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Masculinity & Femininity Upside Down

Two Houses of Our Lady

Dear TIA,

Can you shed some light on which was the true House of Mary: the house in Loreto or the house near Izmir, Turkey?

Thank you,


Dr. Byrne responds:

Dear H.H.,

I think the answer to the conundrum is that both houses are connected to Our Lady, at different historical periods.

The Loreto house was the dwelling place of the Holy Family miraculously transported to Italy as its final resting place.

The house in Turkey, near Ephesus, was where Our Lady spent the last days of her life in the care of St. John. There is no need to doubt that both are true.

     With best wishes,

     Carol Byrne, Ph.D.


Scandalous Comments about Homosexuality

Dear TIA,

Sadly, it appears that the Pope is one step closer to publicly accepting homosexuality.

I found this disturbing article from Outreach, an LGBTQ "ministry" run by the Jesuits. The article includes a recent letter from the Pope to Fr. James Martin. In it, the Pope states that we must "consider the circumstances" when determining whether a homosexual relationship is sinful.

Also, the article mentions that Pope Francis has been the first Pope to call for homosexuality to be decriminalized. "During his interview, the Holy Father imagined a hypothetical conversation in which a person might object by saying, “Being homosexual is a sin,” and the pope suggested a response: “It’s also a sin to lack charity with one another.”

     In Maria,



Inversion of Roles


Why is the beauty of femininity being mocked by men acting and looking like women?

Why is the beauty of masculinity being mocked by women acting and looking like men?

Something so twisted has to come from you know where and you know who.

It used to be considered a mental disorder, and now it is glorified and embraced as a lifestyle.



Saint Michael in Kiev, Ukraine

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I happened to find this marvelous statue of St. Michael. It overlooks Kiev's Independence Square. St. Michael is the Patron of Kiev.

Although it's certainly modern, it gives some of the power, brilliance and fight of St. Michael. It gives a lot of hope to see this.

There must be something truly praiseworthy in the Ukrainian people for them to have a statue like this.

I thought I would pass it along for your consideration.

     In Jesu et Maria,


Saint Michael Statue in Kiev, Ukraine


In the End I Will Triumph


The final triumph of Mary’s Heart is certain and it will be definitive. But it will take place ‘in the end,’ that is, to say after a terrible purification of sinful humanity in a baptism of fire, blood and tears.

Maybe this means: Mane, Thecel, Phares or Death that makes our minds perish [Ps 145.4] or They shall not leave a stone (thought) upon a stone (thought). [Luke 21:6] or A fire that does not reduce people to dust but preserved his mind with salt [Mark 9:48]




Men's Prayers

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your wonderful mission. I highly recommend your website and materials to all in search of truth and authentic Catholic teaching.

Are you able to answer a question regarding prayer, or point me in the correct direction? I have heard it said that men's prayers, on an objective level, are more effective than that of women, on the basis of a choice made by God that we are to serve as the head of the household and society. Is this true or are there any writings in tradition or the saints who speak of this?

     Thank you,


TIA responds:

Dear M.W.,

Thank you for your amiable words.

Supposing that we reflect in our response the mind of the Church, we should distinguish in this matter between the rule and the exceptions.

As a rule the prayer of the head of the family is more encompassing and effective than the wife’s prayers. This rule can be verified without difficulty in the Old Testament, especially in the case of the Patriarchs.

As an exception, the prayers of the wife are more efficient than that of the husband given some privilege the wife enjoys. The more extraordinary of these exceptions is the case of Our Lady who, although always submissive to St. Joseph, was also the Mother of God and the Universal Mediatrix of all graces.


     TIA correspondence desk


No Vigilance in Religious Orders

Dear TIA,

The story of the Carmelite Monk and Nun is shocking but not surprising in this post Vatican II era. It does raise a number of questions however. I believe neither had a true vocation in the first place and I wonder why this was not exposed during their respective novitiates?

Why did the Mother Superior leave them alone unsupervised? Did she not know that Satan is always the third person present at such times? Had the two parties been in touch previously? The monk wrote to her a few days after this visit proposing marriage. It seems very wayward passions were aroused during this meeting. Why was the letter given to Sister and not opened and censored? Is it not normal practice in convents for all incoming mail to be opened? If the letter was opened why was Sister not severely disciplined for her disgraceful behavior?

If I had been the Mother Superior I would not have let her simply leave. I would have required her to go on Retreat and do penance to discern properly her future.

This sorry episode points to very serious problems in the way our Religious are trained. The novitiate discipline of old was designed to accustom the Religious to the sacrifices of the religious life and to provide him/her with the moral strength to resist the various temptations they could expect in such a life. It seems this is no longer the case.

With respect to their “conversion” to Anglicanism, I believe this has more of a financial motivation than a spiritual one.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 31, 2023

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