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Middle-of-the-Road Hostility

You Are Wrong in Supporting the U.S. Wars

Dear TIA Staff,

Re: The Cuban Empire - The Threat Few See

It shocks me that you should take sides on such a controversial theme! You must be very aware that both sides have their anti-Christian history! How anyone could defend our country’s government/military (USA) with its policy of continual wars everywhere there is a profit for the big investors (many of whom are our own members of congress!) is beyond understanding.

But for your staff to promote the article is to enter into not only a very imprudent theme to choose sides on, but also it runs the risk of gravely damaging your reputation of being a truly traditional Catholic source!

May I strongly suggest that you post an urgent follow-up article explaining (somehow) that it was not a proper article to post!

Thank you for “listening” and I pray to the Mother of God and Her Divine Son that you heed the warning. God guide you!!!

     Fr. J.M.


You Are Sick

You people are sick. Why don't you leave The Punk Priest alone?

Lead, follow, or get out of the way?



Your Article Is Not Objective

Re: Church Reasons to Condemn the Divine Mercy Devotion

This article by “Monsignor” Perez was not researched, especially regarding Pope St. John Paul 2, and you know it.

My son happened to read it and was disturbed so much he reached out to me for clarification.

Father Perez is the dangerous one here. He’s a big nobody with an agenda.

     May Jesus have mercy on him.



You Are Teaching Inconsistencies

Re: "Saying the Rosary at Mass Article"

I find it very hard to accept saying the rosary at Mass.

I was in school before Vatican II, learned from the Baltimore Catechism, not the watered-down catechisms of today, and taught by the Sisters of Mercy. Never once were we informed that Popes said we could say a rosary at Mass. It is like listening to the radio and TV together.

It is impossible to meditate on mysteries of the rosary and properly attend Mass. We are there to give worship to Him, our Creator. And, the Blessed Virgin did not tell the children at Fatima to say the rosary at Mass.

It breaks my heart that so many inconsistencies are being taught as Catholicism today. Surely Jesus and Holy Mary are weeping.



Francis Is Infallible: You Are Heretics

Re: Francis' denial of Our Lord's divinity


I can’t believe that you would say that his Holiness Pope Francis has denied Christ’s divinity firstly he hasn’t, and secondly because that’s impossible.

What your actually saying is Jesus Christ was mistaken or even lied when he promised Peter that the Gates of Hell would not prevail. His Holiness Pope Francis is infallible in matters of Faith and Morals.

No Pope in history has been a heretic and for anyone to say that is the heretic themselves.

Instead of saying things that aren’t true as well as giving ammunition to anti catholics you should be praying for Pope Francis saying Rosaries, Novenas, Masses offering some sacrifice etc.

Please don’t spoil the wonderful work your doing through the wonderful apostolate that Jesus and Mary have given you.

May God bless you and may Our Blessed Mother intercede for you with the Angels.

     Praise Jesus and Mary always!!!

     S.S., U.K.


I Am against Your YouTube Channel

Re: Video on Our Lady of Good Success - Part 2

This post is [bad word] and I visited it only on the basis of the title so I could click the dislike hand.

We would all appreciate it if you would quit posting and keep your opinions, petty illusions and personal beliefs to yourself or, get a soapbox and find a tasty corner out in Kansas somewhere.



The Russian Schismatic Church Is Good

Regarding the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima that "Russia would spread her errors around the world, etc.

I suggest you re-read your reply to me which seems utterly fantastic and impossible of validity, given the nature of the apparitions, the miracle of the Sun, the discussion about war then (WWI) and again her prophecy about war later (WWII) , and the astonishing news about "errors of Russia" (which Lucia thought referred to some lady in her village) ultimately overtaking the world if prayer and repentance do not take place.

How you can conflate them to Russian Orthodoxy's supposedly prophesied world-wide acceptance of its Creed is utterly preposterous, especially given the ruthless, anti-Christian hatred --- especially of Orthodox Christianity, in which 300,000 Russian priests were tortured to death and tens of thousands of Christian churches were destroyed (but no synagogues). The explosion and expansion of Marxism emanating from the brand-new, godless Communism, whose "October Revolution" took place during the Julian month of October, (but Gregorian November) and the miracle of the sun took place actually on the Julian date, the first of October, the well-known Byzantine feast of the "Protection of the Mother of God." was meant as solace to Eastern Christians during the brand-new horrors, the worst in the world ever to appear.

Even though the some sixty-six million Christians would die in heinous ways devised by Christ-hating Jews (As famous rabbi and confidant to Wilson and FDR stated, "Communism is Judaism, Judaism is Communism." -- Rabbi Stephen A Wise) and Russian Orthodoxy shriveled to impotence while hideous Communism went viral and lethal, utterly mega-death everywhere it gained power. The RCC always knew that Communism was the spawn of Freemasonry whose god was Lucifer, and THAT was what Our Lady was talking about, NOT Russian Orthodoxy --- much less the later apostasy of Rome imbibed during Vat 2, making it, in my opinion, the "false Church of the Great Apostasy," which itself would adopt and spread the "errors of Russia" in its Masonic-new-church, and why that Commie pope, who knelt before an atheist French Mason, Vincent Auriol, to receive his "red hat" and why J23 refused to reveal the Third Secret in 1960.

The visible RCC is a totally Masonic Church, in which every religion is seen as good and praiseworthy, a "doctrine of devils" is what "she" now preaches," a religion that has the form of faith but lacks its power," as St Paul described the Church of the End Times.

It seems to me your own laudable, commendable devotion to the "Faith of all time" has some serious unfinished business regarding the truth of the Gospel in this age of apostasy, for this this not be the "Great Apostasy" what, pray tell, could "that" possibly look like?

     Very truly yours,



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 21, 2019