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Poster Boy, 300K Killed & Breathing Modes

Maintaining Catholic Values in Australia

Hello TIA, (from Instagram)

I am an ex-student of a Catholic [girls secondary] school in Sydney, Australia called St. Ursula's College Kingsgrove. They are currently being reported on by Mainstream media in Australia because they upheld Catholic values by refusing to let girls bring same-sex partners to this year's school formal.

I am very proud of Mrs L. for sticking to the Ursuline values of the school and refusing to back down with her decision, and I think it's a sadly rare thing for a Catholic school to uphold the values and ethos of the Church.

Some articles about them are here and here. This was in the Archdiocese of Sydney.


TIA responds:

Hello J.D.,

Thank you for sending us this piece of news and keeping us informed about events in the Church in Australia.

It is certainly a courageous stand this school has made, considering the current climate of tolerance toward this vice.

Please feel free to reach out to us again with other news stories should they arise.


     TIA Media


Poster Boy for Vax Dies at Age 8

Dear TIA,

A piece of tragic news. The Israeli poster-child for getting children vaccinated named Yonatan Moshe Erlichman has died of cardiac arrest. His heart stopped while he was taking a bath. He was 8 years old.

The Israeli news source tries to downplay that it was cardiac arrest, emphasizing how he "nearly drowned", though they cannot worm their way out of admitting that he died of cardiac arrest if you read the article carefully.

The child was 5 when he was vaccinated. It seems that the danger from the vaccines poison does not go away with time.

     Best regards,


Poster Child for Covid jab dies


White House in Cahoots with CDC


Interesting as more and more proof comes out that the White House and CDC knew as far back as 2021 that the COVID-19 mRNA was linked to heart damage.

Fits with the article you published yesterday. Shows that the bottom line is not lives, but the "Reset" order to vaccinate everyone.



Growing Indignation


Re: How Myocarditis Became the Silent Scandal of Covid Vaccination

Very depraved, organized mass murderers are attacking us. Satan, Communists.

What to do?

Fatima message, and certainly stop butchering babies, recognizing wicked same sex "marriages". Reparations to Immaculate Heart of Mary, to Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rosary daily, Brown Scapular. Satan and his communists are nothing when Our Queen enters the fray.

Peace to all who see near complete destruction of everything we love.



Genocide, Not Pandemic


'We did not have a pandemic. We had a genocide," Dr. David Martin states.

Dr. McCullough asks the EU to stop COVID inoculations and calls down the WHO, a syndicate scheming a massive power-grab to depopulate the Earth and usher in the Great Reset and a one-world government.

It is worthwhile watching, here.



300K Killed in 2021


Here is good news on the Covid front. Thought I would share it with your readers.

Remember that this Dr. Mark Skidmore was working with conservative estimates to came to these conclusions on the life-taking jabs. Those who resisted are vindicated by evidence like this, which is, of course, why Dr. Mark Skidmore was persecuted.


Jeff Childers Coffee & Covid Site

We had some great news late last week. Dr. Mark Skidmore, an economics, natural disaster, and pandemics researcher with more than 90 published papers was suspended earlier this year for an ethics review by Michigan State University (where he works). What got Mark in trouble was publishing a jab-critical paper in BMC Infectious Diseases in April that immediately got shot down and retracted by the journal.

Dr. Mark Skidmore

Mark’s paper problematically estimated that almost 300,000 Americans were killed by the jabs in 2021.

After his paper was retracted by the journal, Mark suffered through a seven-month inquiry by the University into his ethics. Had he lost, he’d have been fired and professionally blacklisted.

Florida’s Liberty Counsel represented him and the results of the ethics probe were just announced: fortunately, Mark has been cleared on all charges. He did not, after all, violate any ethical obligations by estimating jab deaths in an academic paper.

And the icing is that Mark’s cancelled paper was accepted for re-publication in another journal, titled “COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination Experiences in Social Circles Affect COVID-19 Vaccination Decisions.”

In his paper, Dr. Skidmore calculated jab deaths in two ways. First, he extrapolated from reported deaths using conservative estimates of VAERS under-reporting rates. Second, he confirmed that figure using a survey of almost 3,000 Americans, based on their own experiences.

He found with 95% confidence that the number of American jab deaths as of December 31, 2021 is probably between 229,319 and 344,319. In other words, a lot.

Sadly, Dr. Skidmore is not likely to receive any NIH or Pfizer grants anytime soon. Pfizer can’t afford it anyway, given it’s appalling stock performance lately.


Breathing Techniques: Are They Sinful?

Hello TIA,

Salve Maria!

I've had a question regarding breathing I've been meaning to ask about. I used to do the Wim Hof method every day for stress relief. It involves a cold plunge or shower and a specific breathing technique. This breathing technique is based on Yoga techniques which I did not know were bad until I grew more in my faith (and read about on your site). Now I no longer do this breathing method but still use cold showers as a means to help my blood circulate better.

I eventually started wondering if there were certain breathing techniques used in the West that had no occult or Eastern mysticism attached to them. I remember from the Catholic Manual of Civility that breathing is an important aspect of one's health and bearing. The book even mentions that one should take deep breaths to awaken the body and approves of the use of arm movements to "combat many internal evils."

So now my question is this: what are considered breathing techniques that are approved by the Church for our health and vitality? How are they different from the forbidden Eastern techniques and how should we ensure we are not delving into the occult should we take on this practice?

     Thank you for your work,


Wim Hof Website: here

Wim Hof Guided Breathing: here

Wim Hof Explaining his Method: here

The Catholic Manual of Civility Article Defending Breathing: here

Yoga Article that Condemns Breathing: here


TIA responds:

Hello N.B.,

Thank you for being a regular reader of our website and taking our advices seriously.

Regarding breathing, what we recommend is the simple deep breath one takes after some strong physical exercise. We refer to a long inhalation followed by a long exhalation. This is normally accompanied by a movement of both arms respectively extending outwards and then inwards. This action helps to restore a calmness to the stressed body and regulate the circulation of blood. Normally it acts to restore the well-being of one's health after a strong effort or highly stressful situation.

As far as techniques are concerned, we would stop here.

We think that to adopt elaborate breathing techniques runs the risk of entering into Eastern practices inspired by Yoga, various schools of Buddhism, or even esoteric inspired Rosicrucian exercises, which also teach the neophyte how to breath.

Most of these breathing exercises, instead of simply attending to the immediate well-being of the person, have the aim of putting the person “in contact with the energy of the universe.” In other words, these popular systems use physical exercises and their correspondent breathing techniques to attract persons to their religious beliefs.

We have no objection to cold showers or plunges in order to shake off laziness.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted October 26, 2023


Blason de Charlemagne
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