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Hell, 10K Immigrants a Day & Cardross

Bethlehem Video

Dear Marian,

Bravo to you and Salwa on your exquisite video of Our Lady of Bethlehem!

The narration was flawless, and the photography beautiful. It brought back to mind wonderful memories of our collaboration on the book.

I will forward the video to many friends.

     Judith Fife Mead


Better No Cosmetics at All

Dear TIA

Your correspondent JM gave a very timely warning about the use of fetal cells in some cosmetics, perhaps in many. I agree of course no Catholic woman should buy such products.

This brings into question whether we should be buying cosmetics at all. The cosmetics industry plays upon the vanity of women and women are very vain. A visit to any large department store and we will witness large numbers of girls and women, trying on powder and paint, perfumes and nail varnishes.

Surely the beauty that God gave us is enough. Surely our beauty comes from our Soul: The inner beauty of a pure mind and good heart. The most beautiful women I ever saw were Nuns, devoid of course of any makeup. Their inner purity and innocence manifested on their face.

I would allow that young girls, perhaps newly married, will like to use make up to please their husband and this is quite acceptable in my view. However I think generally we should allow our inner beauty to shine through rather than using the powder and paint of the immensely wealthy cosmetics industry.

     Yours faithfully,

     C.P., Ireland


Is Your Posting on Akita Your Position?

Hello TIA,

Is the Akita article TIA's position or a private opinion?

Thank you; keep up the good work!

Fr. T.J.H.


TIA responds:

Rev. Fr. T.J.H.

As you can note at the bottom of the page, the opinions expressed in this section do not necessarily express those of TIA.

In this case, it seemed to us that the material presented by the writer was interesting enough to pass on to our readers to add to their data.

TIA has had somewhat favorable opinions about Akita, as well as doubts, as you can see from other posts on the topic we have made e.g. here and here. However, in this particular case, the sender's arguments seemed worthy of hearing.

We still do not have a definite opinion, but must say that this information causes one to look with a little more doubt at them.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Misleading Francis


Re: Francis says hell is empty

Francis saying hell is empty is misleading. Henry Cardinal Manning in his book The Internal Mission of the Holy Ghost, pointed out that we must ask for the grace to fear Sin more than we fear Hell, then we will have a better and greater love of God, and a better and greater hatred of sin. He pointed out that the gift of Fear of the Lord is the means to this end.

St. Teresa of Avila in her The Way of Perfection, says the devil can give a false humility and cause the soul to be disquieted and over-agitated to the point of not wanting to confess sin. She, also, said "I have a greater fear of those who have an unreasonable and exaggerated fear of the devil than the devil."

     St. Teresa of Avila, pray for us.



Biden Running from Confronting Texas

Dear TIA,

To understand the absurdity of Biden allowing 8 million immigrants to come through our borders it is good to watch/listen to this video/talk showing that we have had 10,000 immigrants a day for some time now.

Btw, facing the strong and brilliant opposition of Abbot in Texas, Biden is running away and asking the Congress to give him more power to close the borders… He says that if the Congress will give him the power, he will close the borders immediately.

It is just a way out the fight – hardly an honorable one – since he always has had this power and he was the one – with the support of the Supreme Court – who is facilitating the invasion of terrorists, communists, Muslims, drug dealers and other criminals.



The Horror of Progressivism in Cardross

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

Re: St. Peter's Seminary, Cardross

After reading Dr. Byrne's recent (and excellent) articles exposing the failed seminary formation post-Council, I was very intrigued by what she said about St. Peter's Seminary in Cardross, Scotland. So I looked on the internet to find more pictures and information.

It is so symbolic. The seminary building was finished in 1966, just after the close of Vatican Council II. In my opinion, it seems to be a perfect expression of the "spirit of the Council": complete adaptation to the modern world (it was built in the brutalist style of Le Corbusier, which was in vogue in the 50s and 60s), while at the same time, despoiling the Church of her sacrality and replacing it with miserablism, ugliness.

This is the "noble simplicity" envisaged by the Council, cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium, 34: "The rites should be distinguished by a noble simplicity; they should be short, clear, and unencumbered by useless repetitions; they should be within the people's powers of comprehension, and normally should not require much explanation."

It also calls to mind the "ugly churches" mentioned in the Third Secret of Fatima that we posted on our site.

Here is an article (a photo essay) of the seminary, with pictures from before it fell into ruin, and after. I also found what appears to be rare footage of the seminary during its operational years. It seems the footage was from the late 60s or early 70s, and is accompanied by likewise brutal modern "classical" music. I think it perfectly expresses the horror of progressivism. All of it seems like a scene out of a nightmare. I couldn't even watch the whole video, it was too disturbing.

Apparently the building was given to a trust to renovate and re-open it: "In July 2020, the site was given to the Kilmahew Education Trust Ltd who plan to reinstate the educational elements of the Seminary Complex after conservation and restoration." Source here.

I thought I would share this with you because it seems to reflect perfectly the ruinous state of the Conciliar Church: empty seminaries, empty convents and monasteries, empty pews.... no one takes the Church seriously anymore. Certainly that was their plan all along.

Cardross seminary
Cardross Seminary

     In Jesu et Maria,


Posted January 30, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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The opinions expressed in this section - What People Are Commenting - do not necessarily express those of TIA

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