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Conservative, Hippie & Protestant Rage

Your Are Obsessed over Vatican II

Re: Into the Abyss: When a ‘Conservative’ Embraces Progressivism

Forget it! It seems you understood nothing of what the author wanted to portray.

VCII is the only obsession you have. Good luck with that.

If you cannot see the emasculation of the Church and consequentially it's lack or order, it's lack of hatred of sin, it's lack of preaching of concepts such as justice, it's lack of the preaching on punishment, on hell, it's widely female and gay audience, the lack of men in the Church congregations, it's lack of what used to be truly masculine traits... then well, good luck.

Good luck with your obsession of VCII, as if VCII just came out of a vacuum with no history whatsoever.



Lennon Was like Jesus

Re:Lennon Prophet of the Devil

I don’t understand your article. You are disparaging John Lennon, who lived his life as an example of Jesus. He enlightened millions, gave to charity, and his accomplishments in music, art and culture inspired many millions.

Jesus has done a lot for people too, especially when you don’t make him a God. He was a man just like Lennon. I’m sure they would have got along famously.

I wonder what it would have been like if Jesus played lead on Beatles albums instead of George. Do you really think it would have been any better? Doubtful.

I’m sure even Jesus had his limitations. After all, how many #1 hits did he have?

     Peace and goodwill,



Lies in the Name of Religion

Re: Why Shouldn't the Pope Apologize for the Inquisition?

Wow....to say the Inquistion did not happen is kind of like those who claim the concentration camps didn't happen and 6 million people were not tortured and killed.

Whats next - the Knights of the Templar were not persecuted, tortured for 7 years and then executed?

It constantly amazes me what has been, and still is today, done in the name of religion.

What ever helps you sleep at night.



Neckties, Arrrrgh

Re: the series of articles on neckties

Neckties Arrrrgh...when I was a business owner, ties were always a symbol of status and competition. Silk, handmade, imported, a cheap tie, never a clip on ever never got the compliment.

I’m as traditional as it gets, but a tieless society gets all my support! How about custom tailored sackcloth would serve the world much better!



Neckties... Are You Kidding?!

Re: the series of articles on neckties

I hear Saint Francis' (ie not pope Francis) collection of neckties was just fabulous! It's this kind of over the top nonsense that has made room for those who want to "throw the baby out with the bathwater".

So you're telling me that Christ had something to say about how people dressed (as long as it was not sexually provocative)? Give me a break...

In all sincerity, have a blessed day.



Pro-Jewish Protestant Hatred

I agree that the Catholic doctrine is a false religion the worship of Mary calling any religious leader Father is heresy. To say that Christianity evolved into Catholicism is an error. Christianity existed a couple hundred years before Catholicism took power Holy Roman Empire formed.

When Satan couldn’t destroy Christianity thru martyrdom he married the pagan practices of Rome carried over from Babylon and True Christianity unto a state run religion. True Christianity is a relationship where God seeks man not a religion where man works his way to God thru pious acts or rituals.

You stated that Israel isn’t accepted as a Nation, but our own Congress declared Jerusalem as the Capital of Jerusalem in 1995 and Prophetically President Trump enacted on the declaration, which will lead to their rebuilding their Temple. Israel is celebrating 70 years of independence this May 14.

An Arab coalition has tried to destroy Israel in 1948, 1967, 1973 but the little Nation of Israel Supernaturally defeated their enemies all 3 x’s and in the 1967 war doubled their territory but still is no larger than New Jersey.

Furthermore they have turned their desert region into a Garden of Eden (as prophesied in Isaiah) also exporting flowers and citrus fruit to all the world and currently the 5 largest exporter of fruit. Israel’s technological advancements in medical, water purification, software are another example of Bible Prophecy as God’s Chosen People.

Jesus Christ is God’s only Begotten Son born a Jew and will Himself Rule the Entire World from Jerusalem. My statements are very Pro Israel yours not so much



Dangerous & Biased


I just came across your website with the statistics and research findings regarding homosexuality.

I am a doctoral psychology student, and although I definitely don't agree, as a person with morals and education, with your opinions, it wouldn't be pertinent to get upset or criticize every thing on the website, but rather to be objective.

There is something very dangerous on your website in that the research findings are very badly interpreted, they are extremely biased through an individual point of view. Also, although some findings are not necesserly false (about at-risk sexual behavior, etc.), they should be presented as concerns for homosexuals, and with their limitations. The findings in sum are not put in context, meaning that the results are yielded in a given society in a given time, and that societal repression itself my play an important role in yielding the findings.

In addition, your terms should be well defined (i.e. who is the population in the statistics, what do you mean by "homosexuals" --- is it only the ones that identify themselves as homsexuals that are represented in the studies, or everybody who as homosexual behavior (married men, bisexuals, straights who experience --- because this is the reality...)

In sum, the text written by Frank Joseph MD is extremely biased, and even if the goal is to promote tradition or church values, you should give the responsibility to someone who has experience in interpreting research data and give an accurate picture of the situation. Even if this would lead to give the pros an cons, you would reach more people this way and be more respected, as an organization who is non-judgemental and comprehensive, yet has values to promote.

If I may comment only one specific comment in the text, homosexuality was removed from the DSM because through research we realized that it wasnt a threat to mental health, meaning that there is no correlation between being in an homosexual relationship and having impared functional capacities (work, relationships, daily duties, etc.), and it is well known that people in homosxual relationships are capable to have healthy lifestyles as much as people in heterosexual relationships. And pedophilia is still considered a sexual deviance because it involves significantly hurting a child. To make matters worse, there is even ethical obligations for psycholologists (and most probably for psychiatrist as well) to profess their profession in accordance with scientific knowledge, therefore any professional who publically condemns homosexuality without reasonable findings would be subject to be evaluated by their professional organization in charge.

On a more personal note, I would encourage you to have a spirit of collaboration as church itself values. The best way to have peace with something is to understand it. Why is homosexuality present, and was present throughout mankinds history?

One of your main frustrations is when you see people revendicate homsexual rights, I may comprehend, although i do not agree with your point of view in general, that you are scared to have the traditional values taken away, and you are scared at what society is transforming into. Please be aware that society and culture are evolving processes, and always has been. Please also be aware that people who revendicate usually feel opression, and that if there was no opression, there wouldnt be a need to revendicate... therefore i do not believe that the motivation to revendicate is based on advocating a homosexual lifestyle.

And I hope that this will bring you relief because when I came across your website by hazard I felt all the pain and frustration behind it: I can tell that Traditional Values are beautiful and extremely admirable, and that they can coexist with values of diversity. This is true on a societal level as well as in an intra-individual level (we all have a traditional side and a modern side of our personality, we all sherish the some things of the past while liking modern aspects of life, and i beleive this is common to all human beings.)

     Thank you,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 9, 2018