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Francis Lifts the Sanction on Marxist Activist
Fr. Ernesto Cardenal
Some days ago the Apostolic Nunciature in Nicaragua announced the lifting of Fr. Ernesto Cardenal's suspension from the priestly ministry, which had been imposed by the Vatican 35 years ago.

The reason for that ecclesiastical censure was Cardenal's participation in the Marxist revolutionary government of Nicaragua led by Daniel Ortega. The take-over was made by guerilla warfare in which Cardenal took an active part. In fact, Cardenal became the Minister of Culture in that government. Later on, he broke with Ortega due to differences. He believed Ortega was making too many concessions to Capitalism and also disagreed with the dictator's approach. In other words, he never renounced his Marxist ideological positions.

Nonetheless, Pope Francis used the fact that Cardenal is no longer a part of Ortega's government as a pretext to absolve him. Actually, in similar cases, the Catholic Church only lifts such penalties when the interested party makes a public repentance followed by a public penance. None of these conditions were met.

Consequently, what this papal act means is, purely and simply, another splashy show of support by Francis for his Liberation Theology Marxist friends.

Below, we offer to our readers a translation to English of the Apostolic Nuncio's communiqué, followed by a photocopy of the original in Spanish.

Apostolic Nunciature in Nicaragua

Communiqué from the Apostolic Nunciature

The Holy Father has granted with goodwill the absolution of all the canonical censures imposed on Rev. Father Ernesto Cardenal, accepting the recent request the latter made to him, through the Pontifical Representative in Nicaragua, to be readmitted to the exercise of the priestly ministry.

Father Cardenal has been suspended from the priestly ministry for 35 years because of his political militancy. The religious man accepted the canonical penalty that had been imposed on him and has always observed it, without engaging in any pastoral activity. Further, he had abandoned all political activity for many years.

Managua, February 18, 2019

+ (Archbishop) Waldemar St. Sommertag,
Apostolic Nuncio

Absolution of Ernesto Cardenal