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Utopia, Prayer Requested & Heretic Pope

Insightful & Edifying Work

Dear TIA,

The articles written by Mr. Johnson are very insightful and edifying. His work should be appreciated by anyone wishing to understand more of the beauty surrounding the Knock apparitions.

Thank you for sharing this work with us!!

     E.S., Ph.D.


Serving Two Masters


Regarding: Bishop Rifan: Full steam into the New Church

" ...No man can serve two masters..."

I read this in an Old Book.

I am daily grateful for your work,



Francis’ Utopia


Instead of preaching about Heaven and eternal life, we now have a Pope that longs for utopias.

The worse is that his utopia is quite similar to that of the architects of Freemasonry who are promoting the invasion of Europe.

If you read carefully the news report below, what he is preaching is the acceptation of immigrants by European countries.

     In Christ through Mary,


Pope Francis: ‘I keep dreaming of a new European humanism’

September 20, 2016 - In a message to a European bishops’ meeting in Sarajevo, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of the works of mercy. The Pope wrote in his message, which was dated August 25 but published weeks later.

“I keep dreaming of a new European humanism, which needs for memory, courage, and a healthy and human utopia,” he continued in his message, as translated by the Council of European Catholic Bishops’ Conferences. “In this pathway of humanization Europe, the cradle of rights and civilization, is called not so much to defend its spaces, but rather to be a process-generating mother, a fertile mother, because it respects life and offers real hope of life.”

Original here.


Prayer Requested in Desperate Need


I ask for your much needed prayers for my situation involving custody of my youngest son M.P.

His mother is involved in occult, refers to the satanic bible, has a past history of drug use and is an alcoholic. D. (M’s mother) is a bisexual and a very sexually active person. She hates the Catholic Church and hates me.

She is trying to get custody of my son and corrupt him.

All I want to do is raise my son in the Catholic school, go to church, have a stable income and live peacefully in my home.

I have gone through a series of evil events: false charges of molestation and a murder hit put on me. I thank God and the Blessed Mother for their protection and for proving my innocence.

All I want is for her to stay away and have no contact with M. and I. Right now, my son sees her in supervised visitation and, when he comes back, he is terribly defiant and angry.

The courts are crooked - they only care about policy and process instead of the truth, evil and morals. … The courts do nothing against her, but give her all the chances in the world to hang around. I pray for the termination of her rights and that she stays away for good.

I need help, I pray for Holy Mother’s and God divine justice’s victory on this issue. Everything is very difficult and I need heavenly help. I pray I am never forced to let my son be around or support legalized sin and immorality.

I pray the Rosary daily and the Precious Blood chaplet. I do all I can to be devout Catholic. I need prayer for God’s grace because I am tired and exhausted.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



TIA responds:


You can count on our prayers for your intentions.


     TIA correspondence desk


How to Face Heretic Popes

Dear TIA,

In your response you wrote: "The 1983 Code of Canon Law wrongly told Catholics we could go to Schismatic temples if we live far from a Catholic church and that we can receive Communion with the Schismatics (canon 844 § 2).

This response, which is quite correct, compels me to ask:

How can Popes or Bishops or Priests or Laymen, who publicly promulgate heresy to all of the Catholics of the world, maintain membership in the Roman Catholic Church ? (If one is not part of the body, can he be its head?)

The blatant heresies mentioned are not private thoughts or taken out of context but are basically 'in your face' declarations brazenly published for all the world to see. If heresies have been spread by the post-conciliar 'popes,' then these heretics have lost their office and the See of Peter has been vacant since Vatican II.

If you insist on the R+R position (recognize + resist), you place yourselves between a rock and a hard place.

If JP II was truly a valid Pope, then, his 1983 Code of Canon Law, being of Faith and Morals, is infallible and you have no right or authority to publish this reply telling people that the Code is wrong, right?

Unless of course the sede-vacantist conclusion is correct, at which point you would have the authority as a soldier of Christ and the moral obligation to warn your fellow Catholics of the evils coming from Rome.



TIA responds:

Dear Mr. S.S.S.,

Thank you for your honest question. Unfortunately, we live in very confused times given that, since Vatican II, the smoke of Satan is being spread in the Church from the top down. Let us see if we can reach some common ground or, at least, let us set out our positions.

Your basic reasoning is:
  • Major premise: Any public heretic is outside the Church.
  • Minor premise: Now, the post-conciliar Popes are public heretics.
  • Conclusion: Therefore, these Popes are outside the Catholic Church.
  • First consequence: They are not Popes.
  • Second consequence: The See of Peter is vacant.
Your reasoning is not entirely precise in its major premise.

Indeed, a public heretic is outside the Church not when he incurs heresy, but when his heresy is declared by the due authority. For this to take place, the Church has a procedure: The authority sends two warnings requesting the guilty man to change his heretical doctrine; only after he rejects these admonishments does the Church declare him a heretic.

Now, this procedure exists in the Church for laymen, priests, Bishops and Cardinals, because above them there is always an authority. For each one of these cases there is a proportional tribunal to judge and depose the guilty.

No similar tribunal exists, however, to judge and depose a Pope. No one on earth is above the Pope. The only One Who can judge him is Our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven.

The Council of Constance (April 6, 1415) and the Council of Basel (1431-1437) pretended a Council had the authority to depose a Pope, but this pretension was rejected by Pope Martin V and Pope Sixtus IV regarding Constance and by Pope Eugene IV regarding Basel. This same thesis was declared heretical – it is the heresy of Conciliarism.

So, according to the Magisterium of the Church, there is no clear decision about what happens in the visible structure of the Church when a Pope goes astray.

From the 16th century on, motivated by the many errors of the Renaissance Popes, several theologians studied the hypothesis of a heretic Pope. Each one suggested a different solution for the problem. St. Robert Bellarmine compiled those studies into four opinions and gave his own opinion, making it a fifth solution. These studies continued afterwards, and we can find a good presentation of them in the work The Theological Hypothesis of a Heretic Pope, by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira (available here).

Those discussions in the Church characterize a phase of studies called questiones disputatae, questions being discussed. They do not reflect a final decision of the Church on this subject.

So, we simply do not have a secure criterion to say what happens when a Pope becomes a heretic.

Those who say that the opinion of St. Robert Bellarmine – a heretic pope is automatically deposed from his position – is a final decision of the Church are lying to their followers. It is not.

The Church has not spoken on this matter in a final and efficient way. (1)

Further, there have been several heretic Popes in the past of the Church who did not lose their positions. (check here & here)

Thus, since there is no clear teaching of the Church nor any valid juridical provision she issued to apply in this case, we believe the correct thing to do is to stick to the facts as they are:
  • No one on earth can pretend to depose a Pope;
  • The conciliar Popes continue to be accepted as Popes by the entire world;
  • They are truly heretics.
How to resolve this problem? We don’t know. Is it contradictory? It seems so, from our human perspective. We wait for the one Judge Who can come and depose a heretic Pope – Our Lord Himself – Who will find a way to resolve this terrible situation.

Until this happens, we resist the conciliar Popes as much as necessary and possible according to our modest means. Doing so, more people will become aware of their heresies and resist them.

We do not try to simplify the question by reducing the problem to our human stature or arrogantly investing ourselves with an authority that does not belong to us.


     TIA correspondence desk

1. The Bull Cum ex apostolatus officio by Pope Paul IV revealed to be inefficient, as analyzed here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 22, 2016

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