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You Are Mistaken: Blair Is Not Episcopalian; Judaism Is Not Bad

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Dear Sirs:

On this page in your section Revolution in Photos [click here], you label Prime Minister Tony Blair an "Episcopalian" ... and he is not. He is an Anglican as a member of the Church of England. An Episcopalian is a member of an Episcopal church, such as the one in Scotland or the ECUSA in America. The President of the United States, Mr. Bush worships at an Episcopal Church, and more presidents of the USA have been Episcopalians than that of any other denomination (FYI).

Also, you put yourself in a precarious place when placing the Holy Father in the place of honoring a "False Religion" or Sect when placing a prayer at the Wailing Wall.

Judaism? That was the religion followed by none other than Jesus, the Christ. Christianity is the fulfillment of that Faith. Would God follow a False Religion? The Lord was the fulfillment of that Faith. What was false about that?

      All the Best,


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TIA responds:

Mrs. R.W.

After the Independence of the United States from England, the American Anglicans changed their name to Episcopalians to avoid using the term “Church of England” or “Anglican Church,” which would cause resentments. This is why one rarely finds Anglicans by that name in the U.S. This also explains that the U.S. Episcopal Church or ECUSA - contrary to what you stated in your argument - is considered the principal American branch of the Anglican world community. Therefore, in America the terms Anglican and Episcopalian are synonymous. We called Tony Blair an Episcopalian because we are addressing mainly an American audience.

We know that in Great Britain there is a difference between the Anglicans and the Episcopalians from Scotland, for example. Undoubtedly, this bivalence of names – that Episcopalian means one thing in the U.S. and another in the U.K. – produces confusion. This is not your fault or ours. It is a fruit of the general confusion proper to the Protestant sects.

As far as Mr. George W. Bush is concerned, there is a small imprecision in your correspondence as well. He was born and raised Episcopalian like his father, but then changed and became Methodist.

Regarding your last remark on Judaism, the response is also simple.

Judaism was the true religion in the Old Testament. Then, with the constant unfaithfulness of a great part of the Jews, a different belief system infiltrated true Judaism, and the two religions fought each other under the same name. This is why the false Judaism killed the Prophets and was severely censured by Our Lord often in Scriptures. At the time of Jesus Christ, the false Judaism – whose main representatives were the Pharisees and Sadducees – rejected Him as Messiah and crucified Him. Only a minority remained faithful and gave origin to the Catholic Church.

The death of Our Lord represented the end of the Old Covenant and the beginning of the New Covenant. The faithful Jews entered the Catholic Church and maintained the old fidelity. The Jews who followed the false Judaism kept the name and entered into a continuous and inexorable fight against the Catholic Church.

Today Judaism represents the opposite of the Catholic Church, even if Vatican II and the Conciliar Popes seem to ignore this. For more on this topic, click here.

We hope this will help rectify your conjectures.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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E_Objections2Men.jpg - 22391 Bytes

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