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Vatican Capitulation to the
Homosexual-Dominated Priesthood

People Commmenting
Dear Editor,

The latest Vatican capitulation to the homosexual-dominated Catholic priesthood is a loophole that the abusers and enablers will drive an army through [Vatican document "Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders," officially released Nov. 28, 2005].

We are supposed to credulously take the word of the same priests and Bishops who raped teen boys and/or enabled and concealed the perpetrators that they are living chastely - clerics and Prelates who have "pride" that "most child sex abusers are heterosexual" when the homosexual 1% of the population perpetrates "only" 47% of child rape. Not until Vatican II's homosexual priesthood did "pride" become an alleged virtue.

The latest homosexualist lie is that numerous intrinsically-disordered priests have been performing well in their ministry. Millions of Catholics call their bluff!

The Vatican's own statistics (compiled in Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church since Vatican II by Kenneth C. Jones, ISBN: 0972868801) show that, by every objective measure (including, among many, Mass attendance, Baptisms, Catholic marriages, polls showing widespread dissent from perennial Catholic teaching against sodomy, abortion, and contraception), Catholic orthodoxy and orthopraxis have been in free fall since the post-Vatican II homosexualization of the Catholic priesthood. "All heresy begins below the waist," an unmitigated disaster for the Faith and the safety of minors - without any redeeming benefit whatsoever.

Of course we love the sinner, but practicing Catholics cannot promote - or tolerate - "the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance!"

Yes, Scriptures says, "Go, and now sin no more" (John 8:11), but what sane person trusts rapists, abusers, and their apologists and enablers? Why is an admitted sexual abuser continuing as a pastor in Contra Costa County despite Bishop Vigneron's great show of a no-abusers-in-ministry policy? Why is the priest who so brutally sodomized one of my patients living the "gay" life in Hawaii instead of behind bars? Such are the Prelates we are supposed to trust to enforce the "three years of celibacy" rule? Fatuous nonsense!

     Ad majorem Dei gloriam,

     Dr. E.A.S.
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Concerns on Homosexual Document
People Commmenting

I want to share with you my concerns about the document on relation to homosexuals and ordination. The problems I've found with the document are as such:

1. First is the inclusion of 'homosexual tendencies' [may be a result of] delayed adolescence, and the candidate should be free from these tendencies - at least three years before diaconal ordination. This suggests that a homosexual may enter the seminary - with the hopes of being free from these disorders before it is time for ordination.

2. If a candidate is actively homosexual or shows deep-seated homosexual tendencies, his spiritual director, as well as his confessor, has a duty to dissuade him, in conscience, from proceeding towards ordination. This suggests that the disordered person has the ultimate decision-making authority in this matter, in that he must be dissuaded from being ordained.

3. The document also actually recognizes the reality that disordered persons may lie about their disorientation: It would be gravely dishonest for a candidate to hide his own homosexuality, regardless of everything, to arrive at ordination.

I pray that St. Charles Borromeo will intercede and inspire the Vatican to give a document with strong language, with no ambiguities, that will bar all homosexual, those with such urges, and those who are sympathetic to the homosexual culture from all seminaries and from Holy Orders.

Please offer your daily Rosary or other daily prayers through the intercession of St. Charles Borromeo for this end.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 14, 2005

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