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The History of the Tie - VIII

Disappearance of the Necktie in the
University & Church

Kaede Lira
This is the third installment of our illustrated exposé on the disappearing necktie. (See First and Second) a

Today the focus will be on university and church life. With the Revolution reigning full force in our present day neo-pagan world, we must do our best as Catholics to be counter-revolutionary in all aspects of life, particularly in dress. In both the university and the church we see palpable results of the casual revolution and its devastating effects.

As before, the pictures are left to speak for themselves.

University then...

Vintage Black and white photographs of students and professors wearing ties at university

Michigan State University, 1890s           Students and Professor. Yale College, 1866

Vintage Black and white photographs of students and professors wearing ties at Columbia University

Un. of So. Cal., College of Music Class,1922           Staff and students, Un. of Sydney, 1942

Vintage Black and white photographs of students and professors wearing ties at university

Journalism students, Columbia Un., 1954     Professors, USC College of Arts, 1974

And now...

childish and sloppily dressed modern universit students today

Students, University of Southern California, 2017

Students in sloppy attire at university

         Students,UC Berkeley, 2017                                    CSU Long Beach students, 2015

UC Bekrely Porf. Viktor Zhivov and NYU Prof. War Regan with students

     UC Berkeley Prof. Viktor Zhivov, 2013       NYU Prof. Ward Regan & student, 2014     

unveristies professors in casual jeans and shirts

    Harvard Prof, Richard Wrangham, 2018    Un. of Colorado, Prof. Ward Churchill, 2017

Churches then...

Vintage photographs of Church events in the 19th century

Good Friday procession, Seville, Spain, 1855                Church choir in Illinois, 1913

Vintage photographs of church processions

     Corpus Christi procession, 1928              Procession in Brazil, 1940s

Parishioners in 1940's and 1950s

Parishionersof a San Francisco parish, 1941                 A Mass in New York, 1950s

Procession from the 1960s

  Procession in Portugal, 1967          Procession of Our Lady of the Rosary in Portugal, 1973

And now...

churches today

A church choir in Switzerland, 2016

churches today

Mass, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, 2016      Mass in Manila, Philippines, 2013

processions today

Eucharistic procession, WY, Catholic College, 2017    Mass at Un. of Nebraska, 2016

church mass

Mass in Fresno, California, 2017



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 11, 2018

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