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Tomoe, Fr. Yasuda & Google’s Microchip

The Pope & the Dragon

My dear friends at TIA,

Re: Chinese Dragon Comes to Life

Forwarding this to you so you may see how much I appreciate TIA's reporting.

I sent this to about 18 persons.

     E.Z., Ph.D.

My Dear Friends,

Truly, another heartbreaker within the Vatican to pervert a holy day and an eye-opener about Italy and how the Chinese Communists have taken over the totality of Italy's most prestigious industries in Florence and Milan.

This is an Article & Photos from February 2, 2024 -- the solemn Catholic Feast Day of Candlemas, the Purification of Mary, and Feast of Our Lady of Good Success -- and what takes place at the Vatican? The Chinese Dragon Dances!!!

     God help us,



666 Vestments & the Japanese Tomoe

Dear TIA,

Re: Pope’s 666 vestments

I wanted to contribute some information on this Church Revolution in Pictures: please see this article on the 666 symbol, which in Japan is called the tomoe. It apparently has symbolic use in Shinto religious rites, which I reproduce here for your advantage:

According to Jean Herbert in these contexts, the mitsudomoe embodied three spirits, the yin-yang dyad being represented by an aramitama (rough kami) and a nigimitama (gentle kami), while the third comma denoted the sakimitama, or lucky spirit.

The mitsudomoe is closely associated with Shinto shrines, in particular those dedicated to Hachiman, the god of war and archery. Hachiman in Shinto cosmology and ritual, as for example at Hakozaki Shrine, is repeatedly connected with the number three. In Shintoist thinking, this number is taken to represent the three aspects of the four mitama or “souls” (the other, the kushimitama being considered far rarer).

It is also commonly displayed on banners and lanterns used in festivals and rituals related to Amaterasu.



Catholic Calendars

Dear TIA Editors,

Traditional Catholic calendars are still available from the Daughters of Mary Press.

The calendars use the “traditional Feast Days following the rubrics of Pope St. Pius X for the Universal Calendar of the Church”.

Our family has used this calendar for many years and we recommend it for others. As a long-time reader of your website, your continued publishing of edifying content is to be highly commended.


     D.J., Ph.D.


Akita - Fr. Yasuda’s Statement


Fr. Yasuda, the spiritual director of Sister Sasagawa instructed her not to write this: “Judas and the last pope are to sell Jesus to the enemy. Therefore the era of Antichrist Pope will soon come.” He did not wish her to receive attacks, so he told her not to write that part of the message.

This video includes Fr. Elias Mary’s belief: see here.

Have you heard this before?



TIA responds:


Thank you for passing on this information to us.

Although the statement is strong and seemed to fit the present day reality, there are points that are not clear.

For example:
  • When Fr. Yasuda mentions the “last Pope” is he the last Pope in History? If so, should we understand that in the Reign of Mary there will not be Popes? Or that we are in the last years of History? In either of these two hypotheses, the statement seems strange.
  • If we take the “last Pope” as referring to the time of the apparitions – 1973 – we see that from that time until now there have been five Popes: Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis I? Who should we believe to be “last Pope”? Why?
  • When he mentions the “era of the Antichrist Pope,” he seems to know much more than he is revealing. Will we have just one Pope that will be the Antichrist? In this case, why would there be just one -- and not all the Conciliar Popes who have followed the same progressivist agenda? What would make this one much worse than the others?
  • When he warns that the “Antichrist Pope will come soon,” what is the meaning of “soon”? The Akita apparitions took place in 1973 and we are now in 2024, that is, 51 years after that warning. The concept of “soon” in the text seems to be open to discussion.
  • Why should Fr. Yasuda tell the seer not to reveal that important message if he actually loved the Church and wanted to save her from another betrayal similar to that of Judas? Was he covering for that betrayal?
We see that the text disseminated based so far only upon the word of Fr. Elias Mary is important, but should not be believed without further study.

We will place it together with the other data about Akita.

Again, thank you for sending it to us.


     TIA correspondence desk


Google’s Microchip Available to Swallow


Take a minute and read this.

Google executive Regina Dugan is pushing an edible "authentication microchip" along with an electronic tattoo that can read your mind. No longer science fiction, but real. It’s already here and there are people ready to bit to have ‘superpowers’ and/or for convenience.

Dugan added that the chip had already been FDA approved and could be taken 30 times a day for someone’s entire life without affecting their health.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they put it in some fast foods…

Former DARPA director and now Google executive Regina Dugan is pushing an edible "authentication microchip" along with an electronic tattoo that can read your mind.

No this isn't a movie script about a futuristic scientific dictatorship, it's trendy and cool!

     Dr. G.K.

Read more here



Revolution in the Tendencies

Dear TIA,

A good example of the tendential revolution. It was not so innocent in the ‘50s. Just part of the gradual revolution from then to now. Nothing you didn't know.


Revolution in the Tendencies

Posted February 6, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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