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St. Peter's Bones & a Hindu Bible

St. Peter's Tomb
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

We just came across something very interesting which might mean something in the confusion regarding the Popes after Vatican II.

St. Peter's tomb and bones were found during the reign of Pope Pius XII and it was officially announced they were the relics of St. Peter by Pope Paul VI in 1968, a year before his promulgation of the new Mass. Is this a coincidence that the tomb and relics were found during the reign of Pope Pius XII? Why not earlier or later? Remember, with GOD, nothing is coincidence.

Could it possibly be therefore that GOD in his goodness has sent St. Peter to be seated in the see of Rome from the time of Pope Pius XII (at the end of his term)? Therefore it would already be St. Peter seated at the see of Peter as Pope for the traditional Catholics holding on to the true faith and tradition, while the human Pope reigns as head of the conciliar Church. This is not a sede-vacantist view, but believing in the supernatural power of GOD.

Also, according to one prophecy, towards the end of time, St. Peter's remains will be brought to the streets, desecrated and insulted, is this not what is happening now in Rome? With the Vatican honoring the pro-abortions, masons, etc, the clown and circus Masses etc., and the first ever premiere ever held in Rome for the blasphemous protestant movie Nativity - is this not tantamount to the desecration and insults to St. Peter?

We are not theologians, this is just a confused lay person's analysis, we would appreciate your thought on this matter.

Thank you.

     With you in Christ,

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People Commenting

I like your stuff.

I have some doubts about "Rev. Hannibal Bugnini's Ordinal" - it leaves out a lot of stuff that makes a priest a priest.

Not his fault, after all he was a Freemason

     Keep the faith, no one else wants it!

     Fr. P.S.L.
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Indian 'Bible'
People Commenting

I was quite shocked when my parents sent me a new "Bible" where so much of the commentary is loaded with Hindu philosophy. This represents the real pits into which Indian Catholicism has sunk.

They have wrecked the Faith ... a large number of Catholics practice yoga and the charismatic movement is so strong everywhere and deceptive that it would leave any one confused and wondering why we need the Sacraments.

I wrote back to the Bishop who gave the imprimatur, as he happened to be our Director of the Catholic Medical College I studied in. Hinduism is clearly a pantheism that can have no place in Catholic life.

An analysis of this "Bible" with its dangers of false ecumenism is given by another author here.

I am sending to you my letter to Bishop Percy.

     Dr. N.R., Dubai

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Dear Bishop Percy,

Greetings. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I shifted to Dubai in June(from Bahrain) for a better job (and salary) and am happy here, and I hope I stay here long enough.

As I did not have a Bible, my parents sent me a new one and I am quite shocked that you would give the imprimatur; considering the commentaries contain references to Hindu scripture and philosophy. For some of us who do understand Hindu philosophy: it can have absolutely no place in our Catholic Faith ... through comparisons or otherwise.

Hindu pantheism is incompatible with our Faith. What exactly do you all intend to achieve with all this? The biggest casualty of inculturation and the false ecumenism since Vatican II has been Christ and the Catholic Faith.

You will be quite shocked if you did a survey and found out how many "Catholics" practice yoga. I really hope God inspires you and you have the conviction to retract this "Bible".

Pope Benedict XVI himself has expressed fear that the Faith is in danger of disappearing in so many places. In such times should we not stand up and proudly profess our faith as the only true one outside of which there is no salvation. The first commandment clearly warns that there shall be no gods before Me. Why is the Vatican II religion dancing with "golden calves"?

Perhaps when much has been wrecked and destroyed, they will come to their senses.

Myself, I am thankful that I have been inspired to believe that there is absolutely no salvation outside the Catholic Church. You have to die a repentent Catholic to be saved. I only recognise Catholics as truly Christian, to recognise anyone else as Christian amounts to accepting that Christ is divided. I cannot recognise Vatican II and anything that came after it, including the rewrites ,as valid as I cannot accept that they were inspired by the Holy Ghost. They contradict handed down Tradition and God cannot contradict Himself on matters of Faith.

I hope you may be inspired to believe in what I also believe, we are indeed at "end times" when Satan will "not hesitate to tempt the elect"...

     God bless

     Dr. N.R.
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Saints of the Day
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I noticed on your saint of the day page that the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary (September 12) is missing.

Love your site.



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TIA responds:

Dear P.Y.,

Thank you for your appreciation and observation. It gives us the opportunity to clarify an erroneous idea some of our readers have about our section Saints of the Day.

This section is not intended to be a complete list of saints nor a liturgical year, like the work of Dom Gueranger. It is simply transcripts of various commentaries by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on saints and feasts of the Church to young disciples in order to give them a Catholic formation. It was Mr. Guimarães' idea to reproduce those comments for our readers' benefit. As we posted one after another, what came to light was a superb collection of comments - never published before - that covers much of the year. We already have saints or feastdays for 256 days of the 365. This does not mean, however, that TIA is committed to have a commentary for every single saint or feast day.

There are still many more comments on saints and feasts to be posted. For this we rely on Mr. Guimarães' spare time for the research and translation.

I hope this will explain why many feast days and saints are missing.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 4, 2010

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