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Zany, Jewish & Homo Outrage

Blushing with Shame

Hate Mail
Your homepage make me blench with complete bewilderment. How can a institution, a church, a religion preach hatred and intolerance in the name of its compassionate, forgiving and in fact perfect God who preaches love along with his Son???

It is very sad and deceptive. In fact, you don't make me blench, but blush with shame being part (or having been part) of this hatred sowing institution under alleged Divine authority...

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Vain Worms

Hate Mail
[Regarding our answers to objections]

Ambiguity does not hold a place in a resistance of evil, for to be ambiguous is to be evil. For through ambiguity, you may persuasively, and honourably, allow a man to join in fellowship with you through the choice of his own will, yet you will also poison him and put him in chains the moment he accepts your teachings, fellowship, and influential power. Indeed, you have been tested and have been found to be "worms", if I may declare you so again, in which I have at an earlier time.

You are quick to accept money, flatteries, and the apologies of shamed slaves, and enemies. Indeed, like any tyrant and oppressor, you will accept all flatteries which nurture your vain pride from the enslaved and weak, while the defeated enemy hold only one fate, a flogging of true and honourable pride, not the vain pride you hold for yourself.

And if an enemy still holds his proper dignity, after attempts to crush his rightfully held pride are declared failures, you will have a placard placed around his neck, which holds a mocking tile, so that all may mock, and look upon him with contempt. Indeed, this is evident in all your doings, your writings, your Worming. For, you show no honour towards any who you declare to be an enemy, be he an honourable enemy or not; indeed, any who do not submit to your ideologies and will are enemies of the foulest breed.

And when all men, and enemies have been flogged, prostrated and shamed; you, in your arrogance, will have yourselves accept an honour of being declared a faithful remnant, unto a Tyrant who holds all men as his enemies, who do not submit with the greatest show of self mutilation, and dishonour for oneself to the Tyrant's will.

Thus, at last, it can be declared, that You in your maliciousness, which is beyond any ignorant well intention, are the Worms who would have men become less than the animals, by deceiving Man, to have him believe that he could become as great as the angels, an equal to God in his virtue, so long as he submitted as a slave, forsook his honour, submitted to a foreign moral code, and accepted powerful tyrants, as gods and angels among men.

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You Are Judeophobes

Hate Mail
Jesus was born a Joo
He lived a Jooish life among the Jooz
He died a Joo...as a Joo and because he was a Joo
Jesus never met e Christian in his life. Or afterward.
Jesus' mom was a Joo
His dad was a Joo
His brother was a Joo
His wife was a Joo
Jesus never stepped into Bethlehem
Peter and Paul were Jooz
Jesus. Peter and Paul believed in Joodaism
They never believed in Christianity
They never prayed to a Christian god
They prayed to the Jooz god
All their relatives, cousins, aunts and uncles were Jooz

All of the above is not a coincidence
It is what is

Judeophobia is the hatred of oneself.

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Ignorant & Arrogant

Hate Mail
Dear Marian,

I would like to think that you, being a Ph.D, are an intelligent person; however, your paper "Christmas Was Never a Pagan Holiday" indicates otherwise. You are clearly biased and unable to contemplate ideas without prejudice, and took a highly defensive position from the start. It is unfortunate when a (seemingly) thinking person refuses to acknowledge, or at least logically consider, facts.

I must add that in this article you are extremely arrogant, particularly on these points:

(1) Even the Bible does not claim to know Jesus' birthdate, yet you do.

(2) Claiming Christmas as your own Catholic holiday, suggesting that it is not equally shared with other Christians.

(3) Stating that "no serious scholar believes" xxxxx, as if you are somehow better or smarter than those that do. There are many scholars which prove you wrong, and have more impressive credentials than you - particularly the ability to think logically!


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Disgusting Articles

Hate Mail
I just read a long list of extremely impalpable statistics about gay people on your site and I wanted to let you know that humans like you are exactly why the United States is not moving forward as a country. I did a little researching on your sources, and wow. Most of these, I'd say 80%, are outdated or the results of skewered data. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were made up on the spot. I am a straight Catholic girl who is taking her precious time to write this at 12:00 on a school night.

Because it's IMPORTANT. It's important for you to realize that we're all people and God loves all of us. I suspect that if a version of this "organization" existed 90 years ago, it would instead have articles about how black people are inferior to whites. I don't know if it's a single person who writes all of these disgusting articles/"statistics", but I'll bet my life on one thing. There's at least one person who works on this little website of yours who is secretly LGBT. And I pity you, I really do.

The strongest homophobes are sometimes the strongest homosexuals, and you know what? THAT'S OKAY. And if your son or daughter came home and decided to put enough faith into you to tell you that they're gay, then you should be honored. It was likely the hardest thing they'd ever have had to do. But on the other hand, if you kick them out, it'd probably be better. We don't want any more innocent children's paternal figures pushing them to end their own lives, now, do we?

Right now, I'm wondering why you decided to devote your life to hating on people. It would be a lot more useful to actually HELP someone, wouldn't you think? How about donating money to starving kids in Haiti? Starting a charity to help people in third-world countries have access to clean water?

Anything, ANYTHING would be better than writing about why we should hate on people who are no different than the rest. If you think people should try to "choose" to be straight, then why haven't you ever heard a single person say they chose to be gay? If you weren't completely brainwashed, could you suddenly become attracted to the opposite sex from the one you are now? If you're straight and unbiased, could you automatically start to feel romantic and physical attraction to someone of the same sex, just because you WANTED to? I didn't think so, either.

Most of the other stuff on your site, which doesn't relate to the gay topic, is fine. Some of it is actually kind of cool. But then, alas. I stumbled upon your entirely inaccurate statistics page, and BAM! All respect is gone.

Speaking of respect, couldn't you have some? Couldn't you also have some reason for posting all this silly crap, anyway? Look, I don't know how old this site is and I'm not bothering to check (I hope it's pretty old and some of your opinions have changed) but I sincerely hope someone reads this and I really, really hope that someone sees something in 23 minutes of my time. Everyone needs to see that our purpose as human beings is to live, and to love, and accept. I know what it says in Leviticus, but there are also rules for haircuts (or lack thereof) and specific guidelines on if it's a sin to kill your slave or not. --LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF--

     (not so) sincerely,


A girl who might be the likes of one you sit next to during church next week. A girl who has love in her heart and knows that love is for everyone; everyone deserves it. When all of you are in heaven or hell or wherever, my generation is the one that's going to change the views of the world. I also have permanently rainbow hair. You should look up the rules against that in Leviticus (there aren't any)

If you want a 20-times-longer letter, I'd be more than happy to oblige.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 9, 2012

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