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Druid Witch Outrage & Hindu Fury

You Are a Joke

Re: Don’t Call Protestant Christians

I have never read such foolish typically self serving [bad word] in a long time. Your article is a joke.

As with most so called Christians, you have your head up your [bad word] and try to push tired propaganda. I and many other people who can think for ourselves pit you.



A Druid Witch Outrage

Re: Halloween: A Return to Paganism

i stumbled upon your website by accident while looking for a decent picture of a pagan altar. I'm sorry, I am not seeking to offend anyone here but honestly HAVE YOU LOT EVER READ A HISTORY BOOK!!!!

Druids do not worship the devil, no pagan does because we do not believe in the christian concept of god/devil. To say that the church 'cleansed' the pagan world of its evil is an hypocritical understatement don't you think?

Your church killed and tortured millions under the witch trials, your church descrated pagan wells and then built 'shrines' in their place. You thought you had done enough but you cannot supress the truth with layers of dogma, people want proof in our world today, I can see my religion, in the tree which grows outside my window, sheds its leaves and is reborn with the spring come beltane.

Pagans celebrate the 'rebirth of the sun' at yule, mmm, no coincidence that the church plonked christmas there then is it, same with Easter, the pagan celebration of Oestra was about the goddess rising back from the dead of winter to bring fertility to the land.

Samhain was a celtic festival, it marked nothing more than the passing of the land into the dark of winter, food had to be gathered, cattle deemed too ill or weak to survive the winter where killed and the meat preserved. In the climate of northern Europe you had little choice. The cold would kill the weakest.

So please before you run to your computers and pollute the internet with more of your untruths and look for devil where he doesn’t exist go to the library first and do some research into the church in Europe during the 'dark ages' and then you may want to wash your hands as it will be stained with the blood of the innocent women your church sent to their deaths.



You Only Gripe

Photo of a "Hindu women giving the pope a 'blessing'" certainly implies that she is giving him a "Hindu" blessing, which is not the case. She is a Catholic giving the pope a traditional blessing of her culture.

Traditionalist my foot. All you people do is gripe, gripe, gripe, and use innuendo to make your "pointless" accusations.



Hate Filled Hypocrites!

Re: Previews of the New Papacy

I watched with interest the pictures you printed of the late (Great) Pope John Paul II reaching out in everyday ways to all manner of people with Christ's message. And the false allusions and insinuations you have attached to them in your infantile attempt to assassinate his character.

How about printing some pictures of Jesus Christ dining with sinners, chatting to single women, counseling a woman convicted of adultery, enjoying having his feet anointed by a woman, etc... Now wouldn't that nicely complement your attacks on His Vicar on earth?

Your fake piety sticks out a mile to ordinary right thinking humans. So there's little chance it can be hidden before God.


P.S. How's the book selling? Making heaps of money spreading slander against the Church you hate filled hypocrites claim to belong to?


Progressivist Whining

Leave alone Mother Teresa (here, here and here) and our current Holy Father Francis (here, here and here).

Have you any fidelity? You can't make wicked claims as you do on your unfaithful website.



You Bring Disgrace to the Church

I am wandering when the Catholic Church began to speak with such venom? I read your article on a Hindu dance being performed at Our Lady of Lourdes, where Hinduism was given such an evil 'review'. I was born and raised Catholic, and in all my years have never been taught to say such things about other religions!

Please tell me when 'traditional Catholic values' began to be taught with hate. And, please tell me when the church began to spread evil words. I believe Jesus taught us to love our neighbors. To not judge others. And for 'he without sin to cast the first stone.

And, as I am married to a Hindu man, I have been inside Hindu Temples and guess who they have in a picture on the wall? Yes, Jesus. In the unwritten years of Jesus' life, the Hindus have written of a man, with the same description as Jesus, coming to teach them and talk to them. He was viewed as a great man, a wise man. A man who spoke God's words. All relgions believe they are the right religion and all seem to try and convert others to their religions, as 'Ours is the correct religion and all others worship false Gods.'

I would think that you need to remember that, we have no actual proof in who God is, what name He desires to be called. Every religion has their Bible, which is believed to be the word of God. I believe, in the end, none of us know 100% who God actually is or what He is. God, in all religions, is loving and kind. As long as we are all worshiping a God (or Gods) who teach good morals, honesty and love who are YOU to judge? Judge not lest ye be judged yourself???

It hurts to see people who are full of hate hide behind the Bible. Why are you allowed to use the word of God to spread hateful words???

If this is the future of the Catholic church, I weep for the Church, I weep for the desgrace you bring to God, to Jesus and to all who truely believe.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 27, 2015