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U.S. under Attack & Bergoglio’s Bistro

The Wolves Devour the Flock


Re: Francis Pushes for Women's Ordination


This is my comment on your latest news regarding the above subject. Isn't it enough that Pope Francis has allowed liturgical service by Anglican ministers which caused scandal for Catholics and a desecration of the altar of the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran on April 18, 2023 and yet again trying to push for women's ordination by inviting a female "bishop" to a C9 meeting to report her experience on women's ordination? Is he really pushing the Catholic Church to go Anglican?

Where are we headed now? This call for "ecumenism" is going to be a ruin for Catholics who are not fully formed in the true Magisterium of the Church, i.e., not the post-Vatican II teaching but prior to 1950s.

The sheep are lost now because the shepherds are looking away from their flock and allow the wolves to come and scatter, if not devour the Lord's flock.

Pray for us, dear Blessed Mother, as we pray to you and to your Son, Jesus Christ, to save our souls and for our shepherds'.

     To Christ be the glory,



WEF Wants 'Peaceful Depopulation’


I think you are right about the push for euthanasia. After reading your article on the murder of King George V, someone sent me this article on the WEF and their plan to get rid of 6/7th of the world population “to save the planet.”

Then Dennis Meadows offers the solution, a peaceful civil way, which to kill several billion at least by euthanasia, have the old people die gracefully and without undue pain that comes from a prolonged life. Let the professionals decide when you should die… as was done for King George V.

You can read it and hear his talk here.



U.S. under Attack – Briefing for 3,300 Sheriffs


Rick Jones Butler County sheriff reports on a FBI briefing he attended with 3300 sheriffs in US. The President refused to meet with them or police chiefs to talk about order and crime issues involved with border issue.

FBI said never so many people inside the country who want to do us harm. Many of these immigrants are coming to do harm to us, It’s a matter of when, not if, the trouble will come. I think people should listen to this. They really are here and waiting for the order.

It is warning that the US is on the defense, without an offense. Elections will be attacked, even local cyber attacks. Federal government will not give any help. Depends on local powers and yourself. He says he can’t tell everything he learned, but the danger is real.

It is worthwhile watching/listening to his speech below.



Bergoglio’s Bistro

Dear TIA,

Not sure you saw the latest on Pope Francis.

He allowed the Vatican to make a sort of papal restaurant and tourist agency in order to make money.

This is not what we expected the Holy See to do. I am not sure whether or not this implies simony, but I feel very unfitting for the head of the Catholic Church to do this. It is a desecration!

You may read the news report below and come to your own conclusions.


Bergoglio’s Bistro: Dinner And Drinks in Santa Maria Maggiore

Francis sells food and drinks in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and offers to host parties there in 2024.

The price list for "private visits" has been sent to tourist guides and travel agencies. has obtained the list.

A special offer is a visit before or after the opening hours of the Basilica to experience sunrise and sunset. Groups of up to 30 people pay €1000, and up to 120 people pay €1,750. The sacristy and crypt are open for an additional €150.

Breakfast is €25, happy hour and 1 drink is €25 and dinner is €70.

Everything is served "in unique and special places inside the basilica, such as the inner terraces or the Pope's Hall" [and soon in front of the tabernacle].

A second list has all the new prices and special rates for daytime visits.

Christ said of the temple of Jerusalem that had become a market hall: "My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves" (John 2).

Original here


Catholic Modesty for Women at Home

Dear Tradition in Action,

I would just like to ask if a Catholic woman should practice with the same strictness of modesty in clothing when outside within her home (whether by herself or with other household members like her family or if there may be two families living in one house or compound) and how?

Would it be permissible for her to wear shorts/pants and be braless within her home but observes the proper Marylike standards of Catholic modesty going outside and going to Church and be still considered a Catholic in good standing?

I must note that I do tend to be scrupulous at times and wish to have a clear understanding on this without being too fearsome on this matter.

Thank you.



TIA responds:

Dear N.M.,

Thank you for the consideration of asking these questions.

A Catholic lady should conduct and clothe herself at all times according to Catholic modesty and decorum.

The reasons for a lady to dress well at home are various:
  • She is always before God, His Mother, His Saints and Angels;
  • She should dress well at home out of respect for herself and to preserve her dignity;
  • To give good example to the other members of her family and neighbors;
  • To repair for so many people who do not do so;
  • To preserve the virtue of purity.
On this last point, it is good to consider that one immodest sight caused by an immodest dress can be mortal sin for the person who triggered that sight.

As mentioned above, we also stress that immodesty is offensive to Our Lord, whether it be in the home or outside of the home.

We believe that your questions are perfectly reasonable and that you are not being over-scrupulous in this matter.


     TIA correspondence desk

Posted February 15, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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