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Priests Cause the Perdition of Laity

Catalina de Jesús was born in 1717 in Guayaquil, Ecuador; she was professed in the Dominican Convent of St. Catherine in Quito where she became Mother Prioress. She was gifted with many visions and mystical experiences, which included prophecies of the future. She wrote a copious autobiography in which she gives details of the laxity of the clergy and religious of her time. She died in the odor of sanctity in 1795.

TIA includes here an excerpt where she narrates a vision of Our Lord explaining that bad priests and religious – male and female – are the cause of the perdition of laymen. If Our Lord was angry with the clergy and religious of her time in the 1700s, what would He say about them in our post-Vatican II days?

The words of Mother Catalina seem perfectly applicable to our times.

Our Lord Jesus Christ:

The priests and male and female religious are the cause of all the perdition of the world.

The ecclesiastical state is the cause of the perdition of the lay state.

In the Law of Grace I set them [the priests & religious] as an example, so that they might hold back the errors of the epoch.

But, since they have allowed themselves to completely lose the respect [of the people] because of their bad customs, the world no longer pays any attention to them, which is the reason why their preaching garners no profit.

If they would live as they should, My Spirit would infuse fervor into those in the world. And in this way, there would be moderation in the customs.

But, since the laity see them [the clergy and religious] doing and acting the same as themselves, they have come to hold them in disdain and their teaching has no effect among them.

If a Servant of mine steps out and speaks the truth, the world listens with admiration. But the laity benefit little or nothing from it because this custom [of not paying the religious any mind and holding them in disdain] is already deeply ingrained, caused by the many religious and ecclesiastics who are deeply engrained in vices that have given bad example.

These [priests and religious] are the principal reason why my Arm desires to unleash its Justice.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Autobiography of the Ven. Catalina de Jesús Herrera,
Religious of the Choir of the Monastery of St. Catherine of Quito
. Ediciones Santo Domingo, Quito, Ecuador, 1954, pp. 270-271.
Posted on April 9, 2022

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