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Glasgow’s Ban, Aliens & Accuracy of TLM

Glasgow Archbishop Cancels TLM


Re: Scottish Bishop Cancels Latin Mass

This reminds me of when the Church of England outlawed the Mass and instituted Crammer’s Book of Common Prayer in its stead.

The English Catholics like Shakespeare had to go underground.



No Compassion for Aliens


Francis is declaring that he would baptize aliens? Aliens are demons of the air. There have been Catholic priest exorcists who have talked about demons of the air manifesting as space aliens, including Fr. Malachi Martin.

But as far as Francis baptizing them, Francis also welcomes and accommodates pedophiles, homosexuals, Freemasons, and perverts of all kinds.

Francis is also a New World Order lackey, indeed one of his first actions was to demand a one world government at the U.N., and the NWO plans to use holograms of alien invasion in order to terrify people into wanting the NWO's protection.

So, please don't post anything giving credibility to the narrative of compassion for aliens. Again, they are demons.




Convincing a Progressivist of the Accuracy
of the Traditional Mass

Dear TIA,

I sent you an email about the Mass some weeks ago. I realize you're inundated with emails but do you have time to reply?

Thank you very much

I am reproducing that email below:


What arguments can I put to a friend who believes the Novus Ordo mass is more similar to the mass enjoyed by the Apostles and early Christians? He believes the protestantised Novus Ordo mass is more accurate and Communion in the hand is acceptable.

Thank you for your help



TIA responds:

Hello P.F.,

Prof. Remi Amelunxen wrote a series on the Holy Mass. His first article – Early History of the Mass – explains the continuity between the Mass said by Our Lord on Holy Thursday, after He washed the feet of the Apostles, and the Traditional Mass as it was compiled by St. Gregory the Great in the 6th century.

Then, in his second article – From the Gregorian Sacramentary to the Novus Ordo Missae – he shows the continuity of that same Mass until Paul VI’s reform in 1969.

We believe that the various documents he quoted as well as Scriptural sources are enough to convince any person of good will.

Additionally, if you and your progressivist acquaintance read Spanish, you may verify the description by Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich of the Institution of the Eucharist by Our Lord. She mystically saw in a revelation all the steps Our Lord and the Apostles took in that ceremony. You will see that the entire ceremony is remarkably similar to the Catholic Traditional Mass.

You can find this description in the book La Dolorosa Passion de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo (pp. 126-133).

In case you are not familiar with Spanish, you may copy that text and have an automatic Google translation of it, or read it in English here.

We hope that this will be enough to convince/convert the person with whom you are discussing.


     TIA correspondence desk


Is Modesty Relative to Time & Place?


Re: Summer Dresses

This seems to be a hot topic right now; a topic covered by a number of apostolates. Every time when I see this, I myself have to remind myself: concupiscence is concupiscence across all times.

It may have been the norms of the time and place of an era to reveal more... and I would like to say it is relative to time and place... but I cannot. And there is a simple reason: concupiscence is concupiscence across all times.

There may be some cultural differences: I remember Jack Palance on 'Believe It or Not' saying the Japanese culture [perhaps in the past and not the present] had a different take on what was 'attactive' to males... but I keep coming back to concupiscence is concupiscence across all times, and I am responsible for my neighbor.

It would be nice if we could be like Adam and Eve and gaze upon the other in love... but after the fall, trust was lost, and they understood that the other person could look on them in sin and not in love. Thus they needed clothes as armor to protect against the wounds of sin.

We cannot escape the fact that we are broken and we have need to protect ourselves and others against this issue -- cultural norms do not change our broken humanity -- sadly.

     God bless you!

     Fr. T.J.H.


Pilgrimage to Fr. Margil’s Tomb

Hello TIA,

Where is Ven. Fray Antonio Margil entombed?

I am about to do a pilgrimage to venerate St. Juan Diego’s tilma - Our Lady of Guadalupe. I would like to venerate Fray Antonio’s relics as well.

     Thank you,



TIA responds:

Hello M.S.,

Fray Antonio Margil de Jesus died in Mexico City at the Church of San Francisco on August 6, 1726. His virtues were declared heroic by Pope Gregory XVI in 1836.

The following epitaph or inscription was engraved upon his tomb:

"Here rest the mortal remains of the Venerable Servant of God, Fray Antonio Margil, founder, missionary, prefect and guardian of the Colleges of Propaganda Fide of Santa Cruz de Queretaro of Cristo Crucificado de Guatemala and of Santa Maria de Guadalupe de Zacatecas, which he erected in the Kingdom of New Spain.

“He was famous for his virtues and celebrated for his miracles. He died in this Convento Grande de San Francisco in the City of Mexico on August 6, 1726. The memory of him shall not depart away, and his name shall be in request from generation to generation."

His tomb is reported on some websites to still be in the main chapel in the Convent of San Francisco, Madero Street, Mexico City.

However, according to information from the Margil House in Texas, which existed until several decades ago to promote his cause and make him known in the United States, Fr. Margil’s remains were twice exhumed.

The Margil House reported that they came to rest in 1861 at the Chapel of La Purísima in the metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City. They were later removed to Guadalupe Friary in Zacatecas, where they can be venerated today. The College of Guadalupe de Zacatecas, today the Friary, was the Franciscan missionary college and seminary (Colegio Apostolico) founded between 1703-1707. Fr. Antonio Margil and the other priests who founded and served the early Spanish missions in Texas were all from the College of Zacatecas.

You could contact the Friary in Zacatecas or the Monastery in Mexico City to confirm this information. Please let us know if you learn something different.


     TIA correspondence desk


My Sacred Choral Music - Request

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the Tradition In Action web site which I find very good indeed.

I would like to ask you a favor which is to mention the existence of my sacred choral music on TIA, which is completely traditional, in Latin and designed to be easy to learn and sing well by a Catholic choir of average ability.

My sheet music/scores can be bought from me inexpensively and I include shipping or part shipping to the States to encourage sales.

To give your readers an idea of my sacred choral music they can visit my homepage and watch and listen to a short video presentation of four of my pieces accompanied by the paintings of Fra Angelico.

There is also a Reviews page and Contact page with my email address.

     Hoping you might help me and wishing you a blessed Paschaltide,

     Nicholas Wilton

P.S. - You would be welcome to use my sacred choral music in your films if I am credited.


Posted May 2, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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