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Madonna, Homo Lector & Papal Tango

Madonna Loves Francis

Dear TIA,

“Tell me who likes you and I will tell you who you are.” This paraphrase seems to be true when applied to Pope Francis. In fact, during a show in Philadelphia some time before the arrival of the Pope in the city, Madonna made several references to Francis. One was this:

“Rules are for fools. That’s why I like the new pope. He seems very open-minded.”

She also dedicated a song to him.

In short, she loves him. The blasphemous Madonna, the blatantly prostitute artist gives him every eulogy. She was excommunicated twice, she says. She hates the Church as it was before Vatican II, but she loves Francis…

Original here.

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesus through Mary,


Learning from TIA


J. and I began reading TIA and learning from it, and the induced dark fog of Vatican II began to lift from/for both of us. We could always 'feel' something was terribly wrong about the Council, but we did not historically understand it. We learned fast from TIA and a few others.

I wrote Mr. Morella and told him I had read about a bronze plaque at a Poor Clare’s convent here stuck on a back wall that no one sees or reads, quoting the Canticle of the Sun, and the last line was/is: “Woe to those who die in Mortal Sin.” - St. Francis.

I told Mr. Morella that I did not remember this verse in other texts of the same canticle I had seen over the years in ‘holy cards’ etc.

He wrote me back and said, I paraphrase: “Because the Catholic Church (real one) is in the catacombs. That verse has been expunged (by modernist, Vatican II, progressivists, clowns, etc.)” and then told me more.

This encounter really pushed me along and became a constant reflection on…the lies and fraud! And we know what Dante taught about fraud and Hell…

The Devil is the father of fraud and lies done by one's free will.

     Thank you,



Tango for Mass


Yes, he is a tango Pope...

The Washington Post reports that at Pope Francis' Mass in Washington, the music included a tango rhythm - “Este Momento en Punto” (“Highlighting this Moment”), by a Buenos Aires Lutheran minister Pablo D. Sosa.

Choir director Tom Stehle commented: “I thought, ‘Wow, this is not your typical piece of liturgical music. The music is extremely catchy and has a sensuous force."

So we had tango music at a papal Mass...

More inculturation and adaptation to the modern world. It does not stop…



Pope Promotes Communism

Dear TIA,

I am sending you a news report of a strong criticism published by Fr. Alberto Cutie, a Cuban-American priest, about the support Pope Francis gave to the two Cuban dictators.

It makes me really indignant to see a Pope giving all possible endorsement to Communism and then to come here in the U.S. to attack Capitalism. I believe Karl Marx would not do different.

The full report is here.



Homosexual Is Lector at Papal Mass

Hello TIA,

I am sure you are informed about the scandal of having a known homosexual performing as a reader at the papal Mass said in New York City on September 26.

I am forwarding to you a comment by the editor of the blog Les Femmes, which I deem to be very good.

     Best regards,


Open Homosexual Mo Rocca Serves as Lector at Papal Mass

Mary Ann Kreitzer

Michael Hichborn at the Lepanto Institute is getting the mailed fist in the face for exposing the little wigglies under the bishops' rock over the World Meeting of Families. (Somehow, I don't think that's the rock of the Church Jesus was talking about when he said, "Thou art Peter.")

Somebody has some serious 'splainin' to do. How does an open homosexual who endorses same sex "marriage" get selected to lector at a papal Mass? And a well-known one at that - a reporter and comic. How many people knew exactly how out and proud the lector was? Huffpo was gushing about his participation. No, folks, it was no accident. It was just as deliberate as selecting a woman to play Jesus in the Stations of the Cross when Pope John Paul II came to the U.S. We have an agenda going on at the highest levels of the Church with bishops who have about as much love for Christ and his flock as Hillary Clinton does for pro-life activists.

This was a major scandal and here's what Fr. Mark Pilon says about that.

“Among the sins deserving of Hell, Jesus clearly places high on the list the sin of scandalizing the little ones, that is, the simple faithful whom Jesus loves dearly because of their innocence and trust. Scandal is especially serious when it is directed at the innocent who trust the one who scandalizes them. Scandal mean leading someone else into sin by one’s words or deeds, which may lead the innocent to think that something sinful is ok, in other words my actions or words serve to deform the conscience of a little one who has reason to trust me on account of a relationship of authority or friendship.”

Many Catholics already believe that homosexual "marriage" is wonderful. How did this help to correct their disagreement with Church teaching? Obviously, it didn't. It confirmed them in error and, perhaps, led more Catholics to say, "Well, it must be okay after all."

When some friends and I began Les Femmes over twenty years ago it was to fight the battle against the enemies within the Church -- and there are many. Some of them were planning the papal Mass in Philadelphia and the World Meeting of Families. It's one of the reasons I decided not to go.

A big round of applause for Michael Hichborn and the Toronto Catholic Witness blog for exposing this rot. You can't cure a cancer if you don't first identify the disease. Bur they will pay a price in vilification and calumny. Please pray for all the truth tellers who put love of the faith above love from the world.

Pray for Holy Mother Church, the poor battered bride of Christ. Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, intercede for your people so desperately in need of holy shepherds. And please convert your clergy who are in danger of hell for the sin of scandal.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us.

Original here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 29, 2015

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