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Escaramuzas, Golf Club Attire & Covid

Escaramuzas Mexicanas

Dear TIA Mail,

Re: No, to Rodeo Cowgirls, Yes to Escaramuza

Thanks to your piercing analysis of the vulgarity of the American Western cowgirl in rodeo competition and the stark contrast you provided by acquainting us with the thoroughly feminine, highly skilled, precision equestrian ladies' competition -- a tradition in Mexico -- of which I had no previous knowledge, I discovered on YouTube an enthralling video giving a close up look at those young ladies, which was most exemplary!

You will love this, too!

Yes, how beautiful it would be to have this sport gain recognition within the United States!

Grateful, as always, for your research, may God bless your mission with abundant success, to open the hearts and minds of people everywhere!

     Best regards, with a remembrance in prayer,

     Your faithful reader,

     Dr. E.Z.

     From a horse lover and former rider in my younger years


Restoring the Family

To Whom It May Concern,

I just completed the reading of your release Restoring the Family as well as the related Nobility and Analogous Traditional Elites in the Allocutions of Pius XII.

I get a lot of questions from wealthy Catholics as to what are we to do with our wealth? And, is it wise to leave inheritance? I am becoming more convinced that our European forebears had better insights than our current American elites do on these questions.

Can you recommend further works? In particular, I am looking for direction on how to implement these ideas. For example, in the case of the "family book" mentioned in Restoring the Family.

     Best regards,


Dr. Horvat responds:


I am glad you benefitted from the reading of those books. They awaken new ideas and understanding for Americans, who generally have imbibed many of the revolutionary myths.

I recall reading that the great Msgr. Henri Delassus noted with sadness that the family patrimony was condemned to death when the law doing away with the right of the first born as the heir of the family patrimony (primmogeniture) was passed during the French Revolution. When the family’s property is divided among the many children, it is destined to disappear in two or three generations. Besides, it is not difficult to foresee disputes among the children and disharmony installed in the family.

The full right to property – which supposes the right of the first born to inherit the family patrimony in its entirety – is essential for the stability of society.

To understand organic society better, which I pray will develop naturally in the Reign of Mary, I would suggest you read two works by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on our site:
  1. The first is in our Library and titled The Society of Souls. It explains society more as a relationship between persons vs. the modern notion of a social contract. It has many interesting chapters to study: e.g. Part III, Chapter III sets out the rights of property in the family and intermediary societies; Chapter IX on how socialization attacks the family; Part II, Chapter III on principles of Sovereignty, and many other points of interest.

  2. The series of articles about Organic Society on our website offers a wealth of information for serious-minded men.
I hope these suggestions attend your request.


     Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.




Curious about how sedevacantism is viewed by TIA?

Thank you.


TIA responds:


We have a whole page with questions and answers explaining our position on Sedevacantism, which we do not support.

We suggest you visit the page for further clarifications.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blasphemous Exhibition in Portugal

Dear TIA,

In this month of June, the city council of Évora in Portugal committed a very serious act. The Church of São Vicente, built in the Middle Ages, for which many Catholic knights gave their lives in the war against the Moors, ceased to be the property of the Catholic Church, which lost interest in it, and was acquired by the Évora city council, which has used it as a museum and tourist spot since then. The relics and sacred objects are still on display.

In this month of sodomite pride the council did the unthinkable, holding an exhibition in favor of “gay pride” inside the church in the midst of Catholic sacred objects, some of the images and sculptures with the most blasphemous things.

The good news is that a group of people, undoubtedly scandalized Catholics, stormed the exhibition and destroyed the LGBT pride materials. They are being treated like vandals by journalists but they did not destroy anything other than objects of LGBT pride.

The news can be read here in the Portuguese newspaper with the highest circulation.

     F.T., Portugal


Golf Club Attire


I recently came across these attire rules for a private golf clubhouse in CA.:

  • No denim, shorts, flip flops, clogs, beach shoes, t-shirts, apparel containing slogans, cargo pants, warm-up suits, jogging or gym attire.

  • Required: Men's shirts must have sleeves and collars and be tucked in; Slacks must be of a tailored nature;

  • After 6 PM, jackets are required of men;

  • Hats, caps and visors are never allowed inside the clubhouse.

Imagine if a priest at local Novus Ordo parish posted similar rules at the entrance of the church…

So sad that a golf club expects their guests to dress with respect but priests allow parishioners to dress like slobs when attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.



Coronavirus: Connecting the Dots


Excellent summary by Kelleigh Nelson on what Coronavirus-19 was all about: read here.

This dear lady in Knoxville, Kelleigh Nelson, needs more recognition for her expertise and ability to explain the "Great Reset". She is an amazing synthesizer and keeps straight to the facts. You will want to find time to read her essay during this weekend devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I intend to have my webmaster send it to the entire LifeTree e-list. Except for a few tin foil hats the rest of us were asleep to the gravity of what these global monsters were up to.

Please keep in mind that our Father in Heaven will not forsake us if we turn to fervent prayer. We are being called to act. This article collects many of the dots. Read and enjoy what I think is a sevenfold gift from the Holy Ghost. It will enlighten our mind, strengthen our will, and inflame our hearts to do what God is asking of us.

Thanks to all who have chosen to be in this battle for our very humanity.

     Elizabeth D. Wickham, Executive Director

Posted June 20, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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