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Oppressively Patriarchal & Self-Abuse

Time of God

Hello TIA,

I am so grateful for having found your site. I believe that everything is in the time of God.

Thank you.

     A.L., Brazil


‘Oppressively Patriarchal’

Dear TIA,

The most important and universal prayer of the Christian Faith is about to be destroyed.

I pray the wrath of God rains down upon this world. And soon!


Woke Christianity


A Search for Truly Traditional Priests

Dear TIA,

Please, I am in Nigeria and looking for a really Traditional Catholic Priest or Church to go to. Please do you have any recommendations of Traditional Catholic Priests in my country or close to it that you can give me?

Thank you.

     Ave Cor Mariae


TIA note to our Readers:

If any of our readers has the answer to Mr. U.P.N.’s request, we ask him the favor to send us the name(s) so that we can pass it (them) on to him.


     TIA correspondence desk


SSPX & Novus Ordo Ordinations

Dear TIA,

Perhaps it would be fair to post this response given by Fr. Trevor Burfitt, FSSPX, explaining the official position of the FSSPX, regarding the question of the validity of Novus Ordo priests.

This sermon was delivered one week after Fr. Johnson stated his "personal conviction" at the same Church. Fr. Burfitt is the superior of Our Lady of the Angels Priory.

Difference of opinion is normal within the life of the Church, however, as Fr. Burfitt notes, such an extreme as to throw away the entire hierarchy of the Church is "tantamount to imprudence and indiscretion."

May Our Lord grant clarity of mind and purity of heart for all His priests!

     Peace and prayers,



Fashion of Wearing Black

Dear TIA,

How is Saint Gemma Galgani (who wore all black at the turn of the 20th Century) to be viewed in light of Dr. Marian T. Horvat's article "A Blackout on Black"?



Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear K.K.,

I do not believe it is difficult to reconcile St. Gemma Galgani’s use of simple black clothing with my critique of the popular fashion statement made in our times by both ladies - and goth freaks.

St. Gemma donned her simple black cape, awkward black straw hat and dark clothing not as a fashion statement, but to present a model of unworldliness to the worldly Italian citizens of Lucca, Italy. Even the patriarch of the Gainnini family confessed he was at times ashamed to go out of the house in Gemma’s company because “she was so ridiculously dressed.”

That is the opposite of the modern fad to wear sleek, black, sophisticated and almost always immodest black apparel.

St. Gemma was fighting the extravagant and worldly clothing of her times, seeking to be ignored or even ridiculed, not trying to “be in fashion.” Her style of dress was not to attract the attention of men or suitors, but to avoid it.

On the other hand, at the time this article was written, black dress for women was worn usually with the aim of fitting into the growing macabre/satanic trend of which the gothic movement is the most radical expression, and to attract those of the opposite sex who also follow this fad.

I would defend any woman who chose to wear modest black clothing after the death of her husband as a symbol of her grief and desire not to marry again.

Further, I support wearing black for the full mourning period after the death of family members, again provided that the clothing is modest. Then, when the mourning period is over, there is a joy – especially for the youth – to return to the bright and lovely clothing. Very often in the past, the widow or elderly would simply remain in black, as a sign of their detachment from the things of this world, that is, worn in the spirit of St. Gemma Galgani, and not the spirit of the modern world.

I hope this responds to your question.


     Dr. Marian T. Horvat


Praying in Front of Abortion Clinics: A Crime

Salve Maria!

This news came from a follower on Instagram - Ireland just approved "safe access zones" (or rather, anti-prayer zones) for abortion facilities. See news here.

This means that all "protesters" in front of abortion facilities must be at least 100 meters away from the entrance to the abortion facility, otherwise they receive legal penalties. First-time offenders will be given a warning by gardaí (the word used to refer to the Garda Síochána, or national police of Ireland), afterwards it is considered a criminal offense. The maximum penalty is €2,500 fine or six months in prison.

According to Health Minister Stephen Donelly, this move allows women the "safety", "privacy" and "dignity" needed to murder (what they call "terminate") their unborn child free from "harassment" or "intimidation".

An excerpt from the Irish Examiner (in the link above) follows - notice the "inclusive" and gender-neutral language (pregnant "people" instead of women):

"The legislation, which was approved by Cabinet last week, aims to protect pregnant people from being either harassed or intimidated when seeking to access a termination."

Is this not a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance?

     In Jesu et Maria,



The Sin of Self-Abuse

Dear TIA

Ave Maria Purissima!

The mortal sin of self abuse (impurity) has not only the capacity to send the sinner to Hell but also, the capacity to become an addiction. I have spoken to many former penitents of the Magdalene Asylums who were addicted to this sin in childhood.

The problems start in infancy. All infants have a tendency to seek pleasure and comfort. Early on, the infant discovers that certain parts of the body give pleasure when touched. Naturally the infant sees no harm in this.

Today, children are taught in schools that this is natural and often parents believe this also and ignore this act. This is setting your child on the road to perdition. If unchecked, the habit will become entrenched and as the child grows older, the habit will continue and the sins will increase.

There is a solution, thank God. Parents firstly, must be vigilant. At the first sign the parent, usually the mother, must say a firm “NO” to the infant. If this “NO” is accompanied by a token little smack with a light wooden spatula, so much the better. No matter how many times in one evening the infant tries to repeat this action, mother must be firm and consistent. It takes patience and many months and firmer smacks to cure this tendency but it must be done.

Eventually the desire of the child will weaken and if the parents are doing their job, the pleasure experienced by the child will be outweighed by the pain of punishment.

I appeal to parents of young children not to neglect their duty in this regard. The very soul of their child is at stake.

God bless you all at TIA.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland

Posted July 11, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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