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The History of the Tie - VII

Disappearance of the Necktie
at Horse Races & Performances

Kaede Lira
In the last article, we followed the gradual disappearance of the necktie in weddings and galas through pictures. Today, we continue our illustrated investigation of this exodus, this time in horse races and performances.

Traditionally, these two pastimes were considered elegant and formal affairs, in which attendees dressed in a dignified and very elegant way. As we will see, these activities were also infected by the casual revolution in only a matter of years.

Horse races then…

Black and White photographs showing well dressed men and women at Horse races in the early 20th century

              Kentucky Derby, early 1900s                         Celebrities at Hollywood Park, 1940

Formal attire in the 1980's and 90's

Princess Diana at the Royal Ascot, late 1980s           Spanish horse racers with friends, 1990   

And now...

casual dress at horse races and events in the present day

Del Mar Racetrack, 2013                                 Kentucky Derby, 2017            

Casual dress at the Del Mar racetrack in the present day

Celebrities at Del Mar Racetrack, 2016

Crowds of sloppily dressed people at the Belmont Stakes, 2015

Belmont Stakes, New York, 2015

Performances then...

Performances in the early 20th century

Movie theater in New York City, 1940s       Vienna Philharmonic concert, early 20th century 

well dressed audiences in black and white photographs

    Inauguration of London concert hall, 1951               Boston Symphony concert, 1985

William Primrose and Leonard Bernstein in formal attire

William Primrose, violist, 1940s              Leonard Bernstein, conductor, 1973  

Alexei Sultanov and Yo Yo Ma in formal attire

Pianist Alexei Sultanov in performance, 1995      Cellist Yo Yo Ma in performance, 1997      

And now...

poorly dressed modern audiences

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert, 2014   LA Philharmonic executives at a concert, 2012

Sloppy crowds at the New World Symphony

New World Symphony “Pulse” Concert, 2011

Poorly dressed Valery Gergiev and John Adams

        Conductor Valery Gergiev in concert, 2010                  Composer John Adams, 2007

Pianist Lang Lang and the Berlin philharmonic performing in casual attire

Pianist Lang Lang in concert, 2016          Berlin Philharmonic's Cellists in concert, 2008      



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Posted March 5, 2018

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