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Bronx Bishop, Almighty God & Wojtyla

It Is Like a Prostitute Preaching Purity

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima!

The Bronx “rapper Bishop” is a sad and yet risible figure. When will those in the Novus Ordo realise young people do not want priests and bishops to come down to their level. Young people want to be elevated, to be edified, to be taken out of their day to day reality by the truths of the One True Catholic and Apostolic Church.

For a Bishop to use rap music to try and get the Catholic message across, is akin to using a prostitute to talk about purity. Rap music is truly evil with lyrics which encourage fornication, promiscuity and gang violence, and even violation of young girls. Instead of descending to the rather low level of his audience, could this Bishop not find in the treasures of our Church something more edifying? This behavior truly beggars belief.

Thank you TIA for exposing this utter nonsense. Is it any wonder that young people are fleeing the Novus Ordo and returning to tradition where they get sound and firm leadership and are taught the truths of our Faith.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland


Demonic Spirit


Re: The Bronx Rapper Bishop

Oh, no! If this is a Catholic Priest and these are Catholics, then I must denounce this religion and go back to underground Traditional Catholic Church by myself.

Sickening! The demonic spirit had entered into every one of them.



Traditional Masses

Dear TIA,

In your email of Jan. 3, 2024 you answered a question from a reader who asked where you attended mass. You mentioned the Armenian Catholic Rite at St. Gregory Cathedral in Glendale; Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove, and SS. Peter and Paul Church in Wilmington.

Just to let you know - St. Dominic’s Chapel is a private unincorporated chapel at 13962 Gimbert Lane, Santa Ana CA 92705 where Fr. Cedrik Starbuck offers the pre-1955 rite of mass on Sundays – 7:30, 9:30 & 12:10, and holy days at 8:30 am. Confessions begin 45 minutes before each mass. He can be reached at 714-673-5552 or email

All traditional-minded Catholics are welcome.




Is God Omnipotent?

Dear Sirs,

Recently, in the Catholic Church, it has been increasingly confirmed that God is not omnipotent - some archbishops, bishops and priests declare this, among them the very popular missionary in Madagascar, Peter Opeka.

I wonder if such a claim has any factual and theological support.

From my humble point of view and understanding, the omnipotence of God is his necessary attribute, because if he is not omnipotent, then he is not a god.

And further, they explain that God is love, because he is compassionate, but because he is not all-powerful, he cannot help the suffering, sick, etc. I don't understand what sense there is in believing in such a god, and how can these same bishops and priests pray during the mass according to the ritual several times: Almighty God...?

Sincere thanks for your clarifications.

     B.M., Madagascar

TIA responds:

Dear B.M.,

Whoever denies one of God’s attributes denies all them and, consequently, denies God. The same regarding the Catholic Faith: whoever denies one dogma denies all.

The reason is because God is one; the attributes are names we need to refer to Him given the incapacity of our intellect to understand God’s unity. We say God is omniscient, omnipotent, eternal, just, merciful, etc. But He is only He in His unity. Since we cannot grasp His unity, we divide it into parts in an attempt to understand Him better.

The consequence is that when someone denies one of this attributes, he denies the very unity that is the substractum of all. The same applies to the Catholic Faith.

Thus, the Church authorities in your country who are denying God’s omnipotence actually are denying Him. You are correct when you reach this consequence.

When someone steps out of the narrow path of Catholic orthodoxy, he becomes inconsistent and contradictory. When the religious authorities of Madagascar affirm that God is only love, without being just and omnipotent, they are picturing another god. They are abandoning the Catholic Faith. Again, you are correct.


     TIA correspondence desk


Fernandez’ Porno = Wojtyla’s

Dear TIA,

I read with interest the Italian man who was so scandalized by the pornography of Cardinal Fernandez, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. I was edified to see his shock.

I hope he feels the same shock about the writings of John Paul II.

To justify Fernandez’ pornography, a progressivist Catholic journalist John Allen shows that it is much the same as what was written by John Paul II. Since he believes JPII was a saint, then the pornography must be okay. Unbelievable justification. Very sad! But it is believable regarding John Paul II and his scandalous Love and Responsibility and his filthy Theology of the Body.

Read below the justification, and come to your own conclusions about the sanctity of JPII and his disciple Fernandez…


Here’s the thing: If a Vatican official who explores the dynamics of orgasms should, ipso facto, be disqualified from office, then such a standard would exclude not only Fernández but also John Paul II.

Much like Fernández said his 1998 book came out of conversations with young couples about their relationships, then-Fr. Karol Wojtyla developed his reflections on sexuality in the context of teaching at the Catholic University of Lublin and acting as a mentor to his Rodzinka, or “little family,” of young people. Both works came when the clerics were young; Fernández wrote La pasión mística when he was 36, while Wojtyla originally published Love and Responsibility when he was 40.

For all those now professing dismay at the explicit fashion with which Fernández treats orgasms, it’s worth taking a look at how the young Karol Wojtyla dealt with the same subject, at a time and place when the taboo against open discussion of sexual topics was infinitely stronger than the Argentina of the late 1990s.

For the record, the word “orgasm” appears seven times in the English translation of Love and Responsibility, “orgasmus” three times and “climax” ten times.

At one point, for example, the future Pope John Paul II argues that to the extent possible, men and women should aim for simultaneous orgasms during sexual relations, a conclusion proceeded by a remarkably detailed analysis of the differing dynamics of sexual arousal in men and women. In another passage, Wojtyla even discusses the phenomenon of a woman faking an orgasm, situating it in the context of a need for ongoing sexual education – a stance which, in itself, was fairly daring by the prudish standards of pre-Vatican II Polish Catholicism.

Posted January 11, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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