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The Church Was a Monarchy
Since Her Foundation

As we read statements of Pope Francis declaring that the Papacy needs to change, implying the position of the Pope as a King is wrong, it is opportune to remind our readers that the opposite doctrine was repeatedly taught by the Popes prior to Vatican II. This doctrine establishes the Catholic Church as a monarchy whose King is the Pope.

Today we present a decisive excerpt by St. Pius X in this regard. In his Letter Ex quo of December 26, 1910, to the Archbishops-Apostolic Delegates to Byzantium, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, Syria and the East Indies, St. Pius X warned against the error of denying the monarchical structure of the Church.

St. Pius X

Regarding the constitution of the Church … once again we are facing the error, already condemned by Our predecessor Innocence X, that St. Paul was considered as a brother completely equal to St. Peter; from this they accept the no less false opinion that the Catholic Church was not, from the first centuries, the principate of only one person, that is, a monarchy; or that the Primacy of the Roman Church is not supported by valid arguments. … Let such opinions be qualified as ‘grave errors.’



Blason de Charlemagne
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(St. Pius X, Letter Ex quo of December 26, 1910, DR 2147a)

Posted December 7, 2013