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30K Extra Deaths & Undoing the Vax

Abomination of the Desolation

Dear TIA,

I am thankful for all you provide.

An article on the abomination of desolation referenced this: This piece is based extensively on the article of Edward DiStafinis, “The False Worship and the False Popes of the Conciliar Church as prefigured in Machabees."

I did a google search and cannot find this writing. Can you kindly share it to read?

God bless you all.


TIA responds:

Dear J.A.,

Indeed, the late Fr. Stephen Somerville wrote the article “The Abomination of the Desolation in Machabees and in the Present” and noted that he had based himself upon a piece by Edward DiStafinis, but unfortunately he did not offered a link to it. We also did research to find it, but were also unsuccessful.

Perhaps, you may be interested in this column with the same name - “The Abomination of the Desolation - that we posted recently, which applies the expression to recent events that taking place in the Vatican.


     TIA correspondence desk


Ex-‘Gay’ Imprisoned for Leaving Homosexuality

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I wonder whether Pope Bergoglio will help those who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle due to the depression and suffering it causes them.

This news report shows that in today’s world a person can be put in jail and ordered to pay fines just for reporting his conversion away from sodomite practices.

Keep up the good work.

     M.M., Brazil


UK Doctor Reports 30K Deaths Due to Vax


One should not disregard the interview of Dr. Malhotra to the BBC stating that there were 30,000 extra deaths in the UK due to the vaccines against Covid 19.

It seems that the media consensus that reigned supreme until last year which affirmed that the vaccines are “safe and effective” is finally being broken. More and more middle-of-the-road doctors and media platforms are starting to say what before only a few doctors and social media freelancers dared to state.

Well, the damage is already done. Billions have fallen into the trap and taken the vaccine. I hope that for many of them the worse will not happen.



What To Do If I Am Vaccinated?

Dear TIA,

Before I woke up to the truth, I got vaccinated. I was previously vaccinated with polio and flu vaccines. What should I do?


TIA responds:

Dear R. R.,

We are glad to hear that you have come to the realization that the Covid vaccines are in great part harmful. Many people today are opening their eyes to the bad effects of the vaccine and the lies of the media.

Without any pretension of practicing medicine, for which we have no credentials, we report to you what we are hearing from doctors and readers on the topic, with the sole aim of answering your question and helping you.

First, regarding the moral issue of taking a vaccine that includes experiments made with cells taken from aborted babies at least in its preparatory phase, we stress that it is a very serious matter that you should weigh in your conscience.

Second, there are a few simple natural remedies that several doctors have recommended for countering the bad effects of the vaccine. Pine needle tea, dandelion tea, fennel seed and star anise are thought to provide protection against the vaccine, see here and here.

Third, there are also some medications that are having success in removing some of the problems from the vaccine. Ivermectin, a remedy for the virus, has also been found to be a remedy for the vaccine, see here. A recent study also showed that taking two over-the-counter medications, Bromelain and Acetylcysteine, has helped to stop the growth of the spike protein found in the vaccine, see here.

Before taking these medications, however, we advise you to consult a conservative doctor on what is recommended for your situation.

We hope that some of these suggestions can help you to overcome the effects of the vaccine.

Most of all, turn to Our Lady and have confidence that she – the great Mediatrix before the Holy Trinity – will hear your pleas and protect you. She can heal all those who have recourse to her.


     TIA correspondence desk



Dear TIA,

Re: A syncretist Youth Convention in India

The Novus Ordo Church is rife with inculturation in large parts of Asia and Africa, with the full support of Church authorities and the active participation of the laity. This trend was in fact, beginning before Vatican II but accelerated afterwards.

My own view is that it takes centuries to fully convert a people to true Christian civilization, and throughout that time, strict discipline is necessary with courageous Priests and Nuns preaching and teaching truth. “Clericalism” if you like, which is so anathema to Pope Francis.

Vatican II loosened the reins on the faithful in many parts of the world, including, of course, in traditionally strong Catholic countries. In the mission territories, this relaxation allowed the trend of introducing native customs and traditions into the liturgy. It is of course, a most dangerous process which serves only to degrade the liturgy and confuse the faithful. There can be no place for heathen practices in a Catholic church, and true Catholics in such countries must try to find traditional Catholic groups or else have the courage to speak out about this adulteration of our liturgy.

I greatly admire our pre Vatican II missionary work but I do find it varied in quality. One sees photographs of native orders of nuns whose habit contains elements of native dress styles. One also sees scantily clad girls in Catholic missions, usually with the shoulders and arms uncovered. Even then there was a certain accommodation to native culture and customs. Where Catholics were in a minority, and this would include most mission fields, it seems there was a certain fear of antagonizing the predominant religion, leading to certain compromises. This trend has sadly accelerated today as we can see.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 7, 2023

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