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The Catholic Church Is Not a Republic

When we see Pope Francis and his Council of Eight (here & here) impose collegiality and democracy in the Church by denying the traditional primacy of jurisdiction and teaching of the Sovereign Pontiff, we want to offer our readers documents of past Popes teaching precisely the opposite.
Today, we transcribe the Brief Super soliditate of November 28, 1786 by Pope Pius VI. In this brief he addresses the errors of Austrian Fr. Joseph Valentin Eybel. His writings renewed the old errors of Febronius, who denied the monarchical constitution of the Church.

Pope Pius VI

What must be greatly deplored is the precipitous and blind temerity of one [Eybel] who would strive to renew with his deplorable libel all the errors condemned by the decrees, of one who has stated and insinuated with great prolixity in various places the following errors: Continued

Blason de Charlemagne
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(Pius VI, Brief Super soliditate
of November 28, 1786, in DR 1500
Posted November 16, 2013