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Indignation over Weakland's Bronze
& Visit to Synagogue

Discussion with Archbishop Listecki
People Commenting

I read your article on the Wisconsin cathedral bronze relief and Weakland and sent a letter to Archbishop Listecki as promoted on your website. I just thought I would share with you what I sent.


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My first message to Archbishop Listecki:

STOP the honoring of dissident Archbishop Rembert Weakland. What a disgrace!

We all know what he is about! How dare you?


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The Archbishop's answer:

Dear Friend in Christ,

Thank you for your recent email regarding the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, former Archbishop Weakland and the events of the past few weeks. Even though I am new to the archdiocese, I already have a clear sense and understanding of the pain and emotion surrounding all of these issues. Please know that I hear your concerns and take them very seriously.

May I ask that you continue to pray for our Church, especially our Church in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, asking God for wisdom, guidance and patience and, in a special way, may I humbly ask you to remember me in your prayers as I begin my time as Archbishop of Milwaukee.

     Sincerely yours in Christ,

     Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki

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My reply:

Dear Archbishop Listecki,

Thank you for your kind response to my e mail which did not express my concerns as time did not permit me a lengthy e mail. I have time now.

I have been praying for the Church and the diabolical disorientation of the hierarchy and priests for many years since the liberals hijacked the Church at the second Vatican Council. By their fruits you shall know them. Rome has apostatized from the true faith and the faithful know it. That is why we now see commercials here in Chicago which look like the pre Vatican II days with altar rails and altars etc. Where is this Church? Another scam to get people back to the pews.

If the true faith were practiced and preached from the pulpit you would not need to spend $1.5 million on an ad campaign. The coffers must be empty with all the abuse claims from men admitted to the "pink palace seminaries" where homosexuality is practiced and applauded. And we now know that the true vocations of straight priests are not admitted or hindered from admission!

Acorn scandals exposed last year and Catholic money given to this program which supports everything contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church. And again Rome is silent.

The 3rd secret Fatima was not released as Our Blessed Mother requested and God commanded and we wonder why God has withdrawn his grace from the Church and the United States. You cannot claim to be blind to what has happened because even the poor peasants in the pews know the truth because they have eyes to see and ears that hear it.

And now we see that Weakland, a known homosexual, and abuser of his office, has replaced Jesus Christ himself as a protector of children in a relief in bronze under the statue of the Most Holy Virgin. BLASPHEMY and SACRILEGE! That abomination should be pulled off the walls of the church and burned and then open the doors for novenas and prayers of penance 24 hours a day to make reparation for this unholy act! What pride in a man claiming to be a priest. Where is the humility of the holy priests today?

Even though you are "new to the diocese," you are not new to the crisis the Church is facing! I will ask you if you have eyes to see and ears to hear and the courage to do God's will. And I am sure He would not approve of this diabolical art in your diocese.

You see - what was hidden is now coming to light and the faithful are waking up and hopefully speaking up.

I will continue my prayers for you, the Roman Catholic Church, and especially Rome.

     In her Immaculate Heart,

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Visit to the Synagogue
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I read that the Pope visited a synagogue in Rome today (1/17). This article also stated that the Pope was a respected theologian. I am not a theologian but I know my faith well enough to know that the Jews explicitly reject Christ and that therefore we do not, cannot and never will worship the same God.

What heights of insanity and pitableness have we reached when the Vicar of Christ is the one we must not listen to in order to keep the faith! I can only imagine with horror what the future holds as far as further pronouncements from the Pope and the Vatican.

     In Christ,

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Sex Education Is Forbidden
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I congratulate you on reproducing the timely reminder to Catholic parents of the dangers of sex education in schools. It is an abuse of innocent children to provide such information for them in a public setting. This is a very delicate matter and must be reserved for parents to decide how it should be handled.

Innocence and purity of mind are very precious gifts. They are the very essence of childhood. It is my view that even parents should provide as little information as possible. This is an area where nature can and does take its course, when a young man and woman enter the Sacrament of Matrimony. Parents should concentrate on providing instruction on modesty and chastity and warning their children of the "old fashioned" but very real dangers of "occasions of sin" and "company keeping."

     Yours faithfully

     C.P., Ireland
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Guardsman, Use a Handkerchief
People Commenting

I just read Judith Mead's article, "Why Not a Handkerchief?" and I was reminded of Sir Walter Raleigh, his one claim to fame when he was commander of the Palace Guard was to put buttons on the sleeves of the guard's uniforms to prevent them from wiping their noises on and or sneezing into their sleeves.

That is why, to this day, men's suit coats and sport jackets have buttons on the sleeve.

So add "dis-respecting" 400 years of western tradition and history to the secretary's sins!


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 14, 2010

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