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Curses by a Doomsday Partisan

You Don't Deserve Credibility

Hello, friends.

Re: St. Nilus Prophecy (here, here and here)

I read your site often. I refer people to it often. I am a friend, a supporter, an advocate.

You did yourselves and your credibility great harm by publishing the so-called prophecy of St. Nilus. This prophecy is unmitigated hogwash.

A good general rule when evaluating putative prophecies: The more accurate they seem, the more likely it is that they are baloney.

Frankly, I think you should take the post down, apologize to your readers, and commit to never post anything ever again without investigating it thoroughly.

I know this. I will NEVER trust your site as I once did. Your credibility is destroyed with me.

     Best regards,



TIA Is a Far-Right Cult Organization

Dear TIA,

Please, check the screen shot I took from the Bing search engine.

Bing hate to TIA   

I have never seen something like this before on Bing when I search for your site. I won't be using Bing anymore.

I went to Liberapedia to read the source of this trash review and I took the time to sign up and leave a comment. If others could do the same, it might get some attention.

My comment on Liberapedia follows:

Oh my. Where to begin? What a terrible review of a website that has been in continuous existence since the early 2000's with contributions by learned folk who have PhD's from recognized secular (non-religious) institutions.

From what I can guess our intrepid "reviewer" did a quick search of some wacky quasi-catholic sites that talked about Tradition in Action and cobbled some quick quotes together for this "review."

And Bing picks this page up and presents it every time someone does a search for "Tradition in Action?" You can get a job doing this? At least quote from the website itself if you want so badly to smear its reputation!



God's Fire Will Consume You

Hi Atila,

Re: Are We at the End Times?

You are contradicting yourself now. Are you asking for arguments and at the same time asking for shorter emails?

I won't be able to counter your chiliasm with just 2 lines of text, so I sent most of my arguments.

I have more arguments if you want, but if you didn't answer the first ones you probably won't answer the others.

In the first email I recognized that my email could not be replied to on the website, so I said I would accept a reply via email.

This is the second time I've received an email from you (First it was Marian, now you Atila) replied in a condescending way.

I'm not ignorant or stupid, I'm not asking for book recommendations. I've read books on this subject, I'm just trying to argue that you're preaching a heresy by preaching chiliasm which is the backbone of Jehovah's Witnesses and other similar heresies.

If I'm sending you an e-mail IT'S OBVIOUS that I've read your articles, I just want to understand your reasons for supporting these types of heresies.

Neither you nor Marian bothered to answer my arguments, you just answered me with ad hominem techniques.

Is this the behavior you advocate on your website?

Do you not advocate that Catholics should have etiquette and courtesy?

I emailed you earlier, and Dr Marian gave me a brief and condescending reply and asked me to wait, I waited (a long time), but you guys were so rude that you gave me a ghostbanning and kept me waiting for months, and after a long wait now you've sent me another condescendingly written email.

What kind of Catholics are you?

Catholics who put women to teach? (You are not respecting the bible).

I see how your 'works' are.

You put women to do tasks that should be done by men, you found a way to cheat God's law, so you don't give them the positions and titles, but let them do the tasks and functions. Do you think you are cheating God's law and are going to get away with it?

Verily, verily, I say unto you, God will not be fooled.

And what kind of Catholics are you who treat with pride and in a condescending manner those who come to you for knowledge and explanations?

Are these your works? Is this the 'bread' you are offering at the table of sacrifices and offerings to God?

Most certainly I tell you that the bread you are offering is rotten and will be thrown out.

We're at the end, stop preaching false messages (like the false prophets in the book of Jeremiah shouting "peace and hope"), no more time for heresies, the sixth seal has already been opened, the eternal kingdom is at hand.

As I said earlier your teachings are going against the Second Ecumenical Council, 381 (so you are already anathema ) and by preaching these (chiliasm) heresies you are giving false illusions to people which will distract them and put them in a process of spiritual procrastination.

Stop it, or the wrath of God's fire will consume you. I warned you.

Repent while there is still time.

     In the Risen Lord,



It Is Shameful to Attack John XXIII

Re: Contribution to a Canonization

It is a shame that your group has to attack an individual such as Good Pope John. He is fully deserving of cannonization. If a person such as Pius IX can be considered, it does not speak well of the church, but then again it is expected.

You people are so bitter about Vatican II and so you lash out. I am Catholic and I am very glad to have the old ways behind me. Your group needs to get a life. However to muddy the reputation of one of the greatest Popes in the 20th century is unforgivable.

We proclaim our belief in Christ, yet you feel very comfortable spewing your invective. How "Christian" of you.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 5, 2021