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Francis’ Rock Album & Pro-Red John XXIII

Francis’ Rock Album



You should be prepared for what is coming up on November 27, 2015. Some time ago, the Rolling Stones magazine website came out with the news that on this date, a rock album featuring sermons and speeches of Pope Bergoglio will be released.

This was the initiative of a Vatican priest who also published rock albums on Popes Ratzinger and Wojtyla. The Conciliar Church is very close to rock ‘n roll, isn’t it? Why? I believe it is because both are serving the same lord: Satan.

If you want to listen to pre-views of the songs, click here.



Fruits of Vatican II


Re: Ecumenical ‘Confirmation’ in France

This should put spring in the steps of Conciliar Catholics who have no problem with false religions. (Remember that term?)

The tree of Vatican II continues to produce its fruit in abundance.



Democracy in the Church

Dear TIA,

Re: Why so much Electricity around the Synod?

Thank you for this insightful article! I had a bad feeling there was something more to that synod than met the eye, and now I think I know what it was!!

     E.S., Ph.D.


Deus Meus - Old Irish Song


I am sending you a performance by Fionnuala Gill of an old Irish prayer-song. It was composed by Máel Brolcháin, who died in 1086.

These are the words of this well-loved hymn in modern Irish and medieval Latin followed by the well known translation by Professor Gerard Murphy (1901-1959)

To watch and listen to her performance you may click here.


- Deus Meus, Adiuva Me

Deus meus adiuva me
Tabhair dom do shearc,a Mhic ghil Dé
Tabhair dom do shearc,a Mhic ghil Dé
Deus meus adiuva me.

Domine da quod peto a te,
Tabhair dom go dian a ghrian ghlan ghlé,
Tabhair dom go dian a ghrian ghlan ghlé,
Domine da quod peto a te.

Domine, Domine, exaudi me,
M'anam bheith lán de d'ghrá, a Dhé,
M'anam bheith lán de d'ghrá, a Dhé,
Domine, Domine exaudi me.


- My God, help me

1. My God, help me.
Give me love of thee, O Son of my God.
Give me love of thee, O son of my God.
My God, help me.

2. (not sung) Into my heart that it may be whole, O glorious King, swiftly bring love of thee. Glorious King, swiftly bring love of thee into my heart that it may be whole.

3. Lord, give what I ask of thee
Give, give speedily, O bright and gleaming sun
Give, give speedily, O bright and gleaming sun
Lord, give what I ask of thee.

4. (not sung) This thing which I hope and seek, love of thee in this world, love of thee in that, love of thee in this world, love of thee in that, this thing which I hope and seek.

5. (not sung) Love of thee, as thou wishest, give me in thy might (I will say it again). Give me in thy might (I will say it again) love of thee, as thou wishest.

6. (not sung) I seek, I beg, I ask of thee that I be in Heaven, dear Son of God. That I be in Heaven, dear Son of God, I seek, I beg, I ask of thee.

7. My Lord, hear me.
May my soul, O God, be full of love for thee.
May my soul, O God, be full of love for thee.
My God, help me.

Source: Gerard Murphy, Early Irish Lyrics: Eighth to Twelfth Centuries, (repr. Dublin 1998), 52-59


Who John XXIII Was


Re: Roberto de Mattei and Pope John 23

As recounted in your piece, the unfathomable decision at the Vat 2 Council not to condemn Communism nor the Atheism on which Communism is predicated was the crime of none other than that of Pope John 23rd. It is testimony to the innocent papolatry of the laity, after centuries of good and holy popes, that good Catholics could have duly swallowed his lame excuse on the grounds that “the Pope’s hands were tied in this matter, since that was the price exacted by the Soviet regime in allowing two Russian Orthodox observers to attend the Council.”

How well I remember this argument being repeated over and over again, and it shames me to admit I too fell for it. Think of it: The “greatest tyranny in the history of mankind,” as Boris Yeltsin called Russian Communism, and the Pope who wanted to have his Council convoked expressly to “speak to ‘modern man’ in the modern world” says not a single word about the 20th-century’s most grotesque form of murderous, bestial, inhuman and anti-Christian political tyranny over the mind of men in all of human history!

This “good” pope-saint (sic) stays ABSOLUTELY MUM about the mass murder of tens upon tens of millions of Orthodox Christians, plus the systemic Hell-on-earth GULAGS, not to mention the pervasive thought-control, constant surveillance, and reduction of living standards for everyone but the nomenklatura to astonishing levels of misery and privation – including two forced famines causing the deaths of millions of Russians under Lenin* and millions of Ukrainians under Stalin. Why? Because “he had to, just so two (KGB) Russian bishops could attend ‘his Council.’” How could we have fallen for such a flimsy excuse for such a meager and questionable “benefit?”

What ordinary decent man would not have given his life’s blood for a moral platform to shout out the truth to the ends of the earth – when the entire world was listening! – about this most evil of anti-God systems, warned about and condemned by the Mother of God herself, in the greatest public miracle in the history of the world two weeks before the Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution began? (This astounding miracle was in fact somewhat muted because of the frightening mistreatment of the Fatima children by the local communist Freemasons.)

This supposed “saint and pope” deliberately refused to utter a single word of reproof to the hellish Reds just so he could, as he stated, have two “pro-Soviet Soviet bishops” attend his grand, anti-Catholic Tradition, Modernist jamboree.

The nefarious (Vat 2) Council was the very instrument long dreamed of by Judeo-Freemasonic subversives for nearly two centuries as the needed vehicle to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. In it its modernist popes John and Paul, proceeded to destroy the bastions of impregnable Catholic orthodoxy in a Council in which the Blessed Virgin Mary was herself regarded as a saccharin and embarrassing “obstacle.

Not content with John 23’s having buried Our Lady’s Third Secret of Fatima in the Archives before the Council, after the Council Paul 6 et al then relegated her Rosary – the very weapon Our Lady promised would overcome the hideous “errors of Russia” – to the devotion of simpletons or old ladies with cats. The Rosary virtually disappeared among the hierarchy and people of the Roman Catholic Church, whereas before the Council the Most Holy Rosary was ubiquitous in Catholic life as the exemplary badge of love and devotion on the part of the faithful for Our Crucified Lord and His Most Blessed Mother.

At the Vat 2 Council, the millennia-feared Great Apostasy of Scripture entered the Roman Catholic Church, and it was ushered in by its traitorous, arguably Masonic pope, John the 23rd. As Cicero said to Cataline: “Discede in exilium!

For, thanks to John 23 and his ilk, the “errors of Russia” have arrived now on America’s shores and are poised to destroy what’s left of Americans’ freedom and prosperity, while the new Church he created in a “New Pentecost” is in shambles and riddled with scandal, heresy, and apostasy.

(Re the Rosary, did you notice how Bergoglio only recently treated with contempt and condemnation the spiritual bouquet of Rosaries given him by his own pious Argentinians.)

*Lenin created his 1920’s mass-death-by-famine explicitly in order to destroy the Russian Orthodox Christians’ belief in the merciful “Providence of God.”

It's time I ponied up to show my support for your great, good – nay, superb! – multifaceted message of Catholic truth, now almost universally unrecognizable after 50 years of apostasy – begun, authorized, approved, adamantly re-approved, and force-fed by conciliar popes and their appointed Modernist, Catholic Faith-hating, robed stooges.

     May God please prosper your work!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 10, 2015

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