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Jewish Extortion & Monophysite Rage

Jewish Abuse

Dear Nazi [bad words]

My great grandmother died in the holocaust as did six million other Jews. Any one of those Jews was worth six million gentiles and a billion scumbags like yourselves. You think the Jews own everything? The media, Wall Street, Hollywood? We do [bad word] and also Budweiser, Nascar, and all the [bad word] porn you watch and the we are the ones who pimp out your daughters, sister and wives to do it too.

Because we are God's chosen people and I have made a choice to [bad word] in the [bad word]. .Only financially for now, but don't [bad word] or I will stick my big Jewish [bad word] in your gentile [bad word]. I need you to send me $1,000 in cash by March 16th or you will be part of biggest lawsuit against the right wing in history. We are suing you for "inflicting gross generational trauma" and asking $1,000,000 in damages. Unless, I get my money first.

Consider yourself served.

Mark my words, you [bad words].

     Josh Amster
     VP WeFunder

Note from the Editor: In this Hate Mail Section it is TIA's policy regarding death threats and extortions to reveal the full name of the aggressor and any other available details to allow police to investigate. This is the reason why we post in this link the photocopy of the letter above with the envelope posted in Atlanta Metro. We warn our readers that it contains filthy language. A.S.G.


Faked Hyper-sensibility

Re: Lockdowns Destroying What Is Left of Classical Music

Ms. Bachar's recent comparison of concert halls bracing against the pandemic as "a kind of Nazi concentration camp constantly monitored by oppressive Gestapo-like Covid police, where concert-goers and performers are treated like disease-ridden cattle" is a rude slap in the face to everyone who genuinely suffered during the Holocaust and also to those continuing to suffer around the world in torture cells in places like Rwanda.



Monophysite Fury


Re: St. Elesbaan - October 27

I was reading your article on the 6th century Ethiopian king King Kaleb

It seems you have a few historical information incorrect.

You have there that this King was a Catholic. He was never a Catholic. Ethiopia is Orthodox nation. You also have there that Ethiopia was converted to Catholicism. Ethiopia was never a Catholic nation. It is always followed the Orthodox traditions.

Kaleb did not act on what you believe is Justin’s request. He doesn’t need an Emperor on the other side of the world telling him what he knows when Arabia is right across the Red Sea. He has a conscious of his own.

You have in there that Ethiopia was part of the Roman Empire. Ethiopia was never part of the Roman Empire. It was always a sovereign nation of its own.

As an Ethiopian it is an insult to me and my people that you think that unless someone is a Catholic or a country is part of an European Empire, it cannot and do good. We (Ethiopia) don’t go around saying that Ethiopia converted the Roman Empire to Christianity. History records tell us that never happened. So you see, historical records also tell us that the statements you have on your page also never happened. Please respect our history and get things correct. This kind of misinformation is what people then apply and think they know it all.

Purchase a book on Kaleb written by Ethiopian historians and read it first. Please get the facts right before posting incorrect information.

     Thank you.


TIA Note: Contrary to the affirmations in this letter, St. Elesbaan is considered a Catholic Saint by the Roman Martyrology, which is the official listing of Saints of the Catholic Church. Historians, including Butler and Weninger, as well as many Catholic websites, consider him to be a Catholic Saint, for example here, here and here; in Portuguese here and here.


You Are Spreading Calumny

Re: The SSPX & Its Mafia Threats

In light of the above article now presented by the organization, Traditioninaction, I wish to correct some of the calumny rife in this article.

Some background:

Fr. Urrutigoity, or Fr. U, as he is called, was from Argentina. His parents are Argentinian nobility who personally greeted Roman and high dignitaries when they visited Argentina. Fr. U was a very intelligent and educated man, whose brother is a priest with Opus Dei which is suspected of being connected with Freemasonry.

Fr. Ensey, was a Methodist convert to Catholicism, originating from California, whose father was CEO of Sunkist Orange.

This article comes out in light of the recent accusations associated with criminal sexual behavior of several SSPX priests, some of whom are now being prosecuted in French courts, some who have been convicted and others now serving jail time in Europe, and some who had resided in the United States being accused of sexual misconduct, later, reassigned to foreign missions, much like the NO does. Many of the details concerning present arrests and sexual crimes committed by FSSPX priests, although these are also not entirely truthful, have been lately featured by the 'Church Militant'.

The part about the threats of Mafia retribution are solidly true, I myself was also threatened with the same end, so to speak, by Fr. Ensey on my front porch, and gave him the same answer that my son gave - bring it on and there is the door. Apparently, both Fr. U and Fr. Ensey were intimate with elements of organized crime, both the South American Mafia and the Sicilian Mafia.

However, I am quite knowledgeable with the part of ABL and +Williamson in connection with Fr. U. I had personal conversations with Bishop Williamson concerning these events.

Bishop Galaretta, had suspected Fr. U., then a seminarian in the Raja seminary in Argentina of entertaining homosexual musicians in the seminary. Fr. U's excuse was that they were accomplished artists and musicians whom he wished to sort of tap their professional acumen and knowledge. This did not hold over with +Galaretta, who then evicted Fr. U (seminarian) from the seminary. Fr. U appealed to ABL and to +Williamson to continue his priestly formation at the Winona seminary.

+Williamson, who had been forewarned by +Galaretta of his suspicions of the seminarian Urrutigoity, questioned U. and then contacted ABL. ABL informed +Williamson. since at that time no real concrete evidence, only circumstantial, had been found to absolutely convict U. of any homosexual behavior, to "watch him like a hawk". Which he did.

Eventually U. was ordained a priest at Winona, and later he was assigned to be Matthews spiritual advisor. They became very close and Fr. U, would confide all the seminary's life and business to Matthew, unprecedented knowledge for a seminarian. Eventually, +Williamson became suspicious of Fr. U's behavior, he exhibited a sort of feminine behavior to the point he called Matthew in his office for interrogation, so to speak. +Williamson said to Matthew, 'what would you do if I told you Fr. U. was a homosexual', to which Matthew said 'if you were not a priest I would beat you to a pulp", an answer that +Willliamson appreciated, himself being an accomplished boxer, fighter in the past, who won boxing competitions in an English University (also was a straight A plus student in both the English university and in his seminary studies, one who also speaks, writes, and reads, over ten languages, liking Matthews masculine answer, so to speak. +Williamson was an avid hater of homosexuality, he made it a point to refer to homosexuals and their actions as 'FAGGOTS AND FAGGOTRY'. So to say, that +Williamson in any way condoned or covered up any homosexual persons or behavior is absolute "CALUMNY", he, +Williamson, was also very concerned with the emasculization of American boys, whom he saw as many becoming emasculated and sissy's (even to his chagrin some of the seminarians and priests)

Fr. U, then attempted to organize and establish a new order of priests comprised of a number of priests and seminarians who exhibited an array of exceptional qualities, a sort of super priesthood, if you like, with Matthew having exhibiting such qualities conducive to such an order of priests. The plan was discovered by +Williamson, and Fr. U was told to present himself and his plans to +Fellay, to which he refused, resulting in +Williamson expelling Fr. U from the seminary, later several priests and seminarians followed Fr. U in an attempt to find a diocese that would incardinate them and support their intentions. Matthew called Fr. Novak - "What do I do Father". Fr. Novak told Matthew, I'm out of this, your on your own, don't call me anymore and threw him under the bus. All Fr. Novak had to do was say, "stay there" and let them go and Matthew would have done so, but Fr. Novak ignored the plea completely to his disgrace.

The group wandered from diocese to diocese looking for one to accept them and to continue their quest for a super priesthood. While on the road, they stopped to rest at a hotel, and it was here for the first time, Fr. U attempted to sexually molest Matthew. However, for all of Fr. U's said to be intellect and expert knowledge on the temperaments of men, he misunderstood Matthews adversion and hatred for homosexuality and made a foolish mistake - he tried to touch him intimately - he was thrown on the floor and told "If you were not a priest I would beat you half to death", and left the group and came home. Let me say, Matthew had and has a reputation growing up, along with his brothers, of being some of the best fighters in the area. I cannot explain in words what this did to my son, to be betrayed by a priest whose integrity he considered to be unassailable, and yet by a homosexual priest whom he, although considering himself very astute and expert in recognizing a faggot and his hatred for this vice, did not see what was in front of him - the devil is good, but this time he was not good enough, thank goodness.

Later when the Fr. U gang, were accepted in Scranton and formed the Society of St. John, his and Fr. Enseys homosexual activities became more suspicious and then outed - that story is all on the net to read - but at this time Matthew was back home beginning his new life as a father of 14 and husband.

When the Society of St. john was formerly indicted for sexual crimes, it was Bishop Williamson who contacted Matthew and asked him to testify and give a deposition to the court of Scranton. Transportation and accommodations were afforded by +Williamson.

The point to make here is that this article, although contains much of the truth, is a calumny against both ABL and +Williamson, and maybe +Galaretta. Bishop Fellay is another topic of concern.,

And for now, with some details not really needed here, the story ends - until now and the scandals arising with the SSPX today have dredged this back up.

Just to add something similar in threats

Our old friend "Walt". When +Fellay first requested funds for the new seminary in Virginia, I mentioned to Walt, 'what about the 90 million euros (130 million US Dollars at the time) that were donated by the Guttman family of Germany to the SSPX for the new seminary - and they want the poor of the society to add to this ??? The Guttmans are related both by marriage and business to the Rothschild's. I was asked how I knew this - to which i explained - its public knowledge on the net anyways (see Maruice Pinay Blog) - Later Mr. Walt, threatened both myself and Matthew with a "visit' from his "associates in Chicago, the mob - we told him - bring it on. Eventually, Walt worked for the Society and Fr. Rutledge, conducting not so legitimate financial transactions, later leaving the society and suing them in court - he lost, left his wife and family and now resides in Chicago. More to this some day.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 15, 2021