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Muddy Mass, Bethlehem & Florida Furniture

More Dangerous than the Enemy Outside

Re: Muddy bike Mass in Brazil

I wonder why Brazilians don't protest against those kinds of priests. They are far more dangerous to the Faith of the Catholic Church than the outer enemy...

Does that mean the whole Church had plunged into APOSTASY that no one left to care for the truth that Christ taught?




Dearest Dr. Marian Horvat,

I am so thrilled to have viewed the film and to be able to express myself to you!!!

Heartfelt congratulations for the gift of your latest film on Our Lady of Bethlehem and your scholarly efforts to promote accurate historical knowledge of Her in our poor besieged land!

It was my utter joy one Christmas Day past when I settled down to read your enthralling account of her story as I had never heard of Lady of Bethlehem although I greatly honor Saint Junipero Serra.

In fact, persuading my Mother decades ago when we lived in Charlotte, North Carolina that we absolutely had to purchase the gorgeous Lladro statue of [then] Blessed Junipero Serra as the statue was too Catholic to leave behind in the fine china department of that store, as we were. I reminded her in the predominantly Protestant State of NC and such a fine Catholic statue of such a saint deserved a Catholic home! My dear Mother! We indeed took the statue home!

Viewing your film tonight I was struck by the sheer beauty and mastery of that sculpted image of Our Lady of Bethlehem. Looking at it was like a little foretaste of Heaven. Thank you for allowing us through the film to "visit" the statue and "visit" the gorgeous restored Mission Church.

Thank you for all you do! What a blessing and privilege it is to have your friendship and your prayers. (I truly mean it!)

Much love. With you In Maria!

Your friend,

     Dr. E.Z.


Wonderful Presentation

Dear Miss Marian,

Your new Conquistadora presentation on line is wonderful. Thank you. Clear, professional text and visuals wonderfully mixed. It 'works'. Great Gaspar Sanz (Or is it Luys Milan?) Spanish Baroque guitar music! I have stumbled through these for years.

Met first person at OLPH Los Gatos today. Walked up to me in parking lot as I was leaving and greeted me. I told her I am here collecting information about The White Martyr of Santa Cruz, Fr. Peter Carota.

I told her that I recently realized that Fr. Carota slowly became a Traditional priest in the style of Padre Serra; a kind of Padre Serra. He even dressed as Padre Serra did. He taught the same dogmatic Faith, eventually the same Mass, Morals and was mocked for it... to death.

The lady who greeted me has seven children, young. Husband was talking to others. She invited me to meet him. He was talking with others so I passed. She said her family has a special devotion to Padre Serra.

I asked if she had read your book on Our Lady of Bethlehem. "Yes." And that whoever gave it to them underlined a passage explaining the Franciscan plan to give back to the Indians the land after a time, which I heard for first time on your video. She talked about your Catholic manners book. I just sent one to the Valencia family. She also has spoken with you on phone.

I told her about your the new excellent video. …

      Thank you,



Attacking the Church's Indefectibility


Re: Francis: No-No to ‘Rigidity’ in Seminaries

People do not understand this: The Catholic Church cannot change in her teaching, worship, disciplines.

This attack on rigidity is not so thinly veiled attack on the Indefectibility of Holy Mother Church.

Francis has already lost this battle. Before he started as an altar boy mocking a Priest and the Mass. Enjoy your final judgment, Francis, child of Satan and attacker of Most Glorious Mother of God



Wonderful Folk Songs

To Whom it May Concern,

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the songs that you have posted on your website. I am particularly inspired by the French songs regarding Brittany and the War in the Vendee.

I especially love your website because it allows me to listen to these songs without resorting to YouTube or a music streaming service that also plays... less virtuous music let's say.

Are you interested in other song suggestions?

Will you accept a check for a donation? I only saw an option to donate with a credit card.



TIA responds:


Thank you for your generous praise of our songs. It is greatly appreciated.

We will welcome and consider song suggestions.

We welcome checks, which can be sent to our PO address:

PO Box 23135, Los Angeles, CA 90023

May Our Lady and her Divine Son grant you their abundant graces this Christmas Season.


     TIA correspondence desk


Congo Floods & Multitudes Displaced

Dear TIA,

Here is more of what I think are part of the chastisement predictions. At one of your recent talks, you had a professor who said there will be a series of natural disasters before the clearly supernatural ones.

In the Congo there is flooding – greater than what has been seen for decades – and already 700,000 people have been affected, with thousands homeless. The country’s Minister of Social Affairs Modeste Mutinga said in a Jan. 5 statement that at least 43,000 houses have collapsed, as well as 1,325 schools, 259 health centers and 41 markets.

After what is happening in Ecuador – revolution in the streets and a civil war between government and the cartels – it seems we are moving deeper into the Tunnel of the Chastisement.



Florida Furniture Surprise


This is exactly what some, like Ron Desantis, have predicted. All these young men invading our country cannot be trusted to be peaceful new citizens. A terrorist attack within our borders, unfortunately, is quite likely.

Florida Furniture Surprise Shipment

If you have doubts about Muslim migration, this may clear them up. Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as furniture. This "furniture" is addressed to Muslim immigrants who have come to America.

Florida, armed invasion of illegal immigrants

This should convince you that illegal IMMIGRATION and Border Crisis is nothing less than an ARMED INVASION. Do you ever wonder why all those young (military age) men without children or wives are taking on the task of traveling all those miles posing as refugees to cross into our country?

When we find out why they are here, it will be too late, and they are spread out all cross his country. President Biden will have more blood on his hands, long after he is out of office. Most of the dishonest mainstream media won't report this.


Posted January 16, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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