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Two Sisters Lucy & WAC Defending Francis

Changing the Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is the icon representing the victory of the Masons in France and the USA.

If a statue of a woman welcoming souls to a new life was deemed a good idea, the Woman should have been the Blessed Mother, instead of the fictional ‘Lady of Liberty’ of the Masonic Order. I would love to see a computer-created image of Our Lady of Grace super-imposed over the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

Who knows, if Henry VIII and Luther had remained loyal to their Catholic Faith, the USA might have been a Catholic Nation from the get-go!

Perhaps it still can be.

     Steve Sanborn, Sr.


Lucia’s Sister


Re: Two Sisters Lucy controversy

I can see that there is a difference between the two. But, I came across this picture below of Maria Dos Santos, Lucia's sister. And this woman looks like the fake Sr. Lucy.

Could the fake Sr. Lucy be a relative? Just a thought.



The sister of Sister Lucy


Forensic on Two Sisters Lucy Photos

Dear TIA,

Thank you for your site. I am sympathetic toward the “2 Sister Lucy” theory and was curious if you’d ever consider getting a professional forensic document examiner to review the various photographs of the younger and older Sr. Lucy.

I think it would lend credence to the theory, and possibly attract more people to the cause. I would think an examiner could review the handwriting samples, as well as the photographs and make an official determination.

I did send the photographs to a couple of Forensic Science students in India and they both confirmed that, based on their analysis, the photographs were of two different individuals.

Anyway, just an idea.

     Thank you for your time.


TIA responds:

Dear R.A.,

We are pleased to receive your input on the Two Sisters Lucy.

In fact, The Servants of the Holy Family hired a forensics company to go forward and backward in time with two known photos of the two Sisters Lucy.

Our analysis of the results is here, which concur with the thinking of the Forensic Science students in India and you mention.

To us it is clear that the last Sister Lucy has a different complexion and facial features.


     TIA correspondence desk


An Act of Charity


I understand it is necessary to make known bad leadership so the faithful can be alert. However, I believe it would be an act of charity if, after every sordid report, you could add: Please keep the Holy Father in your prayers.

Sr. Lucy said we should pray much for him.




Homosexual ‘Marriage’


Regarding the recent post; Founder of ‘gay’ sect invited to the Synod 2014.

It is scandalous because to promote “marriages” of homosexuals incurs in the sins crying out to heaven for God's Vengeance. Actually these sins are:

1. Willful murder.

2. The sin of Sodom.

3. Oppression of the poor.

4. Defrauding laborers of their wages .

Because of their malice (they are all sins against society), they call for punishment by a special act of Divine Justice. (Catholic Encyclopedia 1951)

Thank you for your courageous work.

May it continue and expand in the New Year,



Converted Guru Follower Gives Warning

Dear TIA,

The recent animal slaughter of buffalo, goats and birds in Nepal numbering tens of thousands to appease a Hindu goddess is sickening to me. It is also alarming that human murderous sacrifices are still practiced as well as cannibalism in Africa and South America. What is even more alarming is so many young Americans turning to pagan practices, in some romantic illusion that no harm will come from hypnotic meditation practices. Yet these practices lead to more involvement in the pagan cult. It leads to fanaticism.

Young people need to be taught what Jesus Christ has saved them and our society from. It means showing them just what these practices are! Gurus come to America, medicine men come to America, Buddhists come to America and make romantic, simplistic children’s books and create a following. The innocent learn too late what these pagan religions are really about. I will try to send you some graphic photos with a warning that they are graphic, showing just how bloody and unfeeling these practices are!

I went to India 20 years ago. It caused me to leave a guru, fortunately, and I became a traditional Catholic. I was nearly crushed by a fanatical crowd trying to get to see the guru. A woman was crushed to death. A man was nearly trampled, except that I “broke custom” and walked in front of a “revered woman” believing it was a foolish custom. Later an American man told me my act freed the crowd so that he could get up and get out from under the crowd's feet and save his life.

America is losing its Christian heritage and few realize where we are headed and why we were protected for so long.




We Are Church Supports Francis


Here is some confirmation about the division among Prelates and Catholics in Italy that Mr. Guimaraes mentioned in his last Bird’s Eye View.

A coalition of liberal Catholic groups in Italy has started an online petition to show backing for Pope Bergoglio.

Called “Stop the Attacks on Pope Francis,” the petition was launched on Christmas Day by groups including “We are Church,” “Blessed are the Peacemakers,” the Edith Stein Study Center, an Italian association of theologians, and a variety of base communities. All are generally associated with the liberal wing of the Italian Church. This article reports:

The petition is also signed by the Rev. Luigi Ciotti of Turin, one of Italy’s best known anti-Mafia priests, and the Rev. Alex Zanotelli, a Colombian missionary priest and a well-known social activist.

“The arrival of Francis has provoked frantic reactions with the Vatican Curia, which, decimated by scandals and corruption, considers the pope a foreign body in its systems of alliances with worldly power, fueled by two perverse instruments: money and sex,” the petition asserts.

“At first the chatter about a ‘strange pope’ began quietly, but then it became steadily louder and clearer,” the petition continues.

Among other things, the petition cites a book issued shortly before last October’s Synod of Bishops on the family, in which five cardinals — Gerhard Müller of Germany, the Vatican’s doctrinal czar; American Raymond Burke, former head of the Vatican’s supreme court; Walter Brandmüller of Germany, and Italians Carlo Caffara and Velasio De Paolis — came out against the idea of allowing divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

That book, according to the petition, “reinforced the front of adversaries who see in Pope Francis a danger that must be blocked at all costs.” “We oppose these maneuvers, expressions of a conservatism that often has impeded the church from fulfilling its only true responsibility of spreading the gospel,” the petition says. …

According to the petition, Francis has the support of “the church of ordinary people, of the parishes, of the sidewalks.”

Indeed, it looks like a fight with the sides lining up.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 6, 2015

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