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Conservative, Jewish & Protestant Slur

Shocking, Disgraceful, Horrendous & Scurrilous

I am utterly shocked that you have accepted, without any criticism, the claims of so-called “liberals” and homosexuals that Cardinal Newman was a homosexual. He was NOT. You fit in well with the norms of this sexualised society where any expressions of love and friendship must have a sexual expression, as if there is no other kind of love and friendship. Shocking. It is only a matter of time before someone slurs the characters of Saint Francis and Saint Clare. You, of course, will unthinkingly drink in the propaganda as you are doing now, in the case of Cardinal Newman. Disgraceful.

I have often recommended your site as a good source for traditional Catholics – never EVER again.

How horrendous to think that a website, claiming to be “traditional” would spread this completely unfounded and scurrilous rumour about a saintly cardinal. I will now make a point of warning against your writings.

     Patricia McKeever
     Editor, Catholic Truth


Jewish Hatred of Catholicism

Given that Catholicism is an anti-semitic cult, I will forward your pamphlet to the Jewish Defamation League.

[Bad word] you [bad word], they can bulldoze the Vatican and replace it with a mosque or gay bath house for all I care.

Seriously, [bad word] you and anything to do with Catholicism, pre or post Vatican II.

Send a copy to Bishop Williamson, the Holocaust denier.



Hypocrites & Racists

I write to express my anger at your attitude towards other Christians. You are asking all Catholics to treat them as inferiors and not worthy of any courtesy. This type of behaviour is little better than racism. Your attitude towards coloured people is also negative.

I hope you repent of your hypocrisy and come to the true message Christ as set out in St Paul's letter to the Galatians "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus".

And I have taken this from the King James Bible. Or do you regard that as a sin?

     B.G., Ireland


Catholicism Is Hypocritical

You are a narrow minded person who approves of how the Catholic religion has caused more suffering than can be told! Such a hypocritical religion.

By the way the Bible has been proven to be nothing more than a fairy tale.



Protestant Resentment

Salvation is from faith in Christ alone, not by following the sacraments of the Catholic church.

The Bible is our final authority, not the pope.



You Are Wrong; Valtorta’s Poem Is Great


Re: Book review of Valtorta's Poem

I have read the Poem repeatedly and disagree with your critique of it. I would also urge parents, as Bp Williamson does, to read of it to children.

- What you mention about Mary wanting to sin is meant hypothetically and you conveniently leave out the part where St. Joseph explains to her how God loved her more by preserving her from sin with a beautiful parable about a bird saved from falling into a well.

- Also the love between St. John and Jesus is totally pure and you want to sully it by making carnal assumptions, maybe your mind needs to be purified.

- To find a nursing mother talking to her baby obscene? They didn't have bottle fed babies then!

- Eve was disobedient by wanting to have intercourse. It is explained that God had a different plan for the generation of children, where he would be in control, because only He could safely have that power, but Eve stole it from Him, just as scientists today want to steal even more of it.

I just want to say that the Poem is not at all as you portray it. It is God's love pouring out.

To me a lot of things were explained and it increased my love for Jesus and his Church, Mary, St. Joseph and the Saints, like Mary Magdalen and many others immeasurably. It also taught a lot about Judas.

The language style of Maria Agreda's book is harder for children to follow as it was written centuries ago; therefore the Poem would be better to read to children.



Do Not Attack Mattei, Rahner, Teilhard & Balthasar

Dear TIA,

I greatly appreciate the posts by Dr. Carol Byrneon the liturgy.

I do not understand the posts criticizing de Mattei's view of Paul VI. It seems to me that his book, whatever its flaws, is indispensable for an understanding of the Council. Aside from the blog Unam sanctam catholicam there is no review of de Mattei which tells you what is actually in the book.

Two reviews, Catholic World Report and The Catholic Thing review the Council and not the book.

I believe that it is not productive to review the heretical views of Rahner, Teilhard and von Balthasar except in the context of Catholic history. That is why the biography of Pere Roger Thomas Calmel, O.P 1914-1975 is indispensable to understand how the Church in France from 1930 was the crucible in which the modernists conceived and carried out their revolution. By 1962 they would control all of the principal posts in France.

Only in France was there a resistance to modernism, Vatican II and the liturgical revolution. No narrative in English tells this story. The total censorship of any criticism of Vatican II is an outrage. The biography of Pere Calmel translated into English would allow Catholics to see the subversion and deceit on which Vatican II was built.

The condemnation of Action Francais by Pius XI on December 29, 1926 was catastrophic for Thomism. Three of its leaders were fired from their jobs and permanently marginalized, Pere Henri Le Floch, CSSP rector of the French Seminary in Rome, Cardinal Louis Billot, SJ who taught at the Greg ,and Pere Thomas Pegues, O.P who was regent of studies at Saint Maximin in Provence.

     Kind regards,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 1, 2015