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Apathetic Youth, Dolan’s Hero & Modesty

Murder of King George V


Re: The Death of King George V: A Stimulus for Euthanasia?

They all know in eternity that it was murder in God's view.

Euthanasia? Cold blooded murder. I've read accounts of that sick doctor, Dawson. One patient changed his mind.... But he killed him anyway. Chilling.

It's a Protestant country, and ask enough "Pastors", you'll get the answer you want.



Consequences of Feminism


A very important video for traditionalists to watch.

Wranglerstar - Why Young Men Are Giving Up.



Dougherty Praised by Dolan

Dear TIA,

Re: Transgender’s funeral in St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Thank you for reporting on the scandal in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, when a priest performed with great pomp a funeral ceremony for a transgender. I was really indignant to see all those people inside of a Catholic Cathedral mocking Catholic Morals.

Yes, the rector explained that “it was a mistake.” It did not convince me. Even imagining that was a mistake when someone asked for a funeral in the secretary's office, why didn't Fr. Dougherty.refuse to perform the funeral when he realized that all those people were degenerated? He could have invented any excuse to avoid that desecration. We see that the last thought that passed through his mind was the glory of God and of the Church.

I thought that he would be punished by Card. Dolan. I was naïve. Dolan justified the profanation under the pretext that it could have been worse if it were a Mass... And he went further and called Dougherty “a hero.” Read the news report below.

We see that the structure of the Concilar Church is completely rotten. The worse crimes go unpunished.

We cannot appeal to anyone but God to ask for justice.


Cardinal Dolan Calls Priest Who Did 'Trannie' Funeral a Hero

LifeSiteNews — Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York told a Catholic laywoman that Father Edward Dougherty, who officiated at the scandalous February 15 funeral service of a transgender activist and atheist in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, “is a hero.”

LifeSite spoke with Wendy Stone Long, who had approached Cardinal Dolan on Saturday, February 17 after his vigil Mass at Blessed Sacrament Parish in New Rochelle, New York. Long told LifeSiteNews that she first asked the cardinal when a Mass of Reparation would take place at the cathedral in order to make reparation for the recent sacrilegious funeral.

Dolan leaned over to Long and whispered into her ear: “You know, I think it’s already happened – they did it on the QT (quiet) so it wouldn’t be disrupted by those protesters.”

When Long insisted that many Catholics would have liked to attend that Mass of Reparation in light of the great scandal of the funeral service, Dolan told her that Dougherty “is a hero” because “he stopped the (funeral) Mass.” And when Long objected that she herself had watched the entire service and that it was not stopped, Dolan said, “Then it went on without him,” and the cardinal turned around and walked away.

See original here.


Art Fraud - Cabrini

Dear TIA,

Regarding the movie Cabrini to be released March 8: No True Mary Catholic, Italian or otherwise, would refer to Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini as "Cabrini"!! It is a subtle blasphemy to abort her title Mother!! Subtle evil.

We have seen a few seconds of a preview. Heard the word " woman" five times. Aborted viewing. Prediction: Hollywood/ Holly Novus Ordo, made her into a feminist....



Immodest Dress


The page below of Catholic Tradition reproduces a good amount of Catholic teaching on modesty and purity. I suggest you to pass it on to your readers.


To dress immodest is a mortal sin, adding the sins and thoughts that women dress causes men to entertain. Our Lord tells St. Teresa that many go to hell because of bad confessions. To not confess immodesty in dress, and have no intention of correcting one's attire, begs hell and a bad confession...



No Flesh Visible

Dear TIA,

Ave Maria Purissima !

Your correspondent N.M. asked about modesty in the home. I think modesty in the home is very important and mother must ensure her daughters are modest at all times. The responsibility to be modest falls on the boys, also but girls and women have a particular responsibility in this regard. The body of the female is designed to arouse passions for reasons relating to procreation. This is quite natural, but this being so, girls and women are required to keep their bodies fully covered.

I am not suggesting they should be covered as Muslim women are, not at all, but no flesh should be visible, except for the face, hands and perhaps in warm weather, the lower arms. Tops should be loose, buttoned to the neck and amply cover the bosom area. Long sleeves are preferable. Skirts or dresses should be lower calf or ankle length. If lower calf, the remaining leg and ankle should be covered with suitable stockings.

We must remember at all times that the shape and form of the female body must also be concealed. Girls and women who flaunt their bodies are an occasion of sin and have the power to send many men to Hell. In such cases, those responsible will go to Hell also. This is a grave responsibility and one we must take seriously.

In summer, the dress of girls and women leaves much to be desired. Ranging from poor to outrageous. Hot days are no excuse for immodesty. It is perfectly possible to find lighter clothes which cover and conceal, without being oppressively hot. In such cases, we must offer up any sufferings we endure because of being covered and always remember those Nuns, who still wear the traditional habit in tropical climates.

If we impose self discipline in modest dress, God will reward us. If we fail, God will punish us. Nothing is more certain.

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland

Posted February 20, 2024


Blason de Charlemagne
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