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Our Lord on Bad Priests

Today we post some words of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Marie des Vallées on the situation of the clergy at her time, the 17th century. It reminds us keenly of the words of Sister Lucy to Fr. Fuentes in 1957, asking him to tell all Catholics to not wait for the orientation of priests, Bishops and Popes to do penance and reform spiritually.

The description of the episode below is self-explanatory and does not need any comment.

The source of these words is the well-documented book La Vie Admirable et les Révélations de Marie des Vallées, written by Emile Dermenghem

Our Lord Jesus Christ:

Jesus Christ commanded Sister Marie [des Vallées] to make a strange symbolic procession in Coutances [in Normandy, France]. She should first recite the litanies of the Father standing in the very center of the downtown square of the city, then the litanies of the Son at the filthiest cesspool that she could find, and finally the litanies of the Holy Spirit before a crucifix in the church.

She conscientiously fulfilled all these commands (“I was very surprised,” she said, “at this order and I saw even the Virgin tenderly seeping; nonetheless, it was necessary to do it”), and not without raising the surprise of passers-by and the mockery of the local boys who, seeing her kneeling at a stinky cesspool under the walls of the city, heckled her and even threw some stones at her. Most of the good bourgeois shook their heads and criticized her. …

In fact, what Marie prayed for was the general conversion of the bad world. The first litanies in the square were to call the Infidels to conversion. The second ones in the cesspool were for the conversion of the bad Christians and especially for the bad priests, because, Christ said: “I am in My Church in an infamous cesspool as a man forced to stay there by the ropes that bind him there, because My Divine Charity obliges me.” The third litanies, finally, “were to bring the deluge and effusion of graces in the time of the great conversion.”


Blason de Charlemagne
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Emile Dermenghem, La Vie Admirable et les Révélations de Marie des Vallées,
Paris: Plon, 1926, pp. 215-217
Posted on May 14, 2022

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