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Christmas, Singing Nuns & MacArthur

Grace Shining in the Darkness

Dear TIA,

Among so many sad things, grace still shines in the darkness of our days. I believe it is the grace of Christmas that does not allow the Devil to totally overcome it.

Tell me if I am wrong. Watch this here.

Merry Christmas,


Christmas Cards

Hello Dr. Horvat and Mrs. Mead,

I believe somewhere you have some information on addressing and signing Christmas Cards. Could you direct me to this information?

Thank you,


Horvat & Mead respond:

Dear K.A.,

We are glad to see you are continuing the good custom of sending Christmas cards. Several years ago we posted information on this topic, which you can read here.

If you are ever looking for a specific topic on the Tradition in Action site, you can always go to our SEARCH page, enter the topic, and find the material we have posted on our site.


     Judith Mead & Marian Horvat


Suggested Christmas Albums

Dear TIA,

I was searching online for Christmas music as an alternative for the drivel that the world passes along as "Christmas music". It seems that even the religiously-themed music, ( an odd thing to say for Christ's Mass), is either sung in an revolutionary way, or theologically incorrect, (e.g. "Mary, did you know?)

I found some solace in the following selections:

Christmas in the Heart by the Singing Nuns

Puer Natus Est: Tudor Music for Advent and Christmas by Stile Antico

Celebremos el Nino : Christmas delight from the Mexican Baroque by the Rose Ensemble

     Yours truly,


Beginning of the Nun Corruption

Dear TIA,

I think this is what truly started the nun revolution: In Europe she was known as Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile, the Singing Nun). Her real name was Jeanne Deckers. She became a lesbian and she left the Church. She committed suicide in 1985 together with her partner.

Now here is a sweet song with revolutionary words - Rise up sisters! The pictures show the Vatican II nuns, and what a difference. What a sad state!

     God bless,


Yoga Taking over Catholics


I once tried to tell my uncle's very "catholic" girlfriend that the Yoga her "very spiritual" daughter was doing was not Catholic, and I got blasted by my uncle…

This shows what happens when you try to tell the Truth to someone who doesn't really want to know.


The Increasing Jewish Influence


Your post [here] provides yet more evidence the conciliar Church is changing (doing away with) de Fide teachings of the traditional Catholic Faith in order to appease the Jews. This appeasement is largely due to the concern of the conciliar Church over the unwarranted killing of six million or so Jews by the Nazis. In that article the last sentence of the third from the bottom paragraph is:

”Basing itself on historicism, (10) it implicitly denies the Gospel as a source of Revelation, in order to absolve the Jews of the crime of Deicide.”

Reference (10 ) is: “ Pius XII defines historicism in this way: “The term ‘historicism' indicates a philosophical system that acknowledges change and evolution in the whole spiritual reality ... irreconcilable with the Catholic conception of the world” (Speech to the International Congress of Historical Sciences, 9-7-55, in Discorsi I Radio-messagi di Sua Santita Pio XII, Editrice Vaticana, vol. 17, p. 212).”

The concern of the conciliar Church is so great that it dares to alter de Fide teachings to appease the unwarranted deaths of the six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. Consequently, it is incredibly callous of the conciliar Church that it steadfastly refuses to recognize or even acknowledge the unwarranted killing and death by slaughter and/or starvation of nearly 100 million innocent people by communist controlled governments. This number is more than 15 times the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust.

Furthermore, a significant potion of the 100 million killed was made up of Catholics! This refusal to tell all the facts is a direct insult to God given the fact that God considers all peoples equal. It is amazing the steadfastness with which the conciliar Church holds to the promise given by Pope John XXIII to the Russian government to not mention Communism at Vatican Council II in exchange for the Russian government permitting two of its representatives to attend the Council.

The conciliar Church not only attempts to absolve the Jews of the crime of Deicide but it also attempts to teach that Judaism is salvific in and of itself. (See the Vatican Document, Nostra Aetate.) This teaching bluntly contradicts the de Fide teaching that “Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation.” It also clearly contradicts the words of Jesus: “No one comes to the Father but through Me” since the Jews vigorously deny the divinity of Christ.

Sadly for the Jews, such actions are in no way helpful for the eternal salvation of their souls.

Because of the many references in the Talmud condemning Christians, such actions by the conciliar Chruch can give the impression it is trying to de-Christianize itself.

     R.B., Ph.D.

Two Lucys & Evil Popes


I was reading your articles on the two Sister Lucys. I agree with your point: they were two different persons.

Not Christ’s popes, but Lucifer’s popes control the Vatican today with their minions. These evil men know God, but they do not care. They are completely dedicated to Lucifer. So, they could not let the true Sister Lucy tell Mary's third secret. …

     God bless


MacArthur at the White House

Salve Maria, Mr. Atila,

I know you're busy, but what follows only takes a moment, and is so commendable I wanted to share it with you (considering our summit of beliefs about militancy.)

I'm reading a book that eviscerates the evil nature of pacifism. After WWI the intellectuals of the Western world, collectively, formed public opinion and public officialdom to consider war and defense evil in principle. By the mid 1930's the Roosevelt administration cut the Army's budget. Army Chief of Staff General Douglas MacArthur "had an angry confrontation with the President, offered his resignation, and was still so upset as he left the White House that he vomited on the steps." (Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society, NY: Basic Books, 2009. p 228)

Some items are golden to me, and this is one of them, it really struck my funny bone, humor and admiration.

My compliments for TIA's continued evisceration of Progressivism.

My best to all.

     In Domina,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 13, 2012

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