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Paul VI and the Trumpets of the Apocalypse

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Dear TIA,

I'm sorry to have to ask this, but in case it is a simple matter, would you possibly be able to post some extra evidence on the quote of Jean Guitton referenced on pages 57 & 58 of Animus Delendi I ? I've noticed on many of the progressivist documents of the week pages, you've shown concrete evidence by scanning the original articles.

I made a reference to it on the "Catholic Answers" website and there is a great deal of skepticism about the veracity of the quote since it is not well known.

The quote in question is:
"It was the final session of the Council," Guitton wrote, "the most essential, in which the Pope was to bestow upon all humanity the teachings of the Council. He announced this to me on that day with these words, 'I am about to blow the seven trumpets of the Apocalypse" (21).

Chapter 21, Note 21. Jean Guitton, "Nei segno dei Dodici," interview by Maurizio Blondet, Avvenire, October 11, 1992.
God Bless you in all you do,

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TIA responds:

Dear G.H.,

Thank you for your consideration.

A reproduction of the above-cited source document in Italian is at right below, duly enlarged for the comfortable reading of yourself or anyone else. The ensemble of the interview with Jean Guitton is in a reduced-size photocopy at the end of this answer.

If per chance, to support your point in this discussion, you will need a full-size xerox of the original in Italian, do not hesitate to ask. We will be pleased to send it to you.

Perhaps a word would be useful to understand the value of this testimony by Jean Guitton. He was a famous French writer and a member of the Academie Francaise [the French Academy of Letters], which is the highest and most prestigious intellectual institution in France which admits only 40 top writers of the French language. It was founded by Cardinal Richelieu in 1635 during the reign of King Louis XIII. The glory of being a member of this select group gave them the name les immortels [the immortal celebrities].

A highlighted excerpt from the text
To be a close friend of a member of the French Academy flattered Msgr. Giovanni Battista Montini, the future Paul VI.

Guitton had been a personal friend of Paul VI for 27 years. Both were adherents of Progressivism. During Paul VI's pontificate, Guitton had ready access to Montini. He was invited to be one of the observers at Vatican II from its opening session; he was the only layman to speak at the Council, on the personal invitation of Paul VI; the subject matter chosen by Paul VI for Guitton's speech was ecumenism.

Regarding the document at right, our translation of the question and answer in yellow, which basically matches the one printed in Mr. Guimar√£es' Animus Delendi I, is the following:

"Q: And what was the culminating moment of the Council?

"A: The fundamental moment was the last day. The day on which the Pope invited statesmen, workers, intellectuals, women, handicapped persons and indicated to each one a program of life. It was the final session of the Council, the most essential, in which the Pope gave the teaching of the Council as an inheritance to all humanity. He himself announced that day to me saying: 'I am am about to blow the seven trumpets of the Apocalypse.'"

We hope these documents will help you in your discussion.


     TIA correspondence desk

The first half of the Animus Delende clipping
The second half of the Animus Delende clipping


Blason de Charlemagne
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