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Benedict’s Fan Rage & Protestant Non-Sense

You Imitate King Herod & the Communists

Fr. Alvarez Norton,

My repose to Fr. Nortons article, "Saving Benedict XVI - Schizophrenia or Hypocrisy?":

I agree with you that there is a problem with all popes of the Vatican II council and those after it. The general instructions of the Roman Missal ridicules the Traditional Latin Mass and the customs and traditions of our ancestors, yet pope Francis is the first pope to ridicule Catholics to their face when they are being faithful to God and the Church with snide remarks against large families. He is the first pope both Jews and Protestants understand as saying things heretical according to the Catholic Churches perennial teachings.

While Francis said Catholic things when he first started wearing white, after he did not get his way at the synod, he went a couple of years without saying anything Catholic, all the other popes did say Catholic things along with the heretical things they said and went along with.

There does seem to be an "internal continuity” between the 2 bishops in white, they are both "worm ridden” as Our Lady of La Salette stated, that is, they both work to destroy the Church from within, much like a worm.

What can we prove beyond reasonable doubt?

We can prove beyond reasonable doubt we have 2 bishops in white.

We can prove beyond reasonable doubt the one called Francis claims to be the pope.

We can prove beyond reasonable doubt the one named Benedict is not called Cardinal Ratzinger.

We can prove beyond reasonable doubt Blessed Anna Katherine Emmerich spoke of 2 popes.

We can prove beyond reasonable doubt Blessed Anna Katherine Emmerich in speaking about the pope in the period she said there was 2 popes, yet made it sound like there was one pope.

We can prove beyond reasonable doubt that King Herod declared Jesus to be insane.

We can we prove beyond reasonable doubt soviet communists used to declare those that disagreed with them to be insane.

We can we prove beyond reasonable doubt Archbishop Lefebvre said we should never imitate our enemies or Christ’s enemies.

We can we prove beyond reasonable doubt modernists want Holy Mother Church to be a 2 or 3 headed beast (1 to 3 popes).

Can you prove beyond reasonable doubt Pope Benedict XVI renounced the munus?

Since you love to act like a doctor of psychology, why do priests imitate King Herod and Soviet Communists? Is it to painful to consider that we might be living in a time spoken of by Blessed Anne Katherine Emmerich? Is it that you having learned theology from modernists can only imitate modernists, and you find the Catholicity of the rad-trads to be repulsive?

What possesses a cardinal to put on white clothes and give himself a title that contains the term pope? Wouldn’t he need a pope (a superior) to give him such a title? Can I declare myself, the Arm Chair Pope, then claim I’m not a pope? Why would a doctor declare someones children to be insane, if he knows the parent is acting out in a way that is causing the children to appear insane? The head should point out to his son, he has no such title containing the term pope, and provide him with the proper clothes, that of a cardinal.

The problem is the head, but you have a zeal to convict the rest of the body of something, anything, why? The insanity could have been ended by every one of the conciliar or post conciliar popes! Yes, it is insanity, because every sin and every sin of heresy is an act against reason itself, but I am not saying anyone is insane when I say that!

So the self appointed doctors of psychology have declared a certain group of fellow Catholics to be insane. They present some evidence by pope Benedict against the statements made by the St. Galen Mafia, which is only one of the 3 reasons presented why Francis may be an anti-pope. So now what?

Since you know you have not refuted those you declared insane with any real Catholic theology or any sufficient evidence, you will declare you will not follow those you declared insane, because they are to [bad word] when they reply to your conclusions as a self appointed doctor of psychology? Yet it’s almost like both bishops in white are engaging in the same contradictory non-sense that is contained in the documents of Vatican II, so that two apposing positions can claim to be correct?

Liberals wether religious, political, or economic, only really have about 13 hat tricks they keep playing over and over again! Intentional ambiguity and declaring others insane are 2 of the 13 hat tricks!



The Catholic Church Is Not the Body of Christ

Dear sir, I watched your video on yt about protestants that they sould not call themselves christians because they are not part of the catholic church.

I strongly have to disagree with you.

When we call ourselves Christians in the biblical meaning we are followers of Jesus Christ.

I believe that Trough the centuries there have been coming many many errors and false doctrines in THE Church (roman catholic). Like changing the ten comandments for example (giving honor to images of stone and wood etc

RC Church also CHANGED the fourth comandment by saying that shabbat should be held on sundays in stead of saturday. It is changed by the emperor constantine in te year 321 (see history) the TRUTH mixed with lies.

Jezus told us that the LAW ( ten commandments) would not be changed st luke 16:17 and Matthew 5:18.

Also in revelation it is stated several times that the true children of God are those who keep the comandments ( 1 John 2:3, 1 John 5:2+3, revelation 12:17 and 14:12 Psalms 78:7 and I can quote many places in scripture ...

I believe that Luther and the other reformers have reformed a lot of errors like the 2nd commandment but I believe they did not reform everything. For example the sunday is also kept by the protestant Church.

So to conclude that the RC Church is not the body of Christ but the PEOPLE who love HIM. The same people that were persecuted by (Yes!) the RC Church trough the centuries and especially the dark middle Ages.

If you truly want to know you should study the Bible and not listen what others tell you but what the bible tells you.

I am a protestant and im studying the scripture and I became aware that there are a lot of errors in my Church So I conclude that if you really want to know the lord Jesus Christ we have to study his Word.

‘’‘Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.’??Revelation? ?14:12? ?KJV??


Please study it you wil be blessed.

It is not my intention to attack you but my plea that you start to study the word of God. And to be saved from al the errors and to warn others.

     God bless you,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted February 26, 2019