed to achieve was to arrange the release of those older than age 60. The rest – more than 1,200 people including children – were condemned to a minimum of 15 years in jail without any stated reason and without a trial. These persons were immediately transferred to two prisons to begin their sentences.

I am sending you some videos: the first is the Army preparing to hand over the people to the State Police; the others show scenes of the sub-human conditions inside the gymnasium-prison.

I am also sending you a letter that one of the State Police officers in charge of the “prisoners” wrote on January 11 and posted on social media. It gives us an objective picture of the horror of what is happening.

L'Osservatore Romano, the paper of the Pope, took a position against the patriots by describing their demonstrations at the Congress building as "an attempt of a coup d'Etat against the sitting president." Not a word about the injustice of the arrests and the horrible conditions of the arrested.

     May Our Lady have pity on Brazil.


Public Letter of a State Police Officer

I just woke up, For the last two day  I was in the Police Federal Academy, called to enforce the procedures. The result is more than 1,230 new political prisoners in Brazil.

“Crimes,” with penalties of 15 years or more. All at once, condemned by the same articles [of law], without investigation, without evidence and without specific charges against individuals, that is, “who did what.”

The great majority of them are simple, decent, entire families whose “real crime” was solely to camp in front of the military headquarters, believing they had the protection of the Army, demonstrating for their liberty.

But they were betrayed and “handed over” precisely by those “Judases in uniform” who they believed were protecting them.

They are accused of crimes that in the enormous majority were committed BY OTHER PERSONS.

I would like for each Brazilian who supports this [leftist] ideological expurgation to view the looks of despair and supplication in the faces of these simple people and ask what would be their position if they were imprisoned being fully aware that they had not committed any crime and without ever believing they could suffer such an enormous injustice.

I SINCERELY hope that each one who laughs or supports tyrannical action like this will be STERNLY HELD TO ACCOUNT by his conscience, now or when “his time will come” – because it will come, do not delude yourselves, because your time WILL COME.

And when your time comes, or your conscience “becomes heavy”, I hope that the vision of the face of a simple, retired 57-year-old lady, who was in the camp site helping in the kitchen to feed the others, and who has learned that she will go to prison accused of “crimes” with sentences of more than 15 years - that the sight of those tearful eyes closing with a whispered prayer - I hope that each tear that silently rolls down her face will burn you deeply to your very bones and heavily weigh down on your vile conscience.

One cannot feed such a MONSTER without expecting that one day it will bite the hand that fed it.

I am speechless. For one who – like me – has worked more than 20 years dealing with the worst ilk of bandits, these two last days have been the worst of my entire career. I had never expected to pass through this. I have concentrated on rescuing from the barracks those older than 60 to give them a quick release. The worst was the second day when only those under 60. remained. It was sad. I tried to select those with proven co-morbidities to be liberated also. The worst was to see all the others invariably imprisoned. I had a small notion of how Schindler felt. Sad. To retire is now my road.

Our country is sick; gravely sick. Many have no idea of what we are living. For them the picture did not change.

Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba is not enough; we are heading to the “Warsaw ghetto.” And quickly, very quickly.

When they start to imprison everyone who lives in a building because “someone in the building” is being sought, perhaps then we will wake up.

This is exactly what they did.

The lady who asks to speak with the colonel says she is terrified by the military apparatus that arrived against the patriots. She died imprisoned in the gymnasium that afternoon...

Are these persons criminals? Except for those over age 60, all of the others were condemned to at least 15 years in prison

Four persons died - three women and one man. This video shows elderly ladies being assisted by other patriots

One of the severely ill persons is taken from the prison/gymnasium  by the building workers in orange suits


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 12, 2023

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