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Anti-Homo Reaction & Mother Teresa

Crowds Break up 'Gay Rights' Rally in Georgia

Dear TIA,

A good and healthy reaction by the Republic of Georgia population, this week. On May 17, 2013, when in Tbilisi, the capital of the country, some 60 homosexuals were making a manifestation against what they call homophobia, it raised a strong reaction of the people, who gathered dowtown, avanced against the homosexual activists and put them to flee.

The police protected the homosexuals until they took back the minibuses that had drove them to the place. The indignant crowd followed them and damaged the vehicles, as shown in the last picture.

Below, I am sendng you parts of a news report on the event as well as a series of photos.

There is also a short video that can be watched here.

     Keep up your necessary work.


TBILISI (Reuters) - May 17, 2013 - Thousands of Georgians broke through police barricades and forced gay rights activists to flee on Friday, cutting short their rally to mark the international day against homophobia.

Holding banners saying "Stop Homosexual Propaganda in Georgia!" and "Not in our city!", the demonstrators swarmed into a square in central Tbilisi where about 50 Georgians were rallying in support of gay rights. Police escorted the gay rights supporters onto buses and drove them away to avoid violence.

"We won't allow these sick people to hold gay parades in our country," said Zhuzhuna Tavadze, brandishing a bunch of nettles and adding that she was ready to fight. "It's against our traditions and our morals."

Later in the evening, rowdy crowds took to the streets and started shouting at people they thought might be homosexual.

Anti-homosexual manifestation Georgia 1Anti-homosexual manifestation Georgia 2


A Heretic Mother Teresa

Hello TIA,

I was recently asked to review a new book entitled: The Life and Prayers of Mother Teresa. I responded to this request and I am sure it was not well received. What follows is my review:

“Coming from a Traditionalist background I think you will have to take my comments within that context. I haven’t attended a Novus Ordo Mass in over 20 years nor will I ever. Having said that, I believe that the sole purpose of the Catholic Church is to save souls. Christ founded one Church “out of which no one can be saved.” This is a De Fide proclamation by several popes and councils prior to Vatican II. In essence according to a long-standing usage, a dogma is understood to be a truth appertaining to faith or morals, revealed by God, transmitted from the Apostles in the Scriptures or by Tradition, and proposed by the Church for the acceptance of the faithful. Since Vatican II all this has been thrown into the dust bin of history as meaningless formulations.

“In her work Mother Teresa, to my knowledge, and those of many others including non-traditionalists, has never converted anyone. The common notion is that she ‘cared for the poor.’ While this is all well and good since it is an act of Charity, atheists also care for the poor. As Christ stated: ‘The poor ye shall always have with thee.’ Christ mission was strictly for the salvation of souls. In 1997 she told an AP reporter: ‘Of course I convert. I convert you to be a better Hindu or a better Muslim or a better Protestant. Once you’ve found God, it’s up to you to decide how to worship him.’ Well there you have it.

“This exemplifies the indifferentism that has existed since the close of Vatican II and was most exemplified during the reign of Pope John Paul ll. As an aside, JP II made more ‘saints’ during his long reign than in the entire history of the Church. Now, of course, Mother Teresa has been proclaimed ‘blessed.’ Well, on its face, this is utter nonsense. While no one is in the position to judge the state of a person’s soul, it is certainly within our right as Catholics to judge a person’s words and actions. In the case of Mother Teresa her words would have been considered heresy prior to Vatican II. How can a manifest heretic be proclaimed ‘blessed?’ This is a question you will have to answer. As for me I cannot in good conscience recommend this book.”

Was I correct in this review?

     God bless,

     Gareth Thomas Betts
     Emeritus Professor
     History & Political Science
     University of Wisconsin


TIA responds:

Hello Prof. Betts,

We believe you will find your research confirmed by the review, article and open letter we have posted here, here and here.

TIA has also posted photos of Mother Teresa worshipping Buddha, praying at Gandhi’s tomb, and acting as a Eucharistic minister.

It may be interesting for you to learn that her spiritual director is a convicted pedophile.

We believe you were correct not to recommend this book.


     TIA correspondence desk


New Altar in Besançon

Dear TIA,

These are pictures of a new altar, consecrated in 2011 in the wonderful 18th century church of Sainte Madeleine in Besançon, France...

For more information in French, please read here


     L.D., France

the modern altar of St. Madeleine church


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 21, 2013

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