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Femme Fatale, Long Beach Nuns & Adam

Femme Fatale’ Complaints

Dear TIA,

Here is a US soldier complaining she’s being forced out of armed services due to side effects caused by the covid jab.

No pity from me.

My question: What is a femme fatale like this doing in the army in the first place.

I’m sure her makeup takes twice as long as to put on as her clothes. Her voice is whiny and affected. Nothing manly or strong about her. Fine, except she’s calling herself a soldier. What a laughingstock army we have with ‘soldiers’ like this.

It’s what happens when you let women in the armed services.


Femme Fatale US soldier is being forced out due to covid vax effects


True & False Nuns

Re: Nuns enjoy NCYC in Long Beach

Dear TIA,

Regarding the antics of the Nuns in Long Beach I find it difficult to articulate a reaction. This behaviour is so removed from our tradition and what we should expect from Brides of Christ that these women are clearly not worthy to be called Nuns. Pathetic is the word which comes to mind.

The Novus Ordo Church is governed by numbers. They feel they must increase the numbers of young people in the Church and they are, it seems, prepared to do anything to achieve this. So they reduce the Church to the level of the world instead of elevating the young to the level of the Church.

The traditional Latin Mass is attracting increasing numbers of young committed Catholics and is it any wonder when you see our religion reduced to the level of a clown show. This behaviour disrespects young people and indeed, patronises them.

I was educated by nuns from the age of four to the age of twenty and then served in an institution of the Good Shepherd Sisters for seventeen years. Nuns were such a good example for girls and women, it was little wonder we respected them so much and indeed paid deference to them.

As children and adolescents, there was little they did not know about our daily lives. If we erred in our conduct we were likely to receive a summons from the convent, even during holiday times. Such a summons was a very serious matter and had to be explained to our parents. This often ended in tears.

Those Nuns demanded respect. We loved them and feared them in equal measure but above all, we respected them. Their lives of sacrifice and in some cases, penance, were the goal of so many of us but sadly God called but a fraction of the number of girls professing their desire to be Nuns. In those days typically twenty per cent of the final years class entered religious life. Two of my sisters entered the convent and both served in the mission fields, both dying in foreign fields, doing their duty.

Those we see in Long Beach are. by no stretch of the imagination, real Nuns. They are too bound up in this world. Their lives clearly lack sacrifice and they have no idea as to how a Bride of Christ must behave.

Young people expect adults to behave as adults. They don’t want their parents or their teachers to be their “friends”. In similar fashion, most young people expect Priests and Nuns to behave in a manner which befits their calling. They may have had a “ball” as they say nowadays, in Long Beach but I would be surprised if any of the young people present took this seriously and emerged more serious and devout Catholics as a result.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland


Adam Saved From Hell

Dear TIA,

I am from Indonesia, I want to ask a question.

According to Saint Anthony of Padua, Adam was free from hell because God longed for him.

Can people in Hell be free if Adam can be free?

The explanation from Saint Anthony of Padua:

“We read in the Passion of Saint Sebastian that a certain king had a gold ring, set with a precious jewel, very dear to him. It fell from his finger into the sewer, and he was very sad about it. When he could not find anyone who might be able to get the ring out, he put aside his royal robes and clothed himself in sacking, to go down into the sewer. He searched for a long time, and in the end found the ring, and when he had found it took it back joyfully to his palace.

“The king is the Son of God, the ring is the human race. The jewel in the ring is the precious soul in man. This fell from the joy of paradise, as it were from God’s finger, into the sewer of hell. On losing it, the Son of God grieved much. To recover the ring, he sought among angels and men, and found no-one capable of helping. Then he put off his robes, emptying himself and putting on the sack-cloth of our wretchedness. He sought the ring for thirty years, and at length descended into hell, and their found Adam and his posterity, and having found them, carried them back joyfully to eternal bliss.”




TIA responds:

Dear D.T.

Thank you for your question.

Adam was not in Hell, but in the Limbo of the Fathers. All those who were there were freed after the Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Limbo of the Fathers as well as Purgatory are places close to Hell in the center of earth; although in Hell there is no hope of salvation in the other two places there was/is.

Sometimes the Doctors of the Church, like St. Anthony, generically referred to these three places as Inferos in Latin, which should be translated as the inferior or lower regions. Some translators do not know this difference and translate Inferos simply as Hell. There can be errors caused by this translation, because the intention of the Doctor can be to refer to the Limbo of the Fathers or to Purgatory.

It seems that the translator of the text you sent committed this mistake. Nonetheless, if you replace Hell by Limbo of the Fathers, the text recovers its original orthodoxy and literary beauty.

Since the foundation for your question is imprecise, it loses its point. Anyway, no one who is condemned to Hell can be saved. This is the simple Catholic doctrine.


     TIA correspondence desk


Who First Denounced the Two Sisters Lucy


I am a journalist and would prefer to remain anonymous for personal reasons, at least for the time being. I am learning for the first time about the claim that there were two Sister Lucy's and my understanding is that Dr. Marian Horvat was an early proponent of this theory.

I would like to know from her memory if others made this claim before and how far back in time this hypothesis goes? Was she the first to make this case? Were there others before?

Thanks in advance.


TIA responds:

Greetings F.L.,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Indeed, Dr. Horvat was among the first to publicly pose the question of a second Sister Lucy. It happened accidentally, with a mis-named caption of Sister Lucy in the magazine Inside the Vatican, as you can read here.

After the mistake was acknowledged, she began to compare pictures of the real Sister Lucy with the post-1969 Sister Lucy, and noted enough serious differences to post this article, which raised quite a controversy.

Before her comparative study, there were some persons here and there claiming that there was a charlatan Sister Lucy, but they were the same ones who claimed that there was a charlatan Paul VI. They were not taken seriously.

After her substantial study became famous, a controversial sede-vacantist website claimed to be the first to discover it and accused her of copying the topic from it. If that website posted something similar before, TIA did not know about it, as evinced by the simple fact that, so far as we are aware, no member of TIA ever goes to that website for any information, much less to find material to copy. Here the reasoning post hoc ergo propter hoc – after it, therefore because of it – does not apply.

For us, it is not important who was first. We are glad that her article was solid enough to raise the question around the world. That hypothesis has gained in popularity. Today it has been considered to be true by many everywhere.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 17, 2023

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