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Atheist and Progressivist Hatred

It Was Good to Kill Christ

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What a wonderfully well-informed website you have! Most impressive.

Especially when you talk about Jews and their role in the slaying of Jesus (maybe he had it coming). Why complain about Jews killing Jesus? If it hadn't have happened, then it wouldn't have fulfilled your prophecies and you'd have no cross to worship.

I'm curious - you talk about "the Jews" and their role in Jesus' slaying; was every Jew in the world in Pilates' courtyard that day? Because one Jew allegedly says that Jesus' blood is on their and future Jewish generations' hands, does that make all Jews subsequently responsible for his death? (which you should be thanking those Jews for anyway).

I think then, these Jews (of which I'm not one), should hold all Christians responsible for the Crusades, the Inquisitions, Pogroms, Hep-hep riots, the Holocaust, ad nauseum.

Your belief in your religion is so destructive; you have so much hatred and resentment (brought about by obtusity and ignorance) - it's really sad.

I really pity you - why not try a healthy dose of atheism? It works for me. Or switch therapists, slap your parents, whatever, but GET A LIFE!

Religion and it's perpetration of belief in imaginary friends is fast becoming the ruination of mankind, but, at the end of the day, if you need this crutch, good luck - just please refrain from your ignorant invective - it's a waste of good web space.

     Yours in nothingness,

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Stupid, Arrogant and Ignorant Clowns

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Regarding the silliness of your piece titled "Muslim-Style Adoration for Catholic Children" by Margaret C. Galitzen (Nice formal name, lacking any appropriate letters after it... which is completely consistent with the glaring incompetence demonstrated in her piece):

Your lack of faith in the authoritative judgments of the Pope and the Church demonstrate, with perfect proportionality, your lack of faith in Jesus Christ... and that is Catholic doctrine.

This [article] is absolute stupidity by know-nothing Traddie whack-jobs. Like most of you, this woman is wreathing in pride. Having rejected the authority of the Vicar of Christ, clowns like her count themselves authoritative and then attempt to reason theologically, routinely overlooking fundamental principles that no person competently trained in philosophy or theology would ever overlook. You are arrogant and ignorant ("thinking themselves wise they became fools" Rom. 1). You have ridiculous sentiments (I will not even dignify these prose by referring to them as actual "arguments").

For example, prayer and worship are natural to the human species. It's what we ARE, or at least are SUPPOSED to be. Bowing is a natural gesture of worship, whether or not its object is the true God, or what I believe to possibly be an idol, the Muslim god. Muslims worship; Catholics worship. The fundamental distinction is not in the body posture, but the object: for Catholics, it is the Living and True God, Jesus Christ Who mediates his full presence sacramentally through the Eucharist, and says "let the little children come to me." For Muslims, it is not Jesus Christ, but something else (I'm not sure what). Saints throughout the centuries bow to Christ in this way ... including one I knew personally: Mother Teresa.

The lack of faith you have in the authoritative judgments of the Pope speaks precisely to the lack of faith you have in Jesus Christ Himself.

Fr. Antoine is right. You are to be pitied and need prayers.

In this article this woman assumes a tone of authority as she demonstrates complete incompetence ... again, revealing herself to be quite foolish.

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Sinful, Scandalous, Dishonest

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To whom it may concern,

I was recently turned onto this website by my niece.

I am quite frankly stunned by your commentaries regarding our Holy Father. I was reading the article called, "Father Ratzinger questions Christ as true God and true man." You are basically calling the Vicar of Christ a heretic through this article. How can you take a writer's work completely out of context? Did you even read the rest of his article? Obviously not.

If you had any education at all you would realize that people often try to make a point through a medium of questioning, not in order to doubt, but in order to bring their reader to a better understanding of their premise. It is a sin and a scandal to libel against the Pope.

Why not spend your time trying to build up the Church not knock it down, especially when we live in times like these.



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Note from the Editor:

It is our policy to quote in the Progressivist Documents section only works we have read. In the ensemble of the book Faith and Future there is no criticism whatsoever by Fr. Ratzinger of the mentioned text. In the work, he is describing needs of modern man that must be addressed and accepted by the Conciliar Church.

This book has been quoted several times on our website fairly presenting its context (see A. Evolution Is a Fait Accompli, B. The Bible is not Objective, C. The Catholic Faith is "an oppressive burden"). The same work is quoted as well as in my books, mainly in the last one to be released Will He Find Faith? In the ensemble of this book Fr. Ratzinger, who had been put under suspicion of heresy by the Holy Office, takes a clear modernist-progressivist approach. To my knowledge, he has never denied the premises of this work, nor removed it from circulation.

A.S. Guimar√£es

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 7, 2007

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