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‘Terrorist’ Parents & Women in Bicycles

Conditional Baptism

Dear TIA staff,

Salve Maria!

Just read a couple posts in the "What people are commenting" section about doubtful baptisms and what to do about them. It seems that the need for conditional Baptism is fairly widespread nowadays, but I fear that many priests would refuse to administer it.

If anyone is in need of conditional Baptism and cannot find a priest who is willing to do it, he could contact the Servants of the Holy Family in Colorado. They take this issue very seriously, I know.

Thank you for your good work!



Excellent Article on A.I.


Salve Maria!

The article on A.I. by Atila Sinke Guimarães is excellent!


     M.D., Brazil


Expiatory Temple in Guanajuato, Mexico

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I just discovered this beautiful neo-gothic church, completed in 2012 after almost 100 years of construction, it began in 1921 (here and here).

It’s called the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Cristeros hid in this church during the Cristero War.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Armenians Fight to Protect Children from Gay Agenda

Good afternoon TIA,

Salve Maria!

Just this week, there was a clash between Armenians and Pro-LGBT groups outside of a School District meeting in Glendale, CA (here and here; analogous protests happen in North Hollywood here). At least three arrests were made after a brawl broke out when a proposal calling for June to be recognized as Pride Month was unanimously backed by the school board members.

Having grown up in Glendale, CA, I can tell you that Armenians are one of the most conservative and tight-knit groups of people I have ever met. They never supported most liberal ideologies in school when I was growing up and many of them were outspoken Christians that never compromised their family values. Armenians make up a large bulk of the population in Glendale so it comes as no surprise to me that they would come together to protest against this agenda. I hope more families realize the dangers of public education and choose homeschooling instead. A choice far better for our childrens' souls and more stimulating for their minds.

     In Jesu et Maria,



Women Riding Bicycles


The recent article concerning women riding bicycles and beginning of the feminist revolution illustrates perfectly the mentality of the early days of that revolution.

In our present day, and for years, women ride motorcycles, drive cars, busses, 18 wheeler trucks, and pilot airplanes. I may fail to mention a few others but not very many. Some men even allow their wives or girlfriends to drive while they remain passive passengers.

St. Rafael, pray for us.



Spreading No Bicycles for Women

Dear Dr. Marian Horvat,

I was so taken up by your recent exposé on the bicycle for women, I wanted you to see what I composed and sent to a wide variety of friends, hoping it may produce a salutary effect.

God bless you for your research.

     Much love,

     United in your mission,


My Dear Friends,

Sending this mostly to my female friends but also to some men.

What I just read is stunning! This is gradualism, indeed, coupled with nefarious cunning to produce an historic calculated downward slide aimed at warping every modest instinct within a woman's soul, making her inevitably acquire masculine characteristics.

Reading about the introduction of bicycles for women and what, by design, followed in its wake, brings into sharp focus how this eventually resulted in the crudeness and confusion we see rampant all around us!

Please, ponder...

Why not make the most of the thoughtful, well researched embedded links? Not only for the benefit of ourselves, but to guide impressionable girls and teens from falling into the trap.

As Catholics, let us realize what historically happened and spread the word to other Mothers and Fathers and families.

Above all, let us resolve to give JOY to Our Blessed Mother by living COUNTER to this degrading revolution in manners, custom and dress! Let it begin with each one of us!

And for the men who receive this, PLEASE, BE the masculine one in the family; be A MAN!

Masculinity is not toxic

     God bless you abundantly,



Do Not Engage in These Pastimes

Dear TIA

Ave Maria Purissima!

I wish to thank your correspondent N.H for her question about bicycles for women and for her efforts to develop her feminity. The answer from your desk is also very interesting. When we were in our final days in boarding school, Reverend Mother came to give us an instruction. Among the many valuable insights and instructions she gave us was the following. “Whatever situation you find yourselves in dear girls, always ask what would Our Lady do now”. Well I am certain Our Mother Mary Most Pure, would never want one of her children to sit astride a horse or a bicycle. It is impossible to be truly Mary-like and engage in such activities.

While it may be possible to retain a modest appearance while cycling, I have no doubt that the sensation of cycling or horse riding is a challenge to purity of mind. I urge all young ladies not to engage in such pastimes. We must flee from all activities which have the potential to be an occasion of sin. In particular, Satan uses the flesh and our weakness, to lead us into the abyss.

I was fascinated also, by the history of the bloomer with which I was not so familiar. We always wore bloomers or pantaloons when we were girls. They were an essential part of our uniform at boarding school. Elasticated mid calf length. When I went to work in the Industrial school, bloomers were worn by the Preservate girls, almost down to their ankles, covered by a long slip and then their outer heavy tunic. They were excellent in winter for keeping them warm but a real penance during warm weather. Of course they were essential in maintaining modesty of appearance and purity of thought. I wore bloomers throughout that period and for most of my life and I still wear a similar type of undergarment today. I recommend bloomers to mothers of young girls, as often girls will engage in activities where modesty might be compromised. In such cases mid calf or ankle length bloomers are very useful.

Thank you all once again for these thought provoking comments and God bless all at TIA and all your correspondents and readers.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland

Posted June 15, 2023


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