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Insurance Changes & Satanic Disney

Insurance Companies Preparing for War

Dear Friends,

Re: Major Health Insurance Companies Alter Policies For 2024: Excluding Coverage for injuries or sickness during WAR, riot or insurrection

WOW!!! You may want to check your policy and speak with your insurance agent. The link includes a video off of X (Twitter) alerting to the alteration.

     E.Z., Ph.D.


Chinese ‘Immigrants’ Flooding San Diego

Dear TIA,

Re: Military age Chinese men coming across border to San Diego

Drew Hernandez gives details about a border encampment of military-age male invaders in California.

Prepare now for war on U.S. soil. The army has been assembled. The barbarians are inside the gates.

All that needs to happen is for them to be given orders to start attacking and the final plan to take down America will be in play.

All it will take is a false flag attack on the right group by the right type of attacker (someone decked out in MAGA gear?). Then you will start to see stories about civil unrest and a spate of reprisal attacks. They will be mostly peaceful attacks, I’m sure.

Even CNN is reporting the Chinese coming over in droves: see here.



Consolidation of Seminaries?


This is from Sunday Visitor – that New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan has proposed slashing the US seminaries from 53 to five as a better “return on investments.” Meaning, those 53 seminarians are close to empty, and it does not pay to keep them open. It is already a huge drop from 189 seminaries in 2009. A downhill run…

It is par for the course as another consequence of Vatican II and the Judas popes and prelates the Church has endured since the Council.



Springtime in Vocations


Does this look like the “springtime of Faith” announced by JPII as a result of Vatican II?

Here is the real fruit of Vatican II: a long winter of famine and devastation in the vineyard.

Crux news reports the latest figures on vocations:

NEW YORK – Of the 508 American religious communities which responded to a new survey on the number of men and women who professed perpetual vows in 2023, a total of 438, representing 87%, reported that they didn’t have a single member who did so, and only 23 reported that they had more than one.

That tally reinforces other recent data confirming declines in the number of men and women religious in the United States, including a recent projection from the U.S. bishops’ conference that the total will drop 50% over the next decade, from 33,000 in 2023 to approximately 17,000 in 2033.

According to a 2023 study by the National Religious Retirement Office, members of religious communities who are 70 or older outnumber those who are younger than 70 by nearly three to one. The data found that the average age of a female religious in the U.S. is 74.85, and 67.64 for men. In the U.S., 55% of women religious, and 25% of male religious, are over 80 years old.

Original here.



Pro-Homo Blessings by Irish Bishops


The Irish Bishops were emboldened sufficiently to invite the sodomite promoter Jesuit Fr. James Martin to address the Irish Bishops Conference last week to speak on his favorite topic. Which is how the Church must accept same-sex “couples” and be open and welcoming to sodomites, whose sin Scriptures so severely condemns. It was these sins that provoked the great chastisements of the past – the Flood and the destruction of the two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. These sins – promoted by priests like Fr. Martin and now even the Supreme Pontiff – will certainly provoke another Great Chastisement, which we are already seeing the start of.

Fr. Martin is quite proud to have addressed a whole Bishops Conference for the first time, where he felt “welcomed and listened to” by all the bishops, even though he would not divulge what was said at the meeting.

His interpretation of the Pope’s new document contradicts the conservative spin many Catholics are trying to put on it (that it REALLY done not condone same-sex marriage or couples):

Speaking about Fiducia Supplicans, Fr Martin described the document as a pastoral outreach to a group of people who have long been marginalized and excluded from their own Church.

““My sense is that the document means what it says: priests can, under certain circumstances, bless same-sex couples. And we should note that this phrase is in the document: same-sex couples. So, it is not merely two people who happen to be standing together in front of a priest, but a couple.”

He said the document had overnight helped bring many LGBTQ people closer to the Church.



Satanism Takes Over Disney...

Hello TIA,

I read the following below here, and thought I would share it with your readers. Really, if you watch the trailers, you will not believe this is being put out there for children – or adults.

Incredible. Terrible. Horrifying.

Read for yourselves.


When FXX, owned by Disney, released "Little Demon," so many didn't believe they would go as far as to create as to push a satanic agenda, to the point to where Snopes as forced to declare the claims were true.

US. Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La. took to Facebook to share concerns after seeing a trailer for the new FXX animated comedy series "Little Demon", calling it "disturbing.

The claim: "Little Demon" is an animated comedy series about Satan and the Antichrist and was created by a company that's owned by Disney.

The rating: True.

Long story short: The mother had sex with Satan and the daughter is an antichrist. Now Snopes also made the claim that this is an "adult" cartoon, yet a look at the trailer shows the main character as a teenager. See for yourself and see if you feel this was made for adults or children.

Either way, made for adults or children, minimizing the evil of Satan is nothing short of evil itself.

Moving on to another Disney movie called "Pauline" and we start to see a new pattern from Disney expanding their woke policies of gender theory, queerness, and the LGBT agenda, to now include the minimization of the evil that is Satan.

...In April 2023, Disney announced a new German-language movie, Pauline, which follows the story of a young teenager who has a one-night stand with a boy named Lukas and gets pregnant with his child. Spoiler alert: her one-night stand, Lukas turns out to be the devil himself.

There is now a petition titled "Stop Disney from releasing Pauline," with over 2,000 signatures, but the only entity that can stop this, is Disney, and they do not seemed inclined to do so.

Disney has now gone silent, not offering further details or an anticipated release date for the Disney+ Pauline film, but IMBD still lists directors and cast.

Another point made by DisneyFanatic, is how this is becoming a trend for Disney, after Freeform, owned by Disney, previously released a show called "Praise Petey", stating that it "features ritualistic killing and a blood-drinking cult."

The trailer: here.

Once again, even stating the girl wants to change what her father's cult is about, it still features ritualistic killing and a blood-drinking cult.

Not only is Disney now grooming children, they are putting ideas and images into children's minds. Teen sex and pregnancy, sex with the Devil, and antichrist teenager and sacrificial blood drinking cults.

This is not the Disney that most of us grew up with.

Posted February 8, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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