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Blasphemous Our Lady Linz 1

Linz Cathedral displays porno statue of Mary

From June 27 to July 16, 2024, Linz Cathedral was hosting an exposition of "art" to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its consecration. One of the works of "art" commissioned for this event consisted in a sculpture by Theresa Limberger, fourth row below, based on a painting by Esther Strauss, both feminist activists. The exposition, titled "Women's Stage" displayed the work called "Crowning" on a pedestal in the middle of one of the tower rooms inside the cathedral.

The theme was Mary giving birth to Jesus Christ. The execution could not be more grotesque, graphic to the point of being qualified by many as pornographic. It is positively a blasphemous work that should never be allowed to be displayed anywhere, much less in a Cathedral.

The initiative for this exposition came from Fr. Maximilian Strasser, pastor of the Cathedral, who considered the piece to be "a unique and unusual depiction of a decisive moment of life." He explained: "It fits well in St. Mary's Cathedral because it spans the period from birth to death."

The website of the Diocese of Linz praised the feminist and anti-patriarchal aspects of the sculpture. Linz' Bishop is Manfred Scheuer and his Vicar Johan Hintermaier, last row below.

Adding to the blasphemy, the work is also a denial of the dogma of the virginity of Our Lady before, during and after her parturition. Indeed, the Catholic Church teaches us that this dogma is a mystery not accessible to our intelligences. Now, by reducing the parturition of Our Lady to the normal process of birth for all women conceived in original sin, the Bishop of Linz with his auxiliaries directly deny the dogma of her virginity and indirectly deny the dogma that she was conceived without original sin.

Blasphemy and heresy walk hand in hand in the Diocese of Linz, without any fear that the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith or Pope Francis will censure it...

However, on July 1, one Catholic became so indignant with the blasphemy that he sawed off the head of the statue, fifth row. Despite the furious protests of the priests and the "artists" the exposition was closed.

Blasphemous Our Lady Linz 2
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Posted July 7, 2024


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