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Eucharistic Miracle & Washing Ladies’ Feet

Miracle in Buenos Aires


I am happy to send you the link to the text and videos that prompted my previous question to you about the 1996 Eucharistic miracle of Buenos Aires? :

It is here.

Thank you for all the valuable information and commentary you provide to your readers.

     In Jesu et Maria,

     Peter Reilley


Eucharistic Miracle

My Friends at TIA,

Msgr. Perez of Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove, California, gave a sermon on June 29, 2014, regarding the miracle. Go to OLHC.us and you can bring it up.

Later they provided the following information. The Conference of the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires can be found on line. The speakers is Dr. Ricardo Castanon Gomez, and it comprises over an hour of compelling testimony you will not want to miss!

There are seven sections of this presentation on YouTube, each running about 10 minutes. Best way at least so far is to use your browser to search for the krouillong conference. On Google, for example, one of the first links to pop us is "1/7 Faith and Science Conference - Ricardo Castanon, which is the first of seven. You will see the right side bar with 2/7, 3/7, etc.

[Presentations in Spanish by Dr. Ricardo Castanon on Eucharisitc Miracles first; second]

Hope this helps.

I really enjoyed your new page collecting past questions and answers. Great idea.

     Homer Sweeney


New Morals of a Biker Priest

Dear TIA-Team,

Some time ago, I reminded you of Munich's very own beer church: here.

Just as a follow-up: Father Schiessler, founder of the beer church, who, by the way, happens to be a biker (cf. picture below), has recently granted an interview to a local tabloid.

Some of his interesting answers:
  • On fear of losing his office: "I own a taxi driver's license that is valid until 2019. I'm not dependent on the Church. If they censure me, I'm even proud of it."
  • On pre-marital sex: "I married hundreds of couples and only five of them never had pre-marital sex. The Church considers sex to be something dirty. But, how can something be dirty that generates life?"
  • On the Church's teaching on contraception: "NFP is permitted but not a condom? That's BS."
  • On being lonely: "I lack a friend to whom I can say, if I'm in a bad mood, 'F... the church, I don't know what to preach today.' "
  • On riding his motorbike: "That's eroticism. If you mount your motorbike and feel the power of 120hp vibrating between your legs - that's horny."
Remember: This is a priest who is in good standing with the Diocese of Munich and Freising, the archbishop of which is Cardinal Reinhard Marx, close advisor to Pope Francis.

     Kind regards,

     F.W.R., Germany

Biker priest - Munich


Fired for Being Catholic


Re: this article

We need more men like him!

This custodian at St. Cecilia Cathedral in Omaha, Mark Kenney, took matters in his own hands. Furious to see a life-size Mary Poppins hanging from the ceiling of the church as part of the 'night at the Movies' festival, he took a bolt cutters, climbed up and cut down the Mary Poppins mannequin. Then he removed a cardboard Buddha figure from a side chapel and tossed it out the door.

The parish priest Fr. Michael Gutgsell called the police and Kenney knelt at the communion rail and prayed until the police came and handcuffed him. He spent a night in jail and pleaded no contest. He is scheduled for sentencing on Holy Thursday, March 24. He was also fired.

Fr. Gutgsell, a former chancellor of the Omaha Archdiocese and a Catholic University-licensed “canon lawyer,” defends his action.

Archbishop George Lucas so far has not commented, but his spokesman, Changellor Tim McNeil, says he sees nothing in “the broad language” of the catechism that would preclude such displays as Mary Poppins being suspended from the ceiling of the cathedral ...


Mary Poppins - Mark Kenney


Ladies Having Their Feet Washed in Public

Dear Sir,

As I have written before, I appreciate very much your informative and thoroughly Catholic website which I never miss. Thank you.

Recently, you have had something about the Holy Father’s, from what one is told, approving ladies’ having their feet washed in public on Maundy Thursday. I should like to add some questions and comments.

First, I wonder why this Holy Father wants to be different not only from all his predecessors, but from Our Blessed Lord Himself in having female feet.

Secondly, I am taking it that any women taking part in this foot washing should keep the laws of the Church. In particular, women are not allowed to wear trousers (Deuteronomy 22:5 “A woman shall not wear a man's garment, nor shall a man put on a woman's cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God”); and St Paul clearly orders women to cover their heads in church.

I have heard cynically-smiling priests say about the lack of women’s headgear, which is common in England nowadays: “Ah, but for women to wear hats was never part of Canon Law.” But of course not: why on earth should the Church put in Canon Law something so clearly commanded by St Paul and so sedulously kept by every woman that entered a Catholic church?

Then, I wonder about the propriety of a priest’s touching women’s bare feet in church and putting his head so close to women’s legs and nether regions.

You might be interested to know that in Catholic days in England, on Maundy Thursday – thus it was called and still is – it was the custom for the feet of poor men in London to be washed by the King of England. No prizes for guessing which king discontinued this practice: Henry VIII did not wish to humble himself to anyone and, in any case, he was so gross that he was physically unable to rest on his knees. Nowadays, our monarch gives Maundy Money – special coins made at the Royal Mint – to elderly people.

In Catholic England, Maundy Thursday was seen as a day of special charity to the poor. The great poet, William Blake, (who wrote Jerusalem, almost a second national anthem in England) has two poems called Holy Thursday, which repay serious reading.

Keep up your good work and feel free to publish this email or part of it.

      Yours very truly in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

      Eric Hester, England


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 15, 2016

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